This was one of the 3 main medicinal ingredients that Shun Long needed to refine the rank 4 ’internal reconstruction pill ’.

Shun Long knew that, in order to advance to the fourth stage of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ once he reached the peak of the third stage, he would have to refine the rank 4 ’internal destruction pill ’.

After all, the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ was different from the other body refinement cultivation techniques, and simply absorbing energy or eating the flesh of powerful magic beasts wasn ’t enough to advance once Shun Long reached the peak of the third stage.

When he was in the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’, he had already asked Jin Wenling and the other 3 gold grade alchemists about these medicinal herbs, but the response he had received was, that only one of these herbs was currently available in a branch guild, and Jin Wenling would send someone to bring it over to the Heaven ’s Dome city.

Of course, Jin Wenling had also said that she would keep an eye around for the other 2 herbs as well.

After placing everything inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long had a wide smile on his face, satisfied with the contents of Hao Ping ’s spatial ring.

’ ’More than 150.000 middle-grade spirit stones, 2 Mystic high-grade cultivation techniques, 5 Mystic middle-grade cultivation techniques, 3 Mystic high-grade martial skills, one of which is meant for sword users, and a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’! ’ ’

Although Hao Ping could be considered poor in front of Cui Guoliang ’s cultivation techniques collection, the spirit stones that he had equaled to 15 million low-grade ones.

This was even more than what the Guild master of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, Tan Duyi, had in his spatial ring.

Although Tan Duyi wasn ’t a Dao King realm expert, as the Guild master of one of the 2 biggest guilds in the Silver sword city, his wealth didn ’t pale in front of a Dao King ’s after all.

Just as Shun Long was taking a look at Hao Ping ’s martial skills, Little Black ’s voice suddenly resounded in his mind

’ ’Master, the bald old man from before is quickly approaching us! ’ ’

The look in Shun Long ’s face immediately turned serious when he heard this, as he activated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’.

The indistinct figure of an hourglass expanded from his body, while his eyes instantly turned golden.

Although Shun Long wasn ’t planning to actually fight against a Dao King, he wasn ’t going to take things lightly.

After all, little Black had already mentioned, that this old man was an early rank 3 Dao King realm expert.

Even though Little Black had said that he was confident in taking the bald old man down, Shun Long still prepared himself for the worst.

Indeed, a few moments later, Xue Zhilan appeared in the sky.

The SSS-ranked mercenary looked around him with a confused look in his eyes, before his eyes were focused on the black panther.

Then, turning his head to look at Shun Long and Liu Mei, the old man asked in a voice full of suspicion

’ ’Brats, where is Hao Ping? ’ ’

Xue Zhilan didn ’t believe that Hao Ping had actually failed to keep up with the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, and there was also no way for him to lose against a peak rank 5 magic beast.

And yet, the scene in front of his eyes was completely different from what he had expected.

Aside from a patch of scorched earth on the ground where Shun Long was standing on, there weren ’t the slightest traces of a battle.

The black panther was in perfect condition, but Hao Ping was nowhere to be seen!

Looking at the old man who was standing in the sky, Shun Long smiled lightly as he answered in a confident voice

’ ’He is already dead. ’ ’

They were 4 simple words, and yet, they had left Xue Zhilan speechless.

The old Dao King stared at Shun Long in disbelief, before he suddenly erupted with mocking laughter

’ ’Hahahaha! Dead? Who killed him brat? Tell me so that I can go and pay my respects to this expert, who could kill a middle rank 2 Dao King realm expert in the time that I took to come here. ’ ’

Seeing the mocking look in Shun Long ’s face Xue Zhilan couldn ’t take it anymore, as his body exploded with the aura of an early rank 3 Dao King realm expert.

A piece of metal armor had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, completely enveloping him from head to toe, as the old Dao King descended from the sky like a meteor as he headed towards Shun Long.

The black panther roared when he saw Xue Zhilan ’s attack, and without any hesitation, it spread its silver wings as it rushed at the old man.

Xue Zhilan looked coldly at the black panther who was attacking him with open jaws, and clenching his fist beneath his metal armor, he sent a punch at it as he shouted angrily

’ ’Scram! I will deal with you in a bit! ’ ’

The moment that the metal fist hit the black panther, the peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ was sent flying backwards for tens of meters until it stabilized itself.

At the same time however, Shun Long ’s golden eyes shone with a bright blue light while his body immediately disappeared from the ground.

Although Xue Zhilan had most of his attention focused on the black panther, with his soul sense spread around him, he immediately sensed that Shun Long had somehow appeared behind him, when a sudden sense of danger filled his heart.

The early rank 3 Dao King realm expert immediately turned to escape, but a massive black claw had appeared from behind him and made contact with the metal armor on his back.


Xue Zhilan was sent flying downwards at an even faster speed than before, as his body heavily crashed into the ground!

A large wave of dust and smoke was kicked up, as soon as Xue Zhilan ’s body crashed on the ground, but Little Black ’s eyes didn ’t seem to contain the slightest hint of emotion as the black dragon opened his mouth and spat a gigantic ball of black flames towards the old Dao King.

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