’Senior Lu ’s ’ real name was Lu Cheng and from the looks of things he probably had a close relationship with Lu Wen, or else Lu Wen wouldn ’t have called him uncle.

Lu Cheng walked into the hall and he patted Lu Wen ’s shoulder as he said

’ ’Good kid, it ’s time for you to return home. ’ ’

Everyone around them was stunned, but the most stunned of them all were the 3 disciples that followed Lu Cheng.
They didn ’t understand how Lu Cheng could have an acquaintance in such a backward place like the Sky Fortune Kingdom.

The 3 of them were all outer disciples of the ’floating cloud sect ’ and as they traded some stealthy glances between them, it was the young woman who respectfully walked up and cautiously asked

’ ’Elder Lu, you happen to know this young man from the Sky Fortune Kingdom? ’ ’

Only now did the people in the hall understand that this ’Senior Lu ’ was actually an Elder in the ’floating cloud sect ’.
Usually, outer court disciples didn ’t have the qualifications to freely speak to Elders of the sect, especially like this when this woman directly asked Elder Lu about his relationship with this young man, but since they could all see that Elder Lu was feeling very happy after meeting Lu Wen, the 3 disciples couldn ’t help but ask.

Elder Lu then proudly puffed his chest as he said to them

’ ’Haha, this is my, Lu Cheng ’s nephew, Lu Wen. ’ ’

Elder Lu ’s words were spoken proudly but the 3 disciples following behind him were even more shocked as this young man seemed to have a direct blood relation with Elder Lu.

They quickly walked forward while cupping their hands and slightly bowing as they said

’ ’Greetings senior brother Lu. ’ ’

Lu Wen nodded his head at them and then said to Lu Cheng

’ ’Uncle, this is a talented brother I am very fond of, his name is Shun Long ’ ’

As Lu Wen introduced Shun Long to Elder Lu, Lu Cheng couldn ’t help himself but take a few more glances at the young man beside his nephew.

He wasn ’t near the hall earlier so he hadn ’t observed Shun Long ’s fight with Xiao Shitou or he would have already started paying attention to him even without Lu Wen ’s mention.

Shun Long cupped his fist as he said

’ ’Greetings Elder Lu ’ ’

Lu Cheng laughed as he patted Shun Long ’s shoulder and said

’ ’Good kid.
If you need anything when you enter the sect, you can directly come find me.
Since Wen ’er has a good relationship with you, you don ’t have to be so polite with me. ’ ’

The faces of 3 people instantly sported different expressions when Elder Lu finished speaking.
Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu ’s faces instantly turned pale while the crown prince ’s face had slowly turned green.

The crown prince already knew that there was a talented alchemist named Lu Wen in Blue Forest-city but he never paid any attention to the matter.
If he knew that this alchemist had a relationship with an Elder of the ’floating cloud sect ’ he would have definitely done everything he could to build a good relationship with him.
But now it was already too late for that as Lu Wen was already leaving the Sky Fortune Kingdom.

Although Lu Cheng said that Shun Long could directly come and find him if he needed anything after they entered the ’floating cloud sect ’, Shun Long didn ’t really take it to heart.

He knew that Lu Cheng was only acting cordial towards him because of Lu Wen, or else there was no way for Lu Cheng, who had never even met Shun Long before to be so warm towards him.

Shun Long himself wasn ’t planning to count on others help to get a good and comfortable life in the ’floating cloud sect ’.

Nevertheless he cupped his hands again at Elder Lu as he said

’ ’Many thanks to Elder Lu. ’ ’

Elder Lu nodded and then turned his head, scanning the rest of the people in the hall almost as if hewas inspecting them before saying

’ ’To be honest with you all, your batch is average among the batches that enter the sect this year.
There is no one among you who particularly stands out to me as a genius so I guess you will all be at the bottom of the sect when you enter.
But there is one important thing you need to know before entering the sect. ’ ’ Elder Lu ’s voice had been unemotional when he was talking, but it suddenly turned serious as he continued

’ ’Those of you who decide to enter the sect, be warned: No one is allowed to leave the sect by themselves until you have reached the late stages of the earth grade, with the only exception being that you have formally accepted a sect mission.
This is an iron-clad rule of the sect, and with the exception of undergoing missions, disciples aren ’t allowed to leave the sect.

Now those of you who still wish to enter the sect, take a step forward.

Remember, the ’floating cloud sect ’ won ’t force you to join, but if you do join it, you have to follow the sect rules. ’ ’

The first to take a step forward was Lu Wen who already knew the rules beforehand.
Surprisingly, almost at the same time as Lu Wen, Shun Long and Xiao Shitou also took a step forward.
In the end all the disciples here took a step forward as they had all decided to join the ’floating cloud sect ’.

Elder Lu faintly smiled as he nodded and said

’ ’Good, then all of you can come outside the palace, it ’s time to leave. ’ ’

’ ’Elder, how are we going to reach the ’floating cloud sect ’? ’ ’

A young man with short spiky hair and a knife on his waist couldn ’t help asking the question that most people here were also pondering.
After all they had 24 people here and most of them had some kind of luggage with them.
If you also counted Elder Lu and the 3 disciples with him they were 28 people.
How were they going to travel to the ’floating cloud sect ’?

Elder Lu didn ’t answer but the 3 disciples in yellow robes that had come along with Elder Lu all sniggered as they said

’ ’Country bumpkin. ’ ’

The young man ’s face reddened but when they arrived at the palace gardens, his mouth along with everyone else ’s that were in the palace hall before with him, were all wide open.

A huge red bird over 20m(66ft) long was sleeping on the ground inside the palace gardens.

Elder Lu ignored everyone ’s stunned gazes as he walked towards the huge bird and petted it gently on the head before saying

’ ’This is our ride to the ’floating cloud sect ’.
All of you, get on. ’ ’

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