Shun Long thought for a moment, before he nodded his head at the ponytailed man in front of him.

Since he had decided to show his skills, then meeting with the higher-ups of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ was important in establishing himself.

Seeing that Shun Long had agreed, the ponytailed man bowed slightly as he said

’ ’In that case, please follow me senior Shun. ’ ’

Shun Long followed the ponytailed man, as well as the now sullen Yao Huang, whose mind was still trying to think of a way to get Shun Long to the Blood Moon sect.

The people in the lobby of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ were stunned, when they saw they saw the 2 rank 2 silver grade alchemists guiding a young man deeper inside. 

Liu Mei also noticed this scene, and seeing the confident look in Shun Long ’s eyes, a wide smile covered her face beneath her white veil.

After walking through a large corridor, Shun Long and the 2 silver grade alchemists, arrived outside of a large white door, more than 10m (33ft) tall.

6 men more than 2m(6.6ft) tall each, dressed in black armor from head to toe, were standing guard in front of this door.

The black armor guards were each holding a 1.9m (6.2ft) halberd, while their backs were all ramrod straight.

Shun Long was shocked when he felt the aura of these guards, sensing that they were all at the Nascent soul stage.

The moment that Shun Long ’s group approached the white door, the 6 guards simultaneously took a step forward, as they pointed their halberds toward the 2 alchemists in the front.

The combined pressure that the 6 Nascent soul stage guards exuded, forced Shun Long ’s ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ to start circulating by itself, as it tried to resist their overpowering aura.

The ponytailed man and Yao Huang who were in front of him however, felt their knees about to give in, as the ponytailed man quickly took out a white badge from his robes, and showing it to the black-armored guards he said in a serious tone

’ ’I am here to see the Elders! ’ ’

Seeing the white badge in the alchemist ’s hands, the 6 black-armored guards retracted their pressure, as they resumed their previous stance.

Yao Huang and the ponytailed man heaved a sigh of relief, while Shun Long ’s body felt much lighter now that he didn ’t have to endure the black-armored guards ’ pressure. 

His ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ stopped circulating, as he followed the 2 alchemists who started to push open the white door.

Shun Long was surprised when he saw the scene behind the white door unfolding itself in front of his eyes.

A large garden that spanned for more than 10 miles appeared in front of him, while the scent of countless medicinal herbs assaulted his senses.

A group of 2 elderly men along with an elderly woman and a middle-aged man, were all sitting in front of a table inside this garden drinking wine and chatting with themselves, when they suddenly turned their attention to the group of newcomers, with a look of surprise in their eyes.

Yao Huang and the ponytailed man hurriedly bowed as they saw the golden-robed Elders in front of them, while Shun Long ’s eyes immediately spotted the golden badges in their chests.

The golden-robed middle-aged man stood up from his seat, and looking at the ponytailed man he asked in a sonorous voice 

’ ’Dong Zhaohui, is there a reason for you to come here today? ’ ’

As soon as he finished speaking, the golden-robed middle-aged man turned his attention to Shun Long.

Shun Long noticed that this man had a square jaw and a pair of sharp eyes, that seemed as if they could see through a person ’s soul.

The ponytailed Dong Zhaohui looked at the middle-aged man who had quickly appeared in front of him, and raising his head, he gestured at Shun Long as he said

’ ’Elder Kong Yan, as per your instructions, I have come to report to you, as a new rank 3 silver grade alchemist appeared in our ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’s ’ examination. ’ ’

Kong Yan ’s eyes constricted as he stared at Shun Long in disbelief.
The young man in front of him didn ’t look more than 20 years old.

Of course, Kong Yan didn ’t believe that Shun Long was just 20 years old, but based on the fact that a cultivator ’s outer appearance changed, depending on their cultivation realm and age, Shun Long couldn ’t be much older than 100 years old.

Even the 2 elderly men and the elderly woman who were sitting in front of the table, had now stood up as they looked at Shun Long with incredulous looks in their eyes.

Kong Yan didn ’t pay any more attention to Dong Zhaohui, and taking a step forward he appeared in front of Shun Long, as he asked him curiously 

’ ’What pill did you refine for your last test? ’ ’

Even the 3 Elders behind Kong Yan perked up their ears when they heard this question.

Looking at the middle-aged man who had suddenly in front of him, Shun Long took out a small bottle from his spatial ring as he then answered 

’ ’Rank 4 ’Sun-healing pills ’ ’ ’

Staring at the top-grade rank 4 pills inside the pill bottle, Kong Yan was stunned for a second.

If the young man in front of him could refine top-grade rank 4 pills, then didn ’t that mean that there was a good chance that he could also refine low-grade rank 5 pills? That would then make him at the same level as Kong Yan and the other rank 1 gold grade alchemist in here.

After all, aside from the elderly woman and one of the 2 old men behind him who were rank 2 gold grade alchemists, Kong Yan and the other old man were still rank 1 gold grade alchemists themselves.

The Elders of the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ chatted excitedly with Shun Long for more than an hour, as they attempted to get to know him.
Shun Long also learned their names, and at the same time, he learned that there were 8 more gold grade alchemists in the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ aside from the 4 in front of him.

An hour later, under the reluctant gazes of Kong Yan and the 2 old men, Shun Long followed the elderly woman named Jin Wenling, to officially place his pills for sale in the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’. 

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