A shocking scene unfolded in front of the rank 3 bronze grade alchemists ’ eyes.

4 cyan-colored pills could be seen inside Shun Long ’s alchemy cauldron, and all of them were actually top-grade rank 1 ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’.

Based on the medicinal herbs that were used in the pill refinement, the most that one could actually get, out of a single alchemy cauldron, was 4 ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’ in one batch.

However, the most surprising thing out of all, was that these were all top-grade pills.

The trio of the rank 3 bronze grade alchemists seemed to have forgotten that they were the overseers of the test, as they hurriedly walked towards Shun Long ’s cauldron.

Their eyes twitched when they smelled the fragrance coming from the alchemy cauldron, and without even asking for permission, each of them grabbed a ’Qi barrier-breaking pill ’ in their hands.

The more they observed the pills in their hands, the more astonished the rank 3 alchemists became, as all 3 of them simultaneously looked at Shun Long with an excited gaze.

After inspecting the pills, they had instantly understood, that these weren ’t the normal ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’.

One of the 3 bronze grade alchemists took a deep breath as he looked at Shun Long, and with a bright smile on his face, he returned the pill back to Shun Long with some embarrassment as he asked

’ ’Young man…no, I mean, fellow alchemist, are these really ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’? ’ ’

The other 2 alchemists looked at Shun Long expectantly as they also waited for his answer.

As rank 3 bronze grade alchemists, they could clearly understand, that these were certainly ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’, however, it was obvious that they weren ’t normal pills.

As for the person who had refined these pills, he also couldn ’t be just an average young man.
Even if they couldn ’t sense Shun Long ’s cultivation, they would still give him due respect, as an alchemist who was at least at the same level as them.

Nodding his head, Shun Long casually stored the pills in an alchemy bottle as he looked at the 3 alchemists in front of him and said

’ ’They are of course ’Qi barrier-breaking pills ’, however, they were created through a special recipe, so their effects are much better than the average pills.

A normal ’Qi barrier-breaking pill ’, could increase the chance that a peak rank 6 ’Qi condensation stage ’ cultivator advanced to the early rank 7 by 50 percent.
However, these top-grade ’Qi condensation pills ’ can give that same cultivator, a 90 percent chance to advance directly to the middle of rank 7. ’ ’

The trio of overseers stared at Shun Long with wide-open eyes.

Although this sounded unbelievable, as pinnacle rank 3 bronze grade alchemists they knew, that even if Shun Long ’s words were a bit exaggerated, based on the pills that they had inspected just now, the truth couldn ’t be too far from that.

One of the 3 overseers then smiled, as he took out a small white badge from his spatial ring, and handed it to Shun Long as he said

’ ’Congratulations fellow alchemist.
You are officially a rank 1 bronze grade alchemist of our ’Alchemist ’s Guild ’! ’ ’

Shun Long turned to look at the white badge on his hands, that was shaped like a tiny cauldron with a single star on it.
Shun Long could also sense a small formation engraved inside it, and he assumed that it was used to prove the authenticity of the badge. 

At the same time, the rank 1 bronze grade alchemist who had ’welcomed ’ Shun Long earlier, stared at him with envy from the distance, after seeing that he was surrounded by the 3 overseers. 

’ ’He is just a rank 1 bronze grade alchemist, I don ’t know why the esteemed overseers pay so much attention to him. ’ ’

The young man mumbled as he consoled himself that Shun Long wasn ’t a better alchemist than him.

At the same time, Shun Long looked at the three rank 3 bronze grade alchemists in front of him, as he then took out 20 low-grade spirit stones from the ’Stone of TIme ’ and asked

’ ’Can I also take the test for rank 2 and rank 3 bronze grade alchemists here? ’ ’

The overseer who had handed back the ’Qi barrier-breaking pill ’ to Shun Long, excitedly nodded his head as he heard Shun Long ’s question, before he immediately replied

’ ’Of course! The tests for bronze grade alchemists are all done in this room. ’ ’

The 3 overseers exchanged furtive glances with each other, as they made up their minds to carefully observe Shun Long ’s movements, and learn his pill recipes no matter what.

The overseer then pointed at the pill bottle in Shun Long ’s hands and said

’ ’Actually, for the test to become a rank 2 bronze grade alchemist, you would have to refine at least a low-grade rank 2 pill, while to become a rank 3 bronze grade alchemist, you would have to refine a low-grade rank 3 pill. ’ ’

Shun Long then nodded his head with a slight smile on his face.

Seeing the 3 overseers who were staring at him expectantly, he had immediately understood their intentions.
However, this was exactly what Shun Long was aiming for.

Without another word, Shun Long took out 6 rank 2 medicinal herbs from his spatial ring, and under the astonished gazes of the 3 alchemists in front of him, he placed them all inside the cauldron at the same time.

’ ’What are you doing?? ’ ’

One of the 3 overseers couldn ’t help asking, but the other 2 immediately shot him a threatening glance.
Observing an alchemist, and asking them for their secrets were 2 completely different things. 

Shun Long didn ’t pay any attention to the middle-aged man, as he continued with his pill refinement.

At the same time, the other alchemists in the room had also turned their gazes towards him, curious why the 3 overseers would pay so much attention, to a new rank 1 bronze grade alchemist.

Just like the last time however, less than 5 minutes had passed, when a strong medicinal aroma had started to fill the room. 

This time, it wasn ’t just the 3 overseers, but every single alchemist in the room stared at Shun Long in shock. 

’ ’He took less than 5 minutes to complete the pill refinement? ’ ’

’ ’No! He must have certainly failed! I have never heard of a bronze grade alchemist, who can do something like this! ’ ’

Although the other alchemists were also curious and wanted to crowd around Shun Long, nobody dared to approach the 3 overseers, who were staring at the young man in front of them like he was some kind of treasure.

Even though they hadn ’t managed to understand anything about Shun Long ’s pill refinement, since he had placed all the medicinal ingredients together, they could understand that the method he had used wasn ’t something that they had met with before.

Under their astonished gazes, Shun Long opened the lid of the cauldron, revealing 3 bright green pills.

One of the overseers couldn ’t stand still anymore, and looking at the other 2, he took a deep breath as he said

’ ’I ’m calling senior Yao! ’ ’

Then, without waiting for a response from the other 2 overseers, the peak rank 3 bronze grade alchemist stormed out of the room in a hurry, his face a mixture of shock and crazy excitement. 

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