The city spanned for countless miles, while 3 majestic words seemed to have been carved on the more than 100 meters(330ft) tall city walls

’Heaven ’s Dome city ’

Shun Long could feel an indescribable, powerful intent coming from these words.

As the black panther was flying closer to the city, Shun Long noticed many carriages on the ground, all of them heading in the same direction as them.

All of these carriages were being dragged by powerful magic beasts, and even the weakest among them was at the early rank 3.

When they were just a few miles away from the city gates, Shun Long had the black panther slow down its speed.

Similar to the Silver sword city, there were city guards that collected a fee, from every cultivator who wanted to enter the Heaven ’s Dome city for the first time.

A few minutes later, it was already Shun Long and Liu Mei ’s turn to enter the city.

The 5 city guards who were at the late stages of the Heaven grade, were astonished when they saw the black panther who had appeared in front of them.

Although they existed, it was still rare for people to ride on peak rank 5 magic beasts even in the Heaven ’s Dome city.

The black-robed city guards approached the panther carefully, and with a rare, respectful expression on their faces, they looked at Shun Long as the head guard among them said

’ ’Greetings fellow cultivators.
If it is your first time entering the city, I will have to ask you to pay 1000 low-grade spirit stones for each person on your magic beast, as per the city rules.

If you are members of the Mercenaries ’ Association however, you only have to pay 500 low-grade spirit stones for each person.

Although the price was extraordinarily high just to enter the city, Shun Long already had seen the people earlier paying the same fee.

After taking out his mercenary D-rank badge, he paid 1000 low-grade spirit stones for himself and Liu Mei, before they walked through the city gates.

The moment that he entered the city, Shun Long felt as if he had passed through an invisible layer of formations when he felt the qi in the air around him.
The qi inside the city was actually many times purer than the outside world.

As for the Heaven ’s Dome city, the city itself was actually even more bustling than what Shun Long had originally expected.

Countless people along with luxurious carriages filled the vast roads of the Heaven ’s Dome city, while the street stalls were even more than those of the Silver sword city ’s.

Alchemy shops where one could request the services of high and low-level alchemists, blacksmithies where formation masters worked at, luxurious restaurants and inns, they all filled the Heaven ’s Dome city along with the houses of the residents, as far as the eyes could see.

However, for someone to own a residence in the city, they would have to pay an exorbitant amount of spirit stones. 

Liu Mei looked at Shun Long ’s back as she asked in a curious tone

’ ’Long-ge, where should we go now? ’ ’

Liu Mei had already understood that Shun Long had certain plans, long before they came to the Heaven ’s Dome city.

Smilingly, Shun Long looked forward as he said

’ ’Let ’s have a look around the city first. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head, as the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ walked around the busy streets of the Heaven ’s Dome city.

Although people were astonished to see a peak rank 5 magic beast used as a mount, this sight wasn ’t unprecedented in the city.

Half an hour later, Shun Long and Liu Mei had arrived outside of a building called

’Heavenly Intoxication Restaurant ’.

From the people walking close to this restaurant, Shun Long had already heard that this could be considered as one of the 5 best restaurants in the entire city.

With the black panther waiting outside, Shun Long and Liu Mei entered inside the restaurant.

A handsome young waiter dressed in striped blue robes approached them as soon as they entered inside, and with a large smile on his face he said

’ ’Greetings, young noble, young lady! Welcome to the ’Heavenly Intoxication Restaurant ’. ’ ’

The waiter guided Shun Long and Liu Mei to a table near a window, as Shun Long then ordered 2 dishes of each of the specialties in this restaurant.

An incense ’s stick of time later, the waiter arrived with more than 6 dishes in his hands, as well as 2 jars of wine.

Shun Long was surprised when he noticed, that most of the dishes were made from rank 3 magic beasts, while one of them was even made from an early rank 4 magic beast called the ’Sharp-toothed carp ’.

The dishes, as well as the wine from this restaurant, were all rich in qi, and someone who consumed these dishes daily, could even advance in their cultivation.

At the same time, Shun Long remembered, that he had been too engrossed with his cultivation, that he had actually neglected making a new wine. 

After paying more than 2000 spirit stones for the meal, Shun Long and Liu Mei then both exited the restaurant, as they got on the black panther ’s back.

Although Shun Long hadn ’t heard anything interesting from the people eating in the restaurant, this didn ’t really matter to him as he already had his own plans.

Shun Long and Liu Mei continued exploring the southern part of the Heaven ’s Dome city, and 2 hours later, they arrived in front of a huge white building.

Liu Mei ’s eyes widened when she saw the building in front of them, while Shun Long smiled brightly, before he led the black panther to enter inside it.

This building was important to Shun Long ’s plans in the Heaven ’s Dome city after all. 

2 enormous doors were wide open, both for carriages or for magic beasts to enter inside, while a pair of golden-colored cauldrons adorned the building ’s entrance.

On top of the building, there were 2 eye-catching words plated in a color between gold and silver that everyone in the Heaven ’s Dome city looked with respect

’ ’Alchemist ’s Guild ’ 

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