The moment that Shun Long ’s spiritual strength entered inside the spatial ring, an astonishing scene greeted his eyes. 

Millions of low-grade spirit stones were stacked on top of each other, forming small mountains inside Tan Duyi ’s spatial ring.

With a rough estimation, Shun Long calculated, that the low-grade spirit stones in front of his eyes numbered more than 4 million.

However, after looking at the millions of low-grade spirit stones, Shun Long ’s eyes were soon glued to a small shining mound next to them.

This mound was made from spirit stones that were much brighter than the usual low-grade ones, while the qi inside them was obviously many times purer.

Shun Long immediately understood, that these were all middle-grade spirit stones.

There were less than 100.000 of them, which equaled to nearly 10 million low-grade spirit stones.

Combined with the 4 million low-grade ones from earlier, Tan Duyi ’s spatial ring had more than 14 million low-grade spirit stones in total.

Shun Long ’s eyes shone with a bright light when he saw the stunning amount of wealth in front of him, before he then turned his attention to the rest of the things inside the spatial ring.

Aside from the spirit stones, there were also 2 black-colored scrolls, some bottles of pills, along with a small bronze badge.

Shun Long ’s eyes instantly fell on the familiar-looking bronze badge.
It was actually identical to the one that he had received from Cui Guoliang in the ’Vermilion realm ’.

’ ’The ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’. ’ ’

This was the reason that Xie Rong had brought the Elders from her guild, to fight against Tan Duyi.

After placing the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ to the side, Shun Long turned his attention to the 5 bottles of pills.

4 of these bottles seemed to contain low-grade rank 5 healing pills, with occasionally a middle-grade one mixed inside them, while the last bottle was actually filled with some middle-grade rank 4 anti-toxin pills.

As a mercenary who often ventured outside of the SIlver sword city, Tan Duyi would always carry healing or antidote pills along with him, in case he fell in a dangerous situation.

Shun Long sighed in disappointment when he saw the pills in front of him.

Both his top-grade rank 4 ’Sun-healing pills ’, as well as his rank 3 anti-toxin pills were of a higher quality than Tan Duyi ’s, making these pills essentially useless in Shun Long ’s eyes.

Shun Long then turned his attention to the 2 black scrolls that were left inside the spatial ring.

The first scroll was actually a Mystic high-grade cultivation technique, called the ’Dark Aura gathering ’.
This cultivation technique absorbed the qi in the air and turned it into dark qi, before it stored it inside the dantian.

However, the most terrifying part of this technique was, that it allowed a cultivator who trained in it, to have a chance to comprehend the Dao of Darkness.

The Dao of Darkness was a high-level Dao, similar to the Dao of Light, which very few people in the entirety of the Night star continent had managed to comprehend.

Shun Long estimated, that this technique wasn ’t much worse than Liu Mei ’s Moonlight Sigil.

As for the second black scroll, it was a Mystic middle-grade martial skill, called the ’Darkness slash ’.

A cultivator had to use a sword or a saber in order to train in this martial skill, creating a horizontal qi wave that could cut everything in half.

Shun Long smiled inwardly, before his consciousness returned back to his body.

Just the 14 million low-grade spirit stones that he had obtained, were more than what he had expected to earn this time.

The moment that he opened his eyes, Shun Long saw the Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’ opening the way, as Xie Rong slowly walked towards him.

When she was just 2 meters in front of Shun Long and Liu Mei, Xie Rong bowed as she said

’ ’Young master Shun, thank you for your help.
Without your pill, I don ’t know when I would have woken up. ’ ’

Shun Long waved his hand, as a small bronze token suddenly appeared in his hand.

Not just Xie Rong ’s, but the 30 Elders ’ eyes widened as well, when they saw this bronze token.

With a slight smile on his face, Shun Long handed the token to Xie Rong as he said

’ ’This is what you have been searching for ’ ’

Xie Rong was stunned for a moment.

She hadn ’t expected for Shun Long to hand her the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ like that. 

Her hands trembled as she inched them forward, until they touched the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’s ’ smooth surface.

The bronze token in her hands weighed even more than a mountain to her.

Her breathing had started to become even rougher, as she immediately placed the bronze badge inside her spatial ring.

Her green eyes had started to mist as she once again bowed deeply and said

’ ’Thank you!! ’ ’

Her voice this time was even more sincere than before.

It was an emotion that had come from the depths of her heart.

Only Xie Rong knew, how much she had to endure for so many years, in order to get her hands on this medallion.

Shun Long nodded his head, while Liu Mei smiled at the beautiful woman in front of her.

Shun Long ’s eyes then fell on the half-destroyed, black sword on the ground.

Although Tan Duyi ’s black sword was heavily damaged, it was definitely a pinnacle rank 2 silver grade weapon, if not a rank 3.

After storing the black sword inside the ’Stone of TIme ’, he turned to look at Xie Rong, only to see that she was staring at him with her shining green eyes.

After taking a deep breath, the gorgeous blonde-haired woman then said in a voice full of hope

’ ’Young master Shun, do you….
want to come with me to the SIlver mountain? ’ ’

Both Shun Long and Liu Mei were stunned by this sudden question.

Neither of them had actually expected for Xie Rong to invite them to the place where her family lived.

Shun Long however shook his head, as he looked at the beautiful woman in front of him.
before he replied 

’ ’I am thankful for your offer Guild master Xie, but I will have to decline.
After all, there is already a place that we have to go to after today. ’ ’

Xie Rong ’s expression quickly turned disappointed, as she then looked at Shun Long and asked, in a tone that was filled with anxiousness, as well as fear

’ ’Young master Shun…
is the place that you have to go to, the Heaven ’s Dome city? ’ ’ 

Shun Long nodded his head at Xie Rong, who now had a difficult expression on her face.

Looking at Shun Long, she then steeled her heart as she said

’ ’Young master Shun, the Heaven ’s Dome city is a really terrifying place!

I have already been there a few times, and I have even seen peak rank 9 Nascent soul stage experts dying in front of me! 

I suggest that you don ’t go to that city just yet! Although your peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ is extremely strong, the truth is…
that there are even Dao King realm experts in the Heaven ’s Dome city! ’ ’

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