The fight between the ’Pale Moon guild ’ and the ’Dark Blade guild ’ had completely stopped, as everyone stared at the wave of black qi that swirled around in the air.

The terrifying explosion had enveloped everything within 300 meters around Tan Duyi, while the power inside the qi wave made everyone unable to enter inside it.

Finally, a few minutes later, the black wave of qi in the air had started to thin, before it slowly started to disperse.

3 figures could be seen in the distance, that made everyone ’s eyes bulge from their sockets.

Shun Long ’s eyes widened when he arrived in front of the black panther, as he saw the panther ’s silver wings covered with blood, but he eventually heaved a sigh of relief, when he understood that it was just a superficial injury.

However, Shun Long still fed the panther with the top-grade rank 4 ’Sun-healing pills ’, that he had refined from the ’rank 4 Sunskirt grass ’.

The effects of the top-grade rank 4 pills immediately healed the wounds on the panther ’s back, when crying was suddenly heard next to Shun Long and Liu Mei.

’ ’Guild master!! ’ ’

’ ’Elder brother! ’ ’

2 groups of people had gathered around Xie Rong and the big-nosed, peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert from the ’Dark Blade guild ’, whose injuries were extremely severe.

Shun Long turned his eyes to look at Xie Rong who was lying on the ground, with her body facing the sky, as wounds covered her arms and legs.

During the explosion, she had used all of her qi to create a 10m(32ft) tall earth wall, but in front of the terrifying explosion from Tan Duyi when he detonated his dantian, Xie Rong ’s earth wall ended up as nothing more than a piece of mud.

Her breathing had grown much weaker by now, while her closed eyes showed no signs of movement.

An elderly old man from the ’Pale Moon guild ’ dressed in red robes then walked in front of Shun Long, before he immediately fell on his knees.
Without any hesitation, the old man started kowtowing as he said in a pleading voice

’ ’Young master Shun! I beg you! Please save the Guild master! ’ ’

Shun Long looked at the old man in front of him who wasn ’t even willing to raise his head, when he felt a tug on his arm.

Turning his head to the side, Shun Long saw Liu Mei who had a pitying look on her face, as she looked at the kneeling old man in front of Shun Long.

Shun Long nodded his head lightly, before he walked towards the unconscious Xie Rong.

Seeing the situation that she was in, Shun Long took out a rank 4 ’Sun-healing pill ’ and placed it directly in Xie Rong ’s mouth.

No one from the Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ questioned Shun Long ’s actions, as they stared at their Guild master with anxious eyes.

Less than 5 minutes later, Xie Rong ’s eyes twitched before they slowly opened.

The blonde-haired Xie Rong felt pain assaulting her senses, as soon as she regained her consciousness.

Her eyes looked around her with a confused gaze, while the last thing she remembered, was her earth wall breaking down under Tan Duyi ’s explosion.

At the same time, many of the members from the ’Dark Blade guild ’ had started to stealthily leave the scene.

As for the peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert from their guild, it was obvious that he was on his last breaths.

He was the one with the lowest cultivation among himself, Xie Rong, and the black panther, as well as the only one who didn ’t have any way to defend himself when he was swept in Tan Duyi ’s explosion.

By now, there were less than 10 members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ left around him, while the rest had already started to flee from the canyon.

As for Tan Duyi who was at the source of the explosion? No one even dared to go near him.

The big-nosed man ’s body twitched one final time, before it stopped moving entirely.

The members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ who were around him, pounced on his body like hungry hyenas, all of them aiming for the same thing;

The peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert ’s spatial ring.

The 30 Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’ looked at each other and nodded their heads, before they surrounded the members from the ’Dark Blade guild ’.

Suddenly, a green-colored but ethereal wisp of smoke, appeared from the big-nosed man ’s body.

This, was the peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert ’s soul.

The big-nosed man ’s soul watched the people below him fighting over his spatial ring with a smirk on his face.

No matter who won, he would definitely possess that person ’s body and start to cultivate all over again.

Most of the Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’ couldn ’t see this green wisp of smoke, but some of them who were at the middle or at the peak of rank 9 in the Spirit realm, felt their faces suddenly paling when they saw the green soul above their heads.

The ’Silver-winged panther king ’ looked at Shun Long with a hungry look in his eyes, as he sent a mental message to him.

Although the panther ’s soul wasn ’t at a high enough level to communicate with Shun Long the way that little Black did, the panther could still express its feelings properly.

Shun Long understood that there was something near the big-nosed peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert that the black panther really wanted, and nodded his head without hesitation.

The ’Silver-winged panther king ’ instantly soared into the air, and under the terrified gazes of the ’Pale Moon guild ’s ’ Elders, it rushed directly at the green soul.

The members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ were originally excited to compete with each other for the spatial ring, but the moment that they saw the black panther flying towards them, they immediately scattered around in fear.

After all, everyone remembered how the black panther had sent their Guild master in a sorry state during their fight. 

However, the most horrified out of everyone else, was the soul of the peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert. 

He had never expected that the black panther would suddenly attack him.

A soul couldn ’t stay without a body for too long, but the big-nosed man clearly understood that if the black panther caught him, he would even lose his soul.

The ’Silver-winged panther king ’ however, didn ’t give the peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert a single chance, as it instantly swallowed the green soul.

The Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ heaved out in relief, when they saw the green soul being swallowed by the black panther. 

The panther then removed the big-nosed man ’s spatial ring, before it returned back to Shun Long.

Some of the Elders were very dissatisfied with Shun Long obtaining the spatial ring from the peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert, but with the deterrent of the black panther, no one said anything.

Completely ignoring the gazes of the Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’, Shun Long placed the spatial ring inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he walked towards the place where Tan Duyi had detonated himself.

The closer that Shun Long walked towards the ’center of the explosion ’, the denser the remnant black qi in the air around him would become.

However, the remaining black qi in the air wasn ’t a threat to Shun Long, who quickly arrived in front of Tan Duyi.

Tan Duyi ’s dantian explosion had completely destroyed his body.

On the ground, there was only a damaged spatial ring, along with a half-broken black sword, without a single sign of Tan Duyi ’s soul around.

The Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ felt their hearts turning green with envy when they saw the spatial ring on the ground.

They wanted to walk up and snatch it right away, but none of them dared to take the first step.

Shun Long completely ignored the fervent gazes of the ’Pale Moon guild ’s ’ Elders behind him, as his attention was completely focused on the spatial ring that was now in his hands.

After taking a deep breath, Shun Long sent his spiritual strength in Tan Duyi ’s spatial ring.

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