Space was distorted around Shun Long, as he instantly vanished in front Tan Duyi ’s disbelieving eyes.

Both Tan Duyi, as well as the peak rank 2 Spirit realm expert who was fighting with Shun Long, stared at the place that Shun Long was standing just now with wide-open eyes.

Suddenly, a furious roar sounded from behind Tan Duyi, as the Guild master of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ turned around and saw a black claw enlarging itself in front of his eyes.

Tan Duyi raised his sword, as he tried to defend against the furious ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ claw, but the result was a lot worse than he had expected.

The black panther had been furious when he saw his opponent attacking its ’weak ’ master, as its full-powered claw met with Tan Duyi ’s black sword.

The overpowering force of the peak rank 5 black panther ’s claw, sent the ’Dark Blade guild ’s ’ Guild master flying for more than 200 meters, until his body crashed on the canyon ’s wall.


Everyone ’s attention was suddenly attracted to the loud crashing sound, that Tan Duyi ’s body made upon impact with the canyon ’s wall.

However, the black panther didn ’t seem to have been satisfied, as he once again pounced on the ’Dark Blade guild ’s ’ Guild master.

At the same time, Shun Long had felt space around him distorting, as he appeared 50m away from his original location in an instant.

This was the move that he had comprehended by himself once he broke through to the third stage of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, ’blink ’.

Blink was slightly different compared to opening a space tear and entering inside.

Compared to the lengthy process of opening a space tear before walking inside it, blink could be used to bend space itself and envelop it around Shun Long ’s body, teleporting him in an instant.

Of course, ’blinking ’ consumed much more qi than opening a space tear and the range was much, much lower than when Shun Long entered a space tear to teleport himself.

However, even with all these disadvantages, it was still a life-saving technique.



The furious black panther was constantly bombarding Tan Duyi with its attacks, sending shivers down to everyone who heard this.

Some of the members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ even were under the impression, that the entire valley was shaking from the black panther ’s attacks.

Surprisingly, when everyone ’s attention was focused on the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, Xie Rong took advantage of the situation, as she rushed towards Tan Duyi. 

Her intention was obvious to everyone; she wanted to kill Tan Duyi in the shortest amount of time possible. ’ 

The first one to react was actually the big-nosed, peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert, as he looked at Xie Rong and shouted angrily


He knew that, if Tan Duyi were to die at Xie Rong ’s hands, there was no way that he would be able to escape alive.

Without a second thought, he immediately chased behind Xie Rong.

Tan Duyi ’s eyes shone with a murderous gleam as he saw Xie Rong approaching him, while one thought flashed through his mind. 

’ ’Bitch! Everything happened today because of you! ’ ’

Determination filled his eyes as he saw Xie Rong approaching closer and closer to him, and despite the attacks of the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, there was only one target in Tan Duyi ’s eyes.

At that moment, Shun Long ’s golden eyes lit up as another scene played through his mind.

This scene wasn ’t just shocking, but it was the one that Shun Long had actually expected the least to happen.

Since the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ was also Shun Long ’s contracted beast just like little Black, it immediately sensed the change in Shun Long ’s emotions, as it turned its head to look at its master.

At the same time, Tan Duyi put on a devilish smile on his face, as he compressed all of his qi inside his dantian.

Although the dantian was the place where the qi was supposed to be stored, if Tan Duyi chose to forcefully compress all of his qi together, there could only be one outcome.

Dantian explosion!

This was a suicidal move, where one sacrificed all of their acc.u.mulated cultivation to compress their qi, before it erupted into a violent explosion.

This was a move that one usually wouldn ’t use, even when they had reached the end of their lives.

After all, not only would this move bring immeasurable pain once it was used, but Tan Duyi ’s soul would have almost no chance of surviving after this.

Although the black panther was stronger than the Guild master of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, it would also suffer heavy injuries if it was caught in the center of the explosion.

Both XIe Rong, as well as the peak rank 4 Nascent soul expert from the ’Dark Blade guild ’, saw the panther flying towards them at extreme speed, when horror immediately filled their eyes.


Everyone on the battlefield turned to look at Tan Duyi, when a massive explosion erupted from his body.

Be it the Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’, or the members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, everyone felt their faces paling with fear.

A gigantic wave of black qi had erupted from Tan Duyi ’s body, as it swept the area around him like a powerful tsunami.

Xie Rong and the S-rank mercenary from the ’Dark Blade guild ’ had also turned to run when they saw the ’Silver-winged black panther ’ flying towards them, but in the end, they couldn ’t get out of the explosion radius in time.

Although Shun Long was more than 200 meters away from Tan Duyi, he still felt a lethal danger as the wave of black qi approached him.

Without any hesitation, he immediately raised his right hand and slashed the air in front of him, opening a space tear. 

The moment that he entered inside the space tear, Shun Long appeared next to Liu Mei, almost 300meters away from his original location.

Liu Mei heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Shun Long was alright, but her eyes couldn ’t hide her worry, when she remembered that the black panther had been caught inside this terrifying explosion.

Similarly, Shun Long was also staring at the gigantic wave of black qi, that still hadn ’t started to disperse.

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