The black wave of qi collided with the ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ wings, but Tan Duyi felt like his sword slash had met with an immovable steel wall.

The peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ stood steadily in front of the black qi wave, while the light coming from its silver wings seemed to have completely blocked its power.

A horrified expression flashed through Tan Duyi ’s eyes when he saw that his attack was completely blocked, but soon, the look in his face turned serious.

Without any hesitation, he looked at Xie Rong with eyes filled with rage as he shouted

’ ’KILL! ’ ’

Seeing their Guild master going into battle, the rest of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ members also followed behind him, as they rushed at the Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’.

Shun Long and Liu Mei both jumped from the ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ back, as the panther flew at Tan Duyi, immediately intercepting him and stopping his charge.

The rest of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ members however didn ’t stop, as they surrounded the Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’. 

Although the cultivation of the Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’ was higher than the normal members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, each of the Elders had to fight almost 10 members from the ’Dark Blade guild ’.

Shun Long and Liu Mei were also surrounded along with the Elders from the ’Pale Moon guild ’.

Shun Long ’s lips curved up when he saw the scene in front of him, as a bout of excitement filled his body. 

This was the first time that he could get to test out his strength, ever since he had advanced to the Heaven grade.

Shun Long then circulated his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass, as his eyes immediately turned golden.

A bright blue light instantly covered his body, as he activated his second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

At the same time, Liu Mei also drew her white sword, as her body started glowing with strands of silver light, as a chaotic fight suddenly ensued.

Shun Long found himself surrounded by more than 10 people, all of them carrying either swords or sabers.

The weakest among them was the same as him, at the middle of rank 7 in Heaven grade, while the strongest was at the peak of rank 2 in the Spirit realm.

One person at the middle of rank 9 in Heaven grade attacked Shun Long from the front, while 2 others at the peak of rank 9 in Heaven grade pincer-attacked him from the sides.

Shun Long ’s feet kicked the ground, as he moved towards the brown-robed cultivator in front of him.

The man smirked as he saw Shun Long coming towards him.

He had clearly seen him and Liu Mei sitting on the black panther earlier, which was the only reason that his boss was now in an unfavorable situation.

Indeed, the peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ had completely suppressed Tan Duyi, who was already having a hard time, even though the fight had just started. 

The brown-robed man brandished his saber at Shun Long ’s head the moment that Shun Long closed the distance between them, but to his astonishment, the speed of his saber couldn ’t even match up to Shun Long ’s speed.

Under the effects of his second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, Shun Long moved extremely fast as he dodged the saber attack, and clenched his right fist tightly, before he sent a terrifying punch at this young man ’s left ribs.


Cracking sounds resounded in the air, as the man was sent flying sideways.
He tumbled on the ground for tens of meters, before his body came to a stop as it collided on the wall.

The people around Shun Long were stunned for a moment, and even the 2 peak rank 9 Heaven grade cultivators were stopped in place, when they saw the outcome of their teammate.

Their eyes turned red as they looked at Shun Long, before they continued with their pincer attack, while even the other 7 members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ who were previously watching from the sidelines, now decided to join the fight.

At the same time, Liu Mei was also surrounded by more than 6 members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’.

Surprisingly, among these members was also the 2m(6.6ft) tall Wen Zihao.

Wen Zihao ’s cultivation had already reached the middle of rank 2 in Heaven grade, while his eyes stared at Liu Mei like a hungry wolf. 

He still hadn ’t forgotten how Liu Mei had ignored his words, when he had told her to not get close to Shun Long, the moment that they had all arrived at the ’Night star continent ’.

All of a sudden, the brown robes on his torso exploded, as his body started growing strands of red fur.

Liu Mei had already heard of Wen Zihao ’s ’Fighting ape physique ’, but this was the first time that she had witnessed it herself.

With his cultivation at the middle of rank 2 in Heaven grade, after he had activated his ’Fighting ape physique ’, Wen Zihao could even fight against a cultivator at the peak of rank 2 in Heaven grade.

Muscles bulged from his arms and legs, as he jumped high in the air, before he sent his fist at Liu Mei ’s head.

It was obvious that he hadn ’t held back at all, and he aimed to kill Liu Mei with a single punch. 

Liu Mei who was already entangled with a middle rank 5 Heaven grade cultivator from the ’Dark Blade guild ’, saw Wen Zihao ’s powerful punch that was aimed at her head and felt a feeling of lethal danger.

After all, the head and the heart were still the vital spots for every cultivator.

The brown-robed cultivator in front of Liu Mei suddenly felt the hair on his neck standing up, as he subconsciously stepped backwards.

Liu Mei ’s white sword had started emitting a bone-freezing cold while strands of white ice were now floating in the air around her body.

Wen Zihao ’s eyes widened when he saw the scene in front of him, while the countless shards of ice around Liu Mei started to merge with each other, creating 2 thick ice-pillar more than 3m(10ft) long, and 1m(3ft) thick. 

Liu Mei had already expended more than 20 percent of her qi to create the 2 ice pillars, but even the middle rank 5 Heaven grade cultivator didn ’t dare to take them head-on.

After all, this was a Mystic middle-grade martial skill that Shun Long had given to Liu Mei 2 months ago.

Thanks to Liu Mei ’s Dao of Ice, her affinity with ice-related martial skills had skyrocketed, allowing her to grasp the basic principles of this Mystic middle-grade martial skill in just 2 months.

The name of this martial skill was the Hexagon seal, and at full mastery, a cultivator could create 6 giant pillars of ice that could destroy everything in their path.

Wen Zihao roared when he saw the 2 ice pillars flying towards him, while his fists started glowing with a red light as he punched at the first pillar with all of his strength.

The moment that his fist collided with the ice pillar, Wen Zihao felt the bones on his arm ready to crack.

Pain filled his hand as the terrifying cold from the pillar invaded his body, immediately destroying any feeling that he still had in his arm.

The look in his eyes finally changed, as he tried to retreat, but at that moment, Liu Mei ’s second pillar collided with his stomach.

Even Shun Long turned his attention at Liu Mei ’s battlefield, only to see a pale-blue Wen Zihao falling from the sky as he crashed on the ground.


Wen Zihao ’s body raised a cloud of dust as it violently crashed on the ground, leaving completely unknown whether he was dead or alive.

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