If Xie Rong was here, she would immediately recognize this man, as the Guild master of the ’Dark Blade guild ’. 

Tan Duyi stood up, as he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, and strapped it on his back.

He then walked outside of his tent, and after taking a deep breath, he shouted

’ ’WAKE UP! ’ ’

His loud voice that was meant to wake his guild members, resounded throughout the entire canyon, as it reached Shun Long ’s and the rest ears.

Xie Rong ’s face paled slightly when she heard this voice, as her ambushing advantage seemed to have suddenly been lost.

She hadn ’t expected for Tan Duyi to be scanning the valley entrance with his soul sense, right when they arrived.

Clenching her teeth however, Xie Rong continued forward.

Her eyes then turned to look at Shun Long and Liu Mei who were riding on the black panther, and the worry in her heart slightly eased.

Less than a minute later, the ’Pale Moon guild ’s ’ group had appeared in front of the ’Dark Blade guild ’s ’ campsite, when the expression in Xie Rong ’s face finally changed.

More than 400 members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ were waiting for them in their campsite ’s entrance, while the severed head of a red-haired woman, was impaled on top of a spear, still dripping with fresh blood.

Xie Rong immediately recognized the red-haired woman who had her head cut off.

It was this same woman who was supposed to poison Tan Duyi today, as well as the one who had sold her the information of the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’!

The 1.9m(6.2ft) tall Tan Duyi, was staring at the people from the ’Pale Moon guild ’ with a frosty look on his face. 

Originally, his expression was a relaxed one, but the moment that he sensed the ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ strength, his easy-going appearance immediately vanished from his face.

Shun Long saw the 1.9m tall guild master, who was carrying a large sword on his back, but his attention was soon focused on someone else.

It was a 2m tall man, who was staring at Shun Long and Liu Mei with eyes filled with disbelief, jealousy and hate.

Shun Long and Liu Mei both recognized this man…
he was the strongest outer disciple of the ’Floating cloud sect ’, Wen Zihao.

It seemed that in the past 3 months, he had managed to join the ’Dark Blade guild ’. 

Tan Duyi didn ’t notice Wen Zihao ’s strange gaze, as he first looked at the young man and young woman on the black panther ’s back, before he turned his eyes on Xie Rong.

The look in his eyes was like he was looking at a dead person, as Tan Duyi said in a cold voice

’ ’Xie Rong.
So you were the one whom the bitch Zeng Chuntao betrayed me for huh?

Don ’t try to deny it, I already found several million low-grade spirit stones in her spatial ring.
Speak! What do you want? ’ ’

Tan Duyi wasn ’t a person who would usually negotiate with his enemies, especially with those who were weaker than him.

However, because of the presence of the peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’, if he could peacefully solve this issue, he didn ’t mind taking revenge on Xie Rong in the future.

Xie Rong was stunned for a second, before she nodded her head and said in a sincere tone

’ ’Alright! As long as you are willing to sell to me the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’, then you can tell me your price and I will do m- ’

’ ’SHUT UP! ’ ’

The moment that Xie Rong raised her head, she saw that Tan Duyi ’s eyes had turned red.

The ’Dark Blade guild ’s ’ Guild master looked at her, as he said in a furious voice

’ ’That bitch, Zeng Chuntao seems to have told you everything.

Forget about the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion bitch! Just f.u.c.k off and I will consider sparing your life in the future. ’ ’

Xie Rong understood that Tan Duyi was ready to kill her.
The killing intent oozing off from his body brought shivers down her spine.

As a middle rank 5 Nascent Soul cultivator, Xie Rong could be considered an expert of her own right in the Silver sword city. 

However, in front of the blood-honed Tan Duyi who had already reached the early rank 7 in the Nascent Soul stage, she still couldn ’t stop herself from shivering.

Even the people behind Tan Duyi seemed to have gotten angry when they heard Xie Rong ’s words, as they started shouting

’ ’Guild master, let ’s kill her! ’ ’

’ ’How dare the ’Pale Moon guild ’ be so arrogant in front of us? ’ ’

’ ’In front of Guild master, what is a single ’Pale Moon guild ’ after all? Kill them! ’ ’

Although this wasn ’t the full force of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, the people that Tan Duyi had brought with him were still powerful experts.

Even the weakest of them was at the early rank 2 in Heaven grade, while aside from Tan Duyi, there was even an S-ranked mercenary, whose strength had already reached the peak of rank 4 in the Nascent soul stage.

The look in Xie Rong ’s eyes immediately turned cold.

Although she knew that she was unreasonable by asking Tan Duyi to sell the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ to her, she wasn ’t willing to back down.

After all, the reason that she had founded her ’Pale Moon merchant guild ’ in the first place, was to obtain connections and strength in order to get her hands on a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ for her father. 

Although Tan Duyi had more people with him, in front of a peak rank 5 magic beast, as well as all of the elites from the ’Pale Moon guild ’, even he would have a hard time.

Tan Duyi seemed to have understood what Xie Rong was thinking, as he suddenly raised his black sword in the air.

Staring at Xie Rong with eyes full of bloodl.u.s.t, his aura of an early rank 7 Nascent soul expert exploded from his body.

Surprisingly, under the horrified eyes of Xie Rong, Tan Duyi ’s aura started rising even higher.

Middle rank 7….
Peak rank 7…

Early rank 8 Nascent soul stage!

Xie Rong finally understood that she had made a blunder.

Tan Duyi was actually hiding his cultivation, as he had already reached the early rank 8 of the Nascent soul stage.

He then looked at Xie Rong with bloodshot eyes, as he gathered his qi in his black sword.

The Guild master of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, grabbed the hilt of his black sword with both hands, as he shouted madly


Tan Duyi swept his black sword sideways using all of his strength as he aimed to kill Xie Rong and her guild Elders in one sweep.

His sword glowed with a black light, before it released a huge wave of qi, that brought out the full terror of the early rank 8 Nascent soul expert.

Xie Rong and the 30 Elders behind her, felt boundless terror when they watched the scene in front of them.

They couldn ’t even muster the slightest ability to resist, in front of Tan Duyi ’s horrifying power.

The black panther suddenly shot up in the sky, as its silver wings started glowing with a bright light.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone below them, the black panther ’s wings met directly, with Tan Duyi ’s powerful blast.

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