Shun Long looked at the anxious blonde woman in front of him, and thought seriously for a moment, before he eventually nodded his head. 

After all, although the value of a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ would probably exceed the 10 million low-grade spirit stones, this was Xie Rong ’s plan to begin with.

Besides, in his own future plans, the only thing that Shun Long currently needed was spirit stones.

The fact that Xie Rong was willing to give up all the spirit stones to him, was enough for Shun Long to agree to help her.

Xie Rong was elated when she saw the young man in front of her nodding his head, as Shun Long ’s voice then sounded in her ears

’ ’Madam Xie, I can agree to your request, but I will also need your assistance with something.

I plan to leave the Silver sword city soon, and have a look at the Heaven ’s Dome city, but I am currently lacking a map. ’ ’

What Shun Long had said was the truth.
Although Cui Guoliang had given him a map regarding the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ and its immediate surroundings, the map didn ’t show the Silver sword city inside it, making Shun Long unable to confirm their current distance, as well as a route that he was supposed to follow to get there. 

Xie Rong was stunned for a second, before she hurriedly nodded her head as she answered

’ ’This won ’t be an issue, young master Shun! Consider this as a gift from me. ’ ’

Waving her hand, she then took out a big piece of beast skin from her spatial ring, before she handed it to Shun Long.

Shun Long took a look at the map that Xie Rong gave to him, and saw that it was indeed much better than the small, hand-drawn map that Cui Guoliang had handed to him.

Xie Rong ’s map wasn ’t only more detailed, but the area that it covered was hundreds of times bigger than Cui Guoliang ’s map. 

On the map, Shun Long saw both the Silver sword city, as well as the Heaven ’s Dome city.
He also noticed a place with the words Silver Mountain on it, but there was nothing regarding the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

After thinking about it for a while, Shun Long understood, that the villa ’s location wasn ’t known to most people, so it would obviously be unlikely for its existence, to be casually marked down on a map.

After placing the map inside his spatial ring, Shun Long turned to look at Xie Rong as he asked

’ ’Then, madam Xie, when do you want to leave? ’ ’

Xie Rong ’s eyes lit up when she heard this question, and after turning her head to look at the 30 people behind her, she said

’ ’Right now.
We don ’t have much time to lose, otherwise, if Tan Duyi manages to return to the Silver sword city, then even with a peak rank 5 magic beast, it would be impossible for our plan to succeed.
After all, both the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’, as well as the Silver sword clan, would prevent any fights from taking place inside the city! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, as he and Liu Mei, along with the 30 people from the ’Pale Moon guild ’, all followed Xie Rong through a secret passage beneath the guild.

20 minutes later, they had already arrived a few tens of miles outside from the SIlver sword city.

Xie Rong however, didn ’t stop walking, as she headed further towards the south. 

While they were walking, Xie Rong turned her head to look at Shun Long and Liu Mei as she explained

’ ’Young master Shun, according to my information, Tan Duyi and his ’Dark Blade guild ’ will set camp tonight, before they head towards the Silver sword city in the morning. 

That will be the best time for us to strike. 

If things go according to plan, Tan Duyi will have already been poisoned by the time that we get there. 

I don ’t care if he is dead or not, but I will do my best to assist you in taking off his spatial ring! ’ ’

Turning her head to look at the Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ behind her, Xie Rong then said seriously

’ ’You all must do your best to fight the members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, until I and young master Shun have taken care of Tan Duyi.

After today, the ’Pale Moon guild ’ will officially disband! ’ ’

The Elders solemnly nodded their heads when they heard Xie Rong ’s words, while determination could clearly be seen in their eyes.

Like this, the day soon passed, as the starry night once again filled the sky.

Under the glowing light of the moon, the ’Pale Moon guild ’s ’ group stopped in front of a large canyon.

Shun Long noticed a group of scouts dressed in brown robes, as they were patrolling near the canyon ’s entrance.

Although these 4 scouts ’ cultivation, was only at the early rank 2 in Heaven grade, they all had a vigilant look in their eyes as they were patrolling the area.

Xie Rong turned her head to look at everyone behind her as she whispered

’ ’They are members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, which means that the rest of their group must definitely be inside the canyon.
I hope that you are all prepared. ’ ’

Xie Rong then circulated her cultivation technique, before she clutched her 2 hands together.

Suddenly, the ground beneath the 4 members of the ’Dark Blade guild ’ split apart, before it swallowed them whole.

There wasn ’t even a single cry that escaped their mouths, before the 4 ’Dark Blade guild ’s scouts immediately disappeared.

Shun Long and Liu Mei both circulated their cultivation techniques, along with the 30 Elders of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, as they walked inside the canyon in front of them.

Inside a tent that was surrounded by more than 100 other tents, a man in his late 30s was sitting cross-legged, while wisps of visible black aura seemed to have been floating around his body.

The man had a plain face, without any distinctive facial features, aside from a large scar that went downwards, from his forehead and his right eye, all the way to his chin.

Next to him was a large black sword, over 1.8m(71 inches) long, that seemed to release the dark aura that this man was absorbing.

The moment that Shun Long and the rest had stepped inside the canyon, the man ’s eyes abruptly opened, and they emitted a chilling, terrifying light, as he turned his head to look towards the entrance of the canyon.

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