Shun Long stared at Xie Rong, who looked as if a myriad of different emotions had suddenly flashed through her eyes, the moment that she was about to speak. 

After taking a deep breath, she then turned her head to look at Shun Long and Liu Mei, before she said

’ ’I could avoid telling you all this, but I am certain that word will spread either way after today, so there is no point in hiding anything.

Actually, I come from the Xie family of the Silver Mountain, and my father is the younger brother of the current patriarch. ’ ’

Although Shun Long had never heard of the Xie family, judging from Xie Rong ’s tone, it must be a relatively powerful family.

Xie Rong ’s eyes seemed as if they had fallen into reminiscence, as she continued speaking without stop

’ ’My father ’s relationship with my uncle has always been very good…
until one day..

One day, my mother and father were on a secret mission for the family, when my mother was inflicted with an extremely lethal poison.

When my father brought mother back to the Silver Mountain, no one from the Xie family was able to help.

In the end, even when my father ’s own father, the previous patriarch of the family exited his seclusion for this matter, there was nothing he could do.

My mother ’s symptoms were worsening, day after day, and my grandfather finally concluded, that if my mother wasn ’t cured within 3 months, her body would succ.u.mb to the poison and die.

Seeing that my father was devastated, grandfather left the Silver Mountain for a few days, and invited a powerful Dao King to the Xie family.

This Dao King was a well known rank 1 gold grade alchemist, and after verifying what poison my mother had been inflicted with, he claimed that he could definitely help her, but…

the price that he asked for was too high.

It was so high, that even my own grandfather, as well as my own uncle refused to pay. ’ ’

Tears had unknowingly welled up in Xie Rong ’s eyes, as she continued

’ ’My father begged my grandfather and uncle on his knees, for 3 consecutive days, but they both refused to change their minds no matter what.

In the end, under my grandfather ’s and uncle ’s noses, my father used all of his connections, as he sneaked the item that the Dao King had required as payment, outside from the Xie family.

After handing the item to the Dao King, my father indeed received a pill that helped my mother recover, but… 

When my grandfather learned everything, he kicked my father out of the family without hesitation. ’ ’

Shun Long and Liu Mei didn ’t know what to say when they heard this story.
It seemed that Xie Rong ’s father had done everything as a Dao partner, but at the same time he had taken something important from his family.

Xie Rong ’s emotions seemed to have calmed down, as she continued speaking

’ ’Actually, even I can ’t say that my grandfather ’s decision was entirely unfair.
After all, the item that this Dao King had asked for, was something that was simply too precious for the Xie family.

Do you know, young master Shun?

That in the Night star continent, there is a very dangerous and mysterious place, called the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’!?

The villa has countless treasures inside, but the dangers are also innumerable.

And to enter the villa, you need to possess a certain token called the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’.

It was this exact same item that my father traded with that Dao King, in order to save my mother. ’ ’

Both Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s eyes widened when they heard this.

Although she didn ’t know much about it, as the daughter of the sect master of the ’Floating cloud sect ’, Liu Mei had at least heard of the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’.

As for Shun Long? He had this medallion stored inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

Xie Rong was certain that Shun Long and Liu Mei must have heard of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.
After all, how could someone who was riding on a peak rank 5 magic beast, not have heard of this place in the Night star continent?!

Xie Rong ’s eyes had now turned completely serious, while her voice was filled with determination as she said

’ ’In the end, I left my home and founded the ’Pale Moon guild ’ by myself, in order to help my father clear his grudge, and return back to the family.

Finally, I paid more than 3 million low-grade spirit stones to learn, that the Guild master of the ’Dark Blade guild ’, has a similar ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’ in his possession.
He seemed to have found it during a large mission of his guild, around 10 months ago.
Thanks to my good relations with one of his Elders, I managed to purchase this information from her, the day that they found the medallion. ’ ’

Shun Long finally understood why Xie Rong wanted his help. 

What she wanted to obtain, was a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’!

Completely oblivious to what Shun Long was thinking, now that she had revealed everything about her past, the guild master of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ finally smiled as she said

’ ’Actually, Tan Duyi and the rest of his guild, are supposed to return to the Silver sword city by tomorrow.
My plan is to ambush them and obtain the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’.

I believe that since you have already promised to help me young master Shun, you won ’t back down now that you know everything.

I don ’t even need the spirit stones that Tan Duyi has.

You can keep everything else.
I only need the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’. ’ ’

Finally, Xie Rong didn ’t have anything else to say.

She had already revealed everything to Shun Long, from her past, all the way to her creation of her guild and her plan. 

Everyone inside the room stared at Shun Long with bated breaths, as they waited for his answer.

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