At the same time, in Yin Cuifen ’s private room, Gu Changpu stared at the gorgeous, silver-haired young woman who was sitting next to him, as he said smilingly

’ ’Young lady Ruolan, don ’t worry! I will make sure to win these pill for you. ’ ’

Yin Ruolan however, didn ’t seem to be paying any attention to Gu Changpu ’s words, as her eyes were focused on the main stage in front of her.

Although her Silver sword clan was the strongest power in the Silver sword city, in reality they weren ’t much stronger than a single branch of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’.
But if they could obtain the recipe of this new pill, then with her clan ’s power, they could expand even beyond the Silver sword city.
By then, they wouldn ’t have to be afraid of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’.

On the main stage, Yuan Ling understood that the crowd couldn ’t wait any longer.

Pointing at the pill bottle in his hand he then said

’ ’Our guild has obtained 2 bottles filled with these top-grade rank 3 pills, and has decided to auction them separately. ’ ’

The crowd exploded with even more fervor when they heard that there were 2 bottles filled with these pills.

This meant that even if they lost the first pill bottle, they still had a chance to acquire the second one.

Yuan Ling smiled as he pointed at the bottle in his hand and continued

’ ’Our guild has decided, for the starting price of these 10 pills, to be set at 160.000 low-grade spirit stones.
Every additional increment must also be at least 2000 spirit stones higher than the last. ’ ’

The crowd in the outer seats immediately went silent when they heard this terrifying price. 

Every pill ’s starting price would then be at 16.000 spirit stones.
This was almost the same as a rank 4 medicinal herb, and this was just the starting price.

However, although the people sitting in the outer seats were daunted by the huge price, those sitting in the private rooms didn ’t hesitate at all, as they started shouting bids one after the other.

’ ’164.000 ’ ’

’ ’169.000 ’ ’

’ ’172.000 ’ ’

The price quickly rose, and even after it had reached the 200.000 mark, it didn ’t seem to slow down at all.

’ ’204.000 ’ ’

’ ’208.000 ’ ’

Barely 2 minutes later, the bids had already reached the 250.000 mark, until they started to slowly slow down for the first time.

But even then, the fervor in the air of the auction hall couldn ’t be suppressed.

’ ’251.000! ’ ’

’ ’253.000! ’ ’ 

At the same time, inside Yin Cuifen ’s private room, Gu Changpu slowly stood up from the couch.

His eyes were also glued at the pill bottle in Yuan Ling ’s hands before he said confidently

’ ’It ’s finally time for me to join the party! ’ ’

Just when the price had reached the 260.000, Gu Changpu ’s powerful voice sounded from the private room as he called out his bid

’ ’300.000 low-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

The crowd was immediately silenced, as everyone turned their heads to look at the private room, where the voice had come from.

’ ’Who is this person? He immediately raised the price by 40.000 spirit stones! ’ ’

’ ’That voice sounded so young! I wonder if that ’s a scion from one of the powerful families!? ’ ’

’ ’Wait! I- that…
that is the room where the members of the Silver sword clan entered earlier! ’ ’

When everyone heard this, the discussions immediately died down.
No matter how powerful a family may be, inside the Silver sword city, no one dared to antagonize the Silver sword clan.

Gu Changpu turned his head to look at the silver-haired Yin Ruolan before he said

’ ’Hahaha! Young lady Ruolan, didn ’t I tell you that I would definitely win this bid for you? ’ ’

A small smile was finally formed on the ice-cold face of Yin Ruolan.

Although 300.000 spirit stones weren ’t a big amount to her Silver sword clan, if she could avoid spending them, then that would be for the best.

Yuan Ling sighed inwardly as he looked at the silent crowd. 

He clearly understood that, if the Silver sword clan was willing to join the bidding war, there was no one else in the Silver sword clan who could actually fight with them, aside of course from the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’.

Just when Yuan Ling was about to declare Gu Changpu as the winner of this bid, the calm voice of a young man sounded from the outer seats attracting everyone ’s attention

’ ’302.000! ’ ’

’ ’What? ’ ’

Everyone, including Shun Long and Gu Changpu, as well as the Yin siblings, had now turned their heads at the outer seats.

The crowd immediately parted, to reveal a young man dressed in azure robes.

This man had a large forehead, as well as distinctively large nose and earlobes, however, he could still be regarded as somewhat handsome.

His eyes were a deep blue color, that revealed a calmness and tranquility inside them.

Yin Cuifen ’s eyes constricted as he looked at this man, and just when Gu Changpu was about to rage and curse, Yin Cuifen hurriedly said

’ ’Brother Zian! ’ ’

Everyone, including Yin Ruolan, were stunned when they heard Yin Cuifen addressing this young man as ’brother ’.

’ ’Then again, no normal person who is sitting in the outer seats, would be able to take out 300.000 low-grade spirit stones so easily! ’ ’

As Yin Ruolan thought of this, her curiosity for the blue-robed young man who was sitting in the outer seats was peaked.

Although the formations inside the private rooms, allowed the people to look at the outer seats and the main stage, those sitting in the outer seats couldn ’t recognize the people who were inside the private rooms.

’Brother Zian ’ looked at the private room where Yin Cuifen had called him from and smiled gently as he asked

’ ’Yin Cuifen, do you want to bid against me? ’ ’

Everyone in the outer seats as well as the private rooms, stared at this ’Brother Zian ’ in astonishment.

Not only had he recognized the voice from the private room that seemed to have belonged to the young master of the Silver sword clan, he even asked him if he wanted to bid against him.

However, Yin Cuifen ’s answer was even more shocking, as he shook his head inside the private room, and under the astonished gaze of Yin Ruolan and Gu Changpu he said

’ ’How could I bid against brother Zian? If you are free after this auction, you must definitely visit my Silver sword clan! ’ ’

While the people in the outer seats were stunned, ’Brother Zian ’ smiled as he looked at the private room and said

’ ’Very well! Since we both know the young white lord, we can be considered acquaintances after all. ’ ’

Gu Changpu who was about to scold Yin Cuifen for being spineless, immediately paled when he heard the title young white lord.

Turning his head to look at the young lord of the Silver sword clan, Gu Changpu saw a relieved expression on his face, as Yin Cuifen nodded his head and said

’ ’Of course, brother Zian! ’ ’

Aside from Yin Cuifen, and Gu Changpu, the rest of the people in the auction hall didn ’t seem to have any reaction when they heard the title young white lord.

Since no one else was willing to bid against brother Zian, in the end, he won the first bottle of pills for 300.000 spirit stones.

The second bottle of pills, was instead won by Yin Cuifen for 300.000 spirit stones.

Although the big families in the private rooms were interested in the pills, 300.000 spirit stones wasn ’t a small amount to them.
But the main reason was, that they weren ’t willing to offend the Silver sword clan as well.

Surprisingly, the finale of the auction was a bottle of pills again.

They were 30 high-grade rank 4 Spirit enhancing pills, that could help cultivators at the Spirit realm, to enhance their spirit sense and spiritual strength in preparation for the Nascent soul stage. 

However, Shun Long estimated, that these pills wouldn ’t be as good as his own rank 4 Spirit nourishing pills, that he could concoct after refining the rank 4 Golden Jade spirit tree.

In the end, the Spirit enhancing pills were purchased by the patriarch of one of the big families for 400.000 spirit stones, as the auction came to an end.

Although Shun Long was disappointed that he didn ’t actually find anything of interest in this auction, he had still managed to refill his supply of spirit stones.

After he received the spirit stones from Zhang Dingxiang, Shun Long and Liu Mei didn ’t stay in the ’Pale Moon guild ’ any longer, as they returned back to the ’King ’s Courtyard ’.

There were only 2 months left until Xie Rong ’s plan started, and Shun Long planned to advance his, and Liu Mei ’s strength as much as possible in these months.

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