Shun Long and Lu Wen turned around only to see a relatively handsome young man in red clothes walking towards them.

This man had a frosty look in his eyes as he stared at Shun Long threateningly and if looks alone could kill, Shun Long would have probably died once or twice by now.

A young woman in a flowery dress was walking by this young man ’s side.

Although this woman was pretty, her practically flat chest was unique in this entire room.

’ ’Master Lu, greetings to you. ’ ’ The young man said as he cupped his hands at Lu Wen.

’ ’Today I have some personal matters to settle with this punk and I hope that Master Lu won ’t intervene.
My marquess estate will definitely not forget this favor. ’ ’

Lu Wen directly ignored Xiao Shitou, the 2nd son of the Xiao marquess and turned to ask Shun Long

’ ’Do you need my help little brother ? ’ ’

Xiao Shitou furious that Lu Wen had disregarded him when he himself was so polite to him, begun to gnash his teeth in anger but in the end he couldn ’t do anything about it.
Although his father was a marquess, he couldn ’t do anything against a talented alchemist like Lu Wen, especially now that he was about to leave the Sky Fortune Kingdom and enter the ’floatng cloud sect ’.

Shun Long waved his hand at Lu Wen, indicating that he doesn ’t need any help.

Was this a joke? Why and when would he ever need of other people to take care of his business for him?

Of course, Shun Long had recognised the young woman by this young man ’s side as Lin Wu.
There wasn ’t any other woman he had met so far that had such a small chest.

While the young man by her side was the second son of the Xiao marquess of Sky Fortune Kingdom, Xiao Shitou.
Although Shun Long hadn ’t met the man before, he had heard that this person was one of the 2 geniuses of the Xiao marquess estate.

’Ahh, if you are asking for a beating then you can ’t blame me ’ Shun Long thought, as he imitated Xiao Shitou ’s tone and Lin Wu ’s arrogant and straight posture as he first looked at her and said

’ ’Hey small b.o.o.b.s I almost thought that you were a man there for a second.
You really did come to participate, but I heard that the ’floating cloud sect ’ doesn ’t accept people below the 6th stage of qi condensation. ’ ’ Shun Long said puzzledly.
He then paused for a while as if he was pondering something and then with a shocked expression on his face, he shakingly pointed his hand at Lin Wu and asked in a tone full of disbelief

’ ’Y..You..don ’t tell me you are here to apply to become a female dog in the ’floating cloud sect ’..
you bitch..
that ’s too immoral. ’ ’


Lu Wen couldn ’t help himself as he spat out a mouthfull of wine that had just entered his mouth.

The rest of the people inside the hall who had heard this couldn ’t keep a straight face and hurriedly tried to suppress their laughter, leaving behind loud muffled sounds.
Most of these people already knew Xiao Shitou and didn ’t want to offend him over nothing, but that scene was just too comical for them.

’ ’F.U.C.K YOU SHUN LONG!! I am already an early rank 6 cultivator, you are the female dog. ’ ’

Lin Wu shrieked at Shun Long.

Of course Shun Long could tell that Lin Wu was already an early rank 6 cultivator.
To have gone from the early rank 5 straight into the early rank 6 in just a month, her tiny Lin family wasn ’t enough to help her do something like that.
She must have definitely consumed some high-level pills, and judging from how she was walking side by side with Xiao Shitou in the hall, it wasn ’t hard to imagine who the person that had helped her was.

Just as Xiao Shitou pointed at Shun Long and was about to curse at him Shun Long instantly turned his eyes to look at him as he said

’ ’Now what should i do about you, you leftover eater?! ’ ’

Shun Long then shook his head as he looked at Xiao Shitou with a pitiful gaze and continued

’ ’You are obviously the son of a marquess but you are chasing behind and trying to eat my leftovers..
ah how pitiful.

Don ’t you know that this young master only throws away food that ’s spoiled? Why would I throw it away if it was anything good?

Tsk tsk tsk. ’ ’ Shun Long clicked his tongue as he shook his head while looking at Xiao Shitou with a face as if he was looking at a beggar.

Even the most common people of Sky Fortune Kingdom knew about Shun Long, shamefully divorcing Lin Wu before they completed their engagement so saying that Xiao Shitou was chasing about his leftovers implied that he had already eaten something but it was bad inside and he ended up throwing it away, insulting both Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu in one sentence.

People in the hall tried to suppress their laughter again but this time it was even harder than before, as it came one slap in the face right after the other.

’ ’SHUN LONG YOU F.U.C.KER SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! Everyone knows that nothing happened between you and Lin Wu. ’ ’

Xiao Shitou ’s and Lin Wu ’s eyes were red, unknown if it was from shame, anger or both.

Xiao Shitou couldn ’t hold himself back anymore as he roared

’ ’Today you will apologise to Lin Wu on your knees in front of everyone here and admit that nothing has ever happened between you two or I will break both your arms and legs and send you crawling back to your home..
now choose before I end up choosing for you or you won ’t like the end result ’ ’

Xiao Shitou then unleashed his aura of a rank 6 peak qi cultivator.

’ ’ Ohh? ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes instantly turned cold.

He would never take threats from other people lying down like that.

His oath was to become strong enough so others wouldn ’t be able to ever trample on him so why would he back down when others provoke him so blatantly?

Shun Long moved towards the empty space at the center of the hall.

His chilly eyes looked straight at Xiao Shitou, as Shun Long said in an apathetic voice that made people ’s hair stand on edge

’ ’Come and show me how you will break my arms and legs today ’ ’

He then released the aura of a middle stage rank 6 qi cultivator and people in the room started to feel suffocated from its density.

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