The crowd below Yuan Ling was astonished when they heard, that there will only be 10 items for this auction.

In the normal auctions of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, there were always more than 100 items every time.

Yuan Ling clapped his hands twice, and 2 young women appeared behind him, carrying a large, crimson saber on the main stage.

Yuan Ling personally placed the red saber, on the black table at the center of the main stage, before he turned his eyes to look at the crowd in front of him.

The people in the outer seats of the auction hall, stared at the blood-colored saber with bright eyes, when Yuan Ling ’s voice resounded in everyone ’s ears. 

’ ’Honorable guests, our first item for today ’s auction, is a peak rank 2 silver grade weapon, called the Bloodslayer.

This saber belonged to a rank 3 silver grade formation master, of our Night star continent ’s Hongmeng empire.
After the formation master passed away, this saber was handed to our ’Pale Moon guild ’ to be auctioned by his descendants. ’ ’

Looking at the excited crowd below him, Yuan Ling knew that he didn ’t have to say much else.
After all, a peak rank 2 silver grade saber was already a hard-to-find commodity in the Silver sword city. 

Of course, the largest powers would definitely possess even rank 3 silver grade weapons, but these weapons would never appear in the city ’s auctions.

Seeing that the crowd was ready to start bidding, Yuan Ling smiled as he raised his right hand and said

’ ’The starting price for this Bloodslayer will be 40.000 low-grade spirit stones, while every subsequent increase, must be at least 1000 spirit stones. ’ ’

Although the private rooms were quiet, the people in the outer seats couldn ’t hold themselves back any longer as they started shouting their bids.

’ ’41.000! ’ ’

’ ’43.000 ’ ’

’ ’45.000 ’ ’

In Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s private room, Shun Long watched the bidding below him without any change in his expression.
After all, neither he, nor Liu Mei used a saber, so he held no interest in the bidding.

A few minutes later, an old man in the outer seats had successfully won the bid, after spending 83.000 low-grade spirit stones for the Bloodslayer.

The red-robed Yuan Ling smiled as he clapped his hands once again drawing the crowd ’s attention back to him. 

The 2 young women from before carried the saber off the stage, when a slightly plump, tall woman with black hair, appeared on the stage, carrying a thick stack of scrolls in her hands.

Shun Long ’s lips curved up when he saw these white scrolls, when Yuan Ling ’s voice sounded in everyone ’s ears at the same time

’ ’Honorable guests, I am sure that many of you will be interested in our auction ’s next items! ’ ’

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Ling took one of the scrolls from the woman ’s hands and unfurled it half-way, before he turned his head to look at the people inside the private rooms, as he said with that same, amiable smile on his face 

’ ’I am sure that there are plenty of esteemed seniors in the private rooms here today, and you can all understand what the scroll that I am holding in my hand is. ’ ’

Then, pointing at the plump woman next to him, the red-robed auctioneer continued

’ ’All of the scrolls here today are Mystic low-grade cultivation techniques.
They were entrusted to our ’Pale Moon guild ’ to be auctioned today, and our guild has decided to sell them all in a batch sale. ’ ’

Surprisingly, the people in the outer seats started shouting at Yuan Ling, with eyes full of indignation and fury

’ ’Shameless! Your ’Pale Moon guild ’ is so shameless! ’ ’

’ ’Right, right! Why are you selling them in a batch? Doesn ’t that mean that we will have no chance to compete with the people inside the private rooms? ’ ’

’ ’All the strong guilds have Mystic grade cultivation techniques, but the rest of us barely have a Yellow high-grade technique to train in! ’ ’

’ ’Sell them separately!! Don ’t be shameless! ’ ’

Yuan Ling smiled at the raging crowd, but although there was still an amiable smile on his face, his body suddenly exploded with the aura of a middle rank 9 Spirit realm expert ’s

The crowd was immediately silenced, like cicadas on the winter, before Yuan Ling turned his eyes back to the people in the outer seats as he said

’ ’Our guild has already decided to auction the scrolls separately, as that would yield the biggest profit for the senior who entrusted them to us.
Of course, although Mystic grade cultivation techniques aren ’t common, they aren ’t that rare either.

I am sure that all of you are aware, that the price of a Mystic low-grade cultivation technique, will usually not exceed the 25.000 spirit stones.
So, even if you don ’t manage to successfully bid for these scrolls today, there will certainly be more chances in the future. ’ ’

Without giving any more explanations to the people who were previously complaining, Yuan Ling continued

’ ’The starting price for these 12 scrolls, is set at 100.000 low-grade spirit stones, while every additional increment must be at least 2000 spirit stones. ’ ’

The people inside the private rooms that belonged to the strong powers of the Silver sword city, had their eyes lit up.
After all, every power needed more Mystic grade cultivation techniques, since that could strengthen their members even more.

’ ’100.000 ’ ’

’ ’102.000! ’ ’

’ ’108.000 ’ ’

Voices sounded in rapid succession from the private rooms, as the price of Shun Long ’s scrolls quickly rose.

In the end, they were purchased by a middle-aged man in a private room, for 264.000 spirit stones.

As the auction continued however, Shun Long was disappointed that there weren ’t any high-rank medicinal herbs, or anything else that caught his interest.

Like this, an hour quickly passed, when the red-robed auctioneer ’s, Yuan Ling ’s excited voice, resounded throughout the auction hall.

Looking at the people in the outer seats in front of him, Yuan Ling smiled brightly as he clapped his hands twice, and a beautiful woman in red robes similar to his walked on the main stage.

Seeing that the crowd ’s eyes were attracted to the beautiful woman on the stage, and that their excitement was once again fully invigorated, Yuan Ling ’s lips curved up even further as he spoke

’ ’Honorable guests of our guild, our auction has come down to the final 3 items.

I am certain that many of you have come here today, after you heard the rumors of a new pill that has never before appeared in our Silver sword city. ’ ’

Seeing that the crowd had completely focused its attention on him, Yuan Ling turned to look at the red-robed woman who had just appeared on the stage.

The woman flashed a charming smile to the crowd, before she waved her hand, and a bottle filled with 10 red pills appeared out of thin air.

Seeing the pills that were emitting a powerful red l.u.s.ter, the crowd stared at Yuan Ling with eyes full of fervor, who in turn started to explain

’ ’I can confidently tell you, that the rumors are true.
These are all top-grade rank 3 pills, and their effects are extremely beneficial to Heaven grade cultivators.

It is estimated, that an average peak rank 1 Heaven grade cultivator, will be able to advance to the early rank 2 within 3 days, after consuming one of these pills.

However, the most important part is, that no other major power near the Silver sword city can produce these pills right now.

This is something that our ’Pale Moon guild ’ has already verified, and I believe that all of you understand what this means.

If any major family in the city can obtain the formula for the pills… ’ ’

Everyone, be it within the private rooms, or the people sitting in the outer seats, were staring at the red pills, with eyes full of excitement. 

If what Yuan Ling had said was true, then this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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