Shun Long nodded his head at Liu Mei, as he had also noticed this matter.

After all, Xie Rong had been willing to compromise on anything else, other than her, choosing one item first.
Just from that, the value of ’this item ’ was obvious. 

Shun Long didn ’t keep dwelling on this matter, as everything about this mysterious item would be revealed in 2 months from now.

Both he and Liu Mei entered their room to cultivate, while 4 days quickly passed.

What Shun Long didn ’t know was, that thanks to Xie Rong ’s connections, word over his mysterious top-grade rank 3 pills, had spread throughout the entirety of Silver sword city.

Even some high-ranking people from the Silver sword clan, had informed the ’Pale Moon guild ’ that they were going to attend the auction this time, sending waves throughout the entire city.

Inside the majestic manor of the Silver sword clan at the center of the city, there were 2 handsome young men and a gorgeous silver-haired young woman sitting in front of a table, drinking and talking with each other.

One of these young men had narrow eyes and short spiky hair, giving his face a sinister expression.
His seemingly ’plain ’ black robes had a large ’Venom ’ character on its back, that very few people in the Silver sword city would be able to recognize.

Looking at the white-haired young man in front of him, the man with narrow eyes put down his cup of wine, and after stealing a glance at the quiet silver-haired young woman he then asked

’ ’Yin Cuifen, I heard that you are intending to participate in a small auction of your city today. ’ ’

The young man who was sitting opposite to him, had his long white hair in a ponytail, while his luxurious white robes had the character ’Silver ’ on them.

This was the young master of the Silver sword clan, Yin Cuifen.

Yin Cuifen immediately understood what the man in front of him was trying to say as he replied smilingly

’ ’Indeed brother Changpu.
Word has already spread throughout the city, that a small guild is going to auction some mysterious top-grade rank 3 pills, that are extremely beneficial to Heaven grade cultivators. ’ ’

After a brief moment of pause, the white-haired young master of the Silver sword clan turned his head to look at the silver-haired young woman next to him, before he continued with a smile on his face

’ ’And of course, since my beautiful sister is just a step away from entering the peak of rank 9 in Heaven grade, I have decided to accompany her as we take a look at this auction. ’ ’

The spiky-haired young man turned his head to look at the beautiful silver-haired young woman as well, as he smiled politely and said

’ ’Young lady Ruolan, I am certain that your Silver sword clan definitely doesn ’t lack top-grade rank 3 pills.
Is it worth it for you to make a personal appearance then? If you simply nod your head, my Gu family can provide you with countless top-grade rank 3 pills for your use. ’ ’

The beautiful silver-haired Yin Ruolan, looked at the spiky-haired young man in front of her, and nodding her head she replied 

’ ’Thank you for your concern fourth young master Gu.

Although it is true that I aim to advance to the peak of rank 9 in Heaven grade, a new type of pill appearing in our Silver sword city can be considered an important matter on its own as well.

If the pills are worth it, we can even find the alchemist who produced them and have him work for our Silver sword clan. ’ ’

A bright light flashed through the spiky-haired Gu Changpu ’s eyes, when he nodded and smiled as he looked at Yin Ruolan, before he replied

’ ’Of course.
Young lady Ruolan ’s words make sense. 

In that case, please allow me to accompany you to this auction today.
I am also curious to see these top-grade rank 3 pills. ’ ’

The white-haired Yin Cuifen looked at his sister and interjected before she could speak

’ ’Sister, brother Changpu is also a renowned rank 2 silver grade alchemist.
If he comes with us, he will definitely be able to give us his opinion on the pills as well. ’ ’

Gu Changpu had that same smile on his face as he looked at Yin Ruolan, who nodded her head slightly as she stood up and said

’ ’In that case, let ’s get going, brother.
Young master Gu.
The auction will start in less than an hour. ’ ’

Yin Cuifen stood up and winked at Gu Changpu, before he followed Yin Ruolan outside of the room.

At the same time, Shun Long was still cultivating inside the foggy place in the ’Stone of Time ’.

He had already spent more than a month cultivating in this place, when suddenly, a popping sound was heard from his body.

Shun Long could feel his strength rising, as the 28th ball of Heaven qi finally entered the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’. 

A smile quickly formed on his face, before Shun Long visualized himself returning to his room.

Liu Mei was still practicing her sword moves in the courtyard, when Shun Long ’s body suddenly appeared on the black cushion inside the room.

After changing his clothes, he opened the door, and saw the beautiful young woman dressed in purple, who had now turned her eyes on him.

Liu Mei ’s bright black eyes stared at Shun Long with both shock and joy, seeing that he had broken through once again.

With a sweet smile on her face, her beautiful black eyes turned into two crescent moons, as she walked up to Shun Long and hugged him before she said

’ ’Long-ge, congratulations. ’ ’

Shun Long smiled at the excited Liu Mei, before he said

’ ’Mei ’er, let us go to the ’Pale Moon guild ’s ’ auction then. ’ ’

Shun Long wasn ’t certain if he would have completed his breakthrough in time, before the auction had started.

Liu Mei nodded her head, and walked back inside the room to change from her training clothes.

At the same time that Shun Long and Liu Mei were leaving their courtyard, in the auction venue of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, the young master of the Silver sword clan, Yin Cuifen, along with his sister and the fourth young master of the Gu family, were all sitting inside a private room as they stared at 2 bottles of pills on a small table in front of them.

If Shun Long was here, he would immediately recognize these pills, since they were his own, top-grade rank 3 ’Blood combustion pills ’.

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