Xie Rong smiled brightly when she heard Shun Long ’s question, and taking out a small yellow-colored spatial ring from one of her pockets, she said

’ ’Young master Shun, our guild is willing to offer you 300.000 spirit stones as advance payment, as well as 15 percent of the earnings from the mission.
After all, we will put the manpower of our entire guild, while all young master Shun will have to do, is keep an SS-ranked level mercenary busy.
I believe that this is a good and reasonable offer. ’ ’

Shun Long however, shook his head as he looked at the alluring woman in front of him, immediately rejecting her offer

’ ’If repelling an SS-rank mercenary was that easy, then why don ’t you do it by yourselves? Even if you could successfully do it…
I wonder if would you really be willing to take this risk?!

No matter what, it is certain that if I agree to help your guild, I will end up becoming enemies with such a person.
Now tell me, is it worth it for me to create such a powerful enemy, only for your guild to take most of the profits in the end? ’ ’

The blonde-haired Xie Rong nodded her head at Shun Long ’s question, before her eyes turned to look at the black panther next to him, as she replied with a pleasant smile on her face

’ ’Indeed, your words are reasonable young master Shun.
However, would you really be afraid of making enemies with an SS-ranked mercenary, with a peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ as your mount? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled calmly when he heard this, while the look in his eyes had turned into one of amus.e.m.e.nt, as he looked at Xie Rong and said

’ ’You are right, I wouldn ’t be afraid of a single SS-rank mercenary.

However, what about an entire guild? ’ ’

Xie Rong ’s pupils constricted, while she involuntarily took a step back.
She immediately turned to look at Zhang Dingxiang who was next to her, only to see that the look in his eyes was just as shocked as hers.

Zhang Dingxiang hurriedly shook his head as he looked at ’Madam Xie ’, indicating that he hadn ’t leaked anything.

Shun Long looked at the shocked Madam Xie, and shaking his head he continued

’ ’Aside from the ’Turtle Tycoon merchant guild ’ or the ’Dark Blade guild ’, which other power in the Silver sword city can employ SS-rank level mercenaries? ’ ’

Madam Xie nodded her head hesitantly, understanding her blunder.
If she hadn ’t mentioned that there was an SS-ranked mercenary, then Shun Long wouldn ’t have been able to narrow down their target. 

Zhang Dingxiang ’s eyes immediately widened, but he kept his mouth tightly sealed. 

He clearly remembered that he had been the one who gave this information to Shun Long yesterday, but Madam Xie didn ’t know of this.

Xie Rong took a deep breath, as she looked at the young man in front of her in shock. 

Even though she didn ’t want to admit it, she clearly found herself in a passive position right now.

She then closed her eyes for a few moments, seemingly pondering over what she should do.

Finally, a few breaths of time later, she opened her eyes, and looking at Shun Long, she nodded her head as she agreed with him

’ ’Very well young master Shun.

We can split everything equally, between our guild and you…
but, I also want to pick one item first.
If you don ’t agree with this term, then I will be forced to do this without you. ’ ’

Shun Long had no idea what it was that Xie Rong wanted to take, but he instantly understood that it must be something really important to her, if she was willing to compromise about giving him half of everything else, except for just one item.

Nodding his head, his eyes stared at the beautiful blonde woman in front of him before he replied

’ ’Alright! As long as the spirit stones from this mission are enough, I can agree to your terms. ’ ’ 

Xie Rong finally exhaled a sigh of relief.

Although she could feel a pinch in her heart for sharing half the profits from this mission, the risk would be much lower for her, with Shun Long ’s peak rank 5 magic beast handling the SS-rank enemy mercenary.

Besides, as long as she could get ’that ’ item, everything else was worth it.

Turning her head to look at Shun Long ’s eyes, Xie Rong then said in an excited tone

’ ’You don ’t have to worry about this, young master Shun.
If we can really succeed, our total earnings will exceed 100.000 middle-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

Shun Long and Liu Mei were both shocked when they heard this amount.

Shun Long had already heard about middle-grade spirit stones and their value, while Liu Mei, as the daughter of the sect master of the ’floating cloud sect ’, had obviously seen middle-grade spirit stones in the past.

One middle-grade spirit stone, was worth as much as 100 low-grade ones.
Then, 100.000 middle-grade spirit stones, were worth as much as 10.000.000 low-grade ones. 

Ten million spirit stones.

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up when he imagined half of this amount entering his ’Stone of Time ’. 

At the same time, seeing that his Guild master had come to an agreement with Shun Long, Zhang Dingxiang smiled brightly as he looked at the young man in front of him and asked 

’ ’Then, young master Shun, will you still put your pills up for auction? I can assure you, that I will personally make sure that they fetch a high price. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head and waved his hand, as 2 small bottles of pills along with a dozen scrolls, appeared in front of him.

Zhang Dingxiang excitedly took the pill bottles in his hands, and stared at them as if he was looking at some priceless treasures.

As a rank 2 silver grade alchemist, the bald middle-aged Elder hadn ’t paid any attention to the scrolls.

Xie Rong took a look at the white scrolls, before she said in a slightly surprised voice

’ ’All of them are Mystic low-grade cultivation techniques! ’ ’

Although she was cultivating in a Mystic high-grade cultivation technique as well, Xie Rong knew that these cultivation techniques weren ’t cabbages found in the streets.

If Shun Long had one or two of them, she wouldn ’t have been surprised, but a dozen of them…
even her ’Pale Moon guild ’, only had around 30 Mystic grade cultivation techniques.

Looking at the scrolls in front of her, Xie Rong thought seriously for a moment before she said

’ ’In a rough estimation, these techniques will probably fetch around 200.000 low-grade spirit stones, young master Shun. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head but he didn ’t really care about the price.
After all, having the scrolls taking up dust inside the ’Stone of Time ’, didn ’t bring any immediate benefits to him, which made it a much better option to sell them for spirit stones. 

However, he wasn ’t willing to sell everything he had to the ’Pale Moon guild ’s ’ auction.
After all, he had other plans for the rest of his cultivation techniques and martial skills. 

Xie Rong stored the scrolls inside her spatial ring before she continued with her light voice 

’ ’Young master Shun, you can come to the guild 4 days from now for the auction.
Although my ’Pale Moon guild ’ isn ’t the strongest in the Silver sword city, with my connections, you will not regret auctioning your items. ’ ’

She then curtsied once again as she held the hems of her dress, and bade farewell to Shun Long and Liu Mei.

Liu Mei looked at Xie Rong and Zhang Dingxiang who had finally left their courtyard, before she turned her head to look at Shun Long, when she said in a serious tone

’ ’Long-ge…
I could feel that, that woman didn ’t care about the 10 million spirit stones that much.
Although she had put on an excited facade, I could feel that this wasn ’t her real aim.

I think that the item that she wants to choose, is going to be even more valuable for her than the spirit stones! ’ ’

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