Shun Long frowned when he saw Zhang Dingxiang ’s reaction, who shook his head vehemently as he continued

’ ’Half the earnings is absolutely impossible. ’ ’

As he heard these words, Shun Long stood up and took Liu Mei ’s hand, before he walked towards the door of the private room.
The black panther opened his eyes and threw a cold look at the bald Elder of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, before it followed its master. 

Zhang Dingxiang however, was completely flabbergasted.

He had originally expected for Shun Long and Liu Mei, to be immediately swayed by his generous offer of one hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones, but instead, they demanded half the share that their guild would earn. 

The Elder had originally felt happy to be praised by the guild master, for finding an SS-ranked level magic beast to help them with their mission.
However, it seemed that their deal wouldn ’t be going through now.

After all, Zhang Dingxiang was certain that, even the guild master wouldn ’t agree to give up millions of spirit stones in exchange for Shun Long ’s help.

Just as Shun Long and Liu Mei reached the door of the private room, the chubby Elder couldn ’t help raising his voice

’ ’200.000 spirit stones! Just to help our ’Pale Moon guild ’ once! ’ ’

Shun Long and Liu Mei however, didn ’t even flinch at his offer as they opened the door.

Zhang Dingxiang gritted his teeth as he then spat out another offer

’ ’400.000 spirit stones! This is my final offer! ’ ’

Just as he opened the door of the room, Shun Long turned his head around and stared at the purple-robed middle-aged man before he said

’ ’You should probably talk with your Guild master if this is really your final offer. ’ ’

Without waiting for an answer, Shun Long took Liu Mei and got on the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ as they then left the ’Pale Moon merchant guild ’.

Shun Long was confident that this wouldn ’t be Zhang Dingxiang ’s final offer.

From the frenzied offers that he had received before he left the room, Shun Long understood that the earnings for the ’Pale Moon guild ’ would simply be astronomical.

A stunned Zhang Dingxiang was still staring at the door of the private room, unable to believe what had just happened. 

He thought that he had managed to secure the assistance of the peak rank 5 black panther for their guild ’s mission, but everything seemed to have changed in just one hour.

Unable to hold it inside him anymore, Elder Zhang ’s amiable image finally crumbled as he roared madly 

’ ’F.U.C.K!!!

I ’m f.u.c.k.i.e.d…

Madam Xie will kill me… ’ ’

While Zhang Dingxiang was just a few moments away from a mental breakdown, Shun Long and Liu Mei were now touring around the Silver sword city.

Liu Mei who was still staring at Shun Long ’s back, couldn ’t resist asking

’ ’Long-ge…
was it a good decision to refuse helping them? ’ ’

Liu Mei was certain, that Shun Long had asked for such an exorbitant reward because he knew that the ’Pale Moon guild ’ wouldn ’t agree. 

Shun Long smiled as he told the black panther to head towards the King ’s courtyard, before he turned his head to the side look at the beautiful young woman behind him as he said

’ ’Mei ’er you don ’t seem to understand.
I have already gotten all the information that I needed from the ’Pale Moon guild ’.
When we entered inside the first time, I hadn ’t even expected that there would be such a ’bountiful ’ mission for us. ’ ’

Liu Mei felt a bit confused by Shun Long ’s words, who then continued explaining

’ ’The main reason that I agreed for us to enter the ’Pale Moon guild ’ in the first place, was to get information regarding the Heaven ’s Dome city.
Even if it wasn ’t the ’Pale moon guild ’, any other guild in the top 10 of the Silver sword city, would work just the same for us.

However, Zhang Dingxiang seems to not have understood their situation properly.

Since he said that the strongest person in their guild, is their S-ranked mercenary guild master, how are they going to fight an SS-ranked mercenary without us? Even if we hadn ’t entered their guild, considering that we were walking around the city on top of the black panther, they would have reached out to us by themselves.
It was simply a pure coincidence that we found them first. ’ ’

Seeing the shocked look on Liu Mei ’s face, Shun Long smiled as he continued

’ ’Now, think about the second clue that Zhang Dingxiang gave us. 

He said that he wants to fight against an SS-ranked mercenary, but he also admitted, that there are only 4 forces in the Silver sword city that have SS-ranked mercenaries.
What does this mean? ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes suddenly widened, as she seemed to have suddenly understood what Shun Long was trying to say, when she asked

’ ’Then..
Long-ge, do you mean that they are trying to attack one of the 2 top-ranked guilds? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he explained

’ ’No matter how strong or bold the ’Pale Moon guild ’ may be, they shouldn ’t have the guts to scheme against the Mercenaries ’ Association, whose headquarters isn ’t even in the Silver sword city.

As for that so-called Silver sword clan, since they are the official rulers of the city, it ’s likely impossible for a single guild to be able to challenge them. 

Zhang Dingxiang also said that, since we aren ’t natives of the Silver sword city, this is a matter that can bring trouble to us in the future, which means that there are only 2 powers left inside the city that could potentially bring any trouble to us.
It would be that ’Turtle Tycoon merchant guild ’, as well as the ’Dark blade guild ’. ’ ’

After a brief moment of pause, Shun Long continued

’ ’Of course, I could have also agreed to help them for 400.000 spirit stones, since fighting against an early rank 7 Nascent soul cultivator wouldn ’t prove to be of any danger to the ’Silver-winged black panther ’, but their guild wasn ’t honest from the start.
Besides, we don ’t have any reason to take any risks, for the ’Pale Moon guild ’ to get most of the profits. ’ ’

Liu Mei was left speechless. 

It looked like every single word that Zhang Dingxiang had said, was actually a clue that had shaped their current situation. 

It wasn ’t just her who hadn ’t noticed these details during their conversation inside the room however, but the Elder of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ had missed them as well.

Shun Long didn ’t decide to look for another guild to auction his ’Blood combustion pills ’ or the cultivation techniques that he had received from Cui Guoliang, and 10 minutes later, they had already arrived back to the ’King ’s courtyard ’.

At the same time that Shun Long and Liu Mei entered their room, inside a private room in the depths of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, Zhang Dingxiang was kneeling on the floor, with whip marks all over his body.
His back was filled with blood, but the Elder didn ’t say a single word, as he kept kneeling on the ground.

Suddenly, the angry voice of a woman resounded throughout the room, sending chills down Zhang Dingxiang ’s spine 

’ ’You trash! Do you have anything else to say for yourself? ’ ’

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