Shun Long and Liu Mei were stunned when they heard Zhang Dingxiang ’s words, but the bald Elder didn ’t seem to notice as he continued

’ ’Although I haven ’t personally seen any of them, I have heard rumors of some very powerful underground sects, hidden inside.
So, if you really intend to go to the Heaven ’s Dome city, I suggest that you seriously rethink about it. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, but a myriad of thoughts were flashing through his mind.

Obviously, he couldn ’t avoid going to the Heaven ’s Dome city, since it was the city closest to the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, at least according to Cui Guoliang ’s map. 

Additionally, Shun Long had his own plans as well, so knowing more information about the city, no matter how trivial, could prove to be of enormous help in the future.

Liu Mei stole a glance at Shun Long, but she didn ’t notice any change in his facial expression, as he was staring at the Elder in front of him, and asked in a leisurely tone

’ ’I only have one last question for you Elder Zhang. ’ ’

Zhang Dingxiang nodded his head, while inwardly he exhaled a sigh of relief.
It seems that each and every one of Shun Long ’s questions, was either common knowledge inside the Silver sword city, or of no use whatsoever. 

Although he was a bit curious, as to why the young man who was sitting in front of him was interested in the Heaven ’s Dome city, Zhang Dingxiang wouldn ’t meddle if Shun Long and Liu Mei wanted to court death. 

’ ’Then, Elder…
do you mind telling me, what is it that you need my help with, in 2 months from now? ’ ’

Even Liu Mei turned to look at the chubby middle-aged Elder in front of them curiously.

Zhang Dingxiang however, cursed his bad luck inwardly.
This was the one question that he didn ’t want to answer the most, since he was afraid that Shun Long would back out once he learned about it.
However, knowing that it would be even more suspicious if he didn ’t answer, Zhang Dingxiang took a deep breath as he said with a crafty glimmer in his eyes

’ ’Young master Shun…
well, this is quite a sensitive topic so I can ’t reveal too much information for now.
However, what I can tell you is, that this concerns a personal matter of our Guild master, Madam Xie. ’ ’

Seeing that Shun Long was still looking at him with that same smile on his face, Zhang Dingxiang knew that he had to reveal a few more things, otherwise the young man in front of him would plainly refuse him, based on what he had said earlier.
however, all of this was still within the expectations of the middle-aged Elder of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, who suddenly smiled as he looked at the peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ that was lying next to Shun Long before he continued 

’ ’Well, since young master Shun seems to be interested in this topic, I suppose that I can tell you one more thing.
The only thing that young master Shun will have to do, will be to take care of an early rank 7 Nascent soul cultivator.
Everything else will be handled by our guild.
’ ’

A light seemed to have flashed inside Shun Long ’s eyes, as he didn ’t speak but simply stared at the bald Elder in front of him.

Although Zhang Dingxiang had tried to put it in such a way that it wouldn ’t attract his attention, Shun Long still understood the hidden meaning of his words.

An early rank 7 Nascent soul stage cultivator, was also an SS-ranked mercenary. 

Liu Mei ’s eyes behind her veil, looked at the bald Elder in front of them in astonishment, but Zhang Dingxiang didn ’t seem to mind too much.

After all, although he had preferred to keep everything a secret until the time came 2 months later, he still wouldn ’t be able to hide this matter from Shun Long in the end.
The only problem would be Shun Long ’s reaction.

Zhang Dingxiang clearly noticed a sneer in Shun Long ’s face as he looked at him, but the middle-aged Elder still thickened his skin and asked smilingly

’ ’So, what do you think young master Shun? I answered all of your questions honestly after all… ’ ’

Contrary to Liu Mei ’s and Zhang Dingxiang ’s expectations, Shun Long nodded his head as he replied

’ ’I can indeed agree to help your ’Pale Moon guild ’, but do you really think that I will fight against an SS-ranked mercenary for your guild, just for a rank 2 silver grade cauldron and 30.000 spirit stones? ’ ’

Zhang Dingxiang was stunned for a moment, but his shock receded almost immediately as he had been prepared for Shun Long ’s renegotiations from the start. 

After all, he hadn ’t really expected for Shun Long and Liu Mei, to agree dealing with an SS-ranked mercenary just for the original 30.000 spirit stones.
Zhang Dingxiang had intentionally kept the price at this range however, so that when they would try to renegotiate with him again 2 months later, he would be the one in control by then. 

Nodding his head, the bald Elder of the ’Pale Moon guild ’ seemed to have an understanding expression on his face as he said

’ ’Indeed, young master Shun, I admit that your words aren ’t unreasonable.
After all, you are not a native of the Silver sword city, so this matter may cause some inconveniences to you. ’ ’

Zhang Dingxiang seemed as if he had fallen deep in thought for a couple of minutes, before he raised his head, and looking at the young man and young woman in front of him, he said in a ’sincere ’ tone 

’ ’How about this young master Shun? Our guild can officially offer you up to 150.000 spirit stones, in exchange for your assistance this time.
If you want, I can even agree to pay you right now. ’ ’

Liu Mei felt surprised, that the usually cunning Elder Zhang was willing to raise the price, 5 times compared to his original offer.

Shun Long looked as if he was pondering seriously over Elder Zhang ’s offer, however, a minute later, he shook his head at the middle-aged Elder, before he said in an amiable tone

’ ’Elder Zhang is truly ’generous ’.
However, I have a different offer for you.
If you really want my help this time, then I want half of the earnings. ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he said these words, since inwardly he was completely certain by now, that there was no way for the ’Pale Moon merchant guild ’ to offer him 150.000 spirit stones if there wasn ’t going to be tremendous earnings for them as well.

When Zhang Dingxiang heard these words, his smiling expression immediately turned ugly as he involuntarily shrieked 

’ ’Impossible! Do you even know how many millions of spirit stones this concerns? ’ ’

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