’ ’Brother Hu…
do you think that…
the 5th lord has returned? ’ ’

The old man who was named ’Brother Hu ’ fell silent for a second after hearing this question.

Although his facial features were still blurry and one couldn ’t see the look in his eyes, he still couldn ’t hide his hand that had suddenly started trembling, as various thoughts flashed through his mind. 

Looking at the old man next to him, ’Brother Hu ’ replied in an uncertain voice

’ ’I…
don ’t think so.
After all, the 4th palace lord would never allow it… ’ ’ 

The 2 old men immediately fell silent, as their eyes stared at the sky in front of them that had already started to turn red.

Cries of pain, ecstasy, fervor, unwillingness, along with many more mixed feelings filled the 2 old men ’s ears, who they watched the horrifying scene that unfolded in front of them with perfectly calm eyes.

It seemed that the massacre before their eyes was unable to move the 2 old men in the slightest.

At the same time, back in the King ’s courtyard inside his room, Shun Long explained to Liu Mei that his disappearance just now was connected to his cultivation technique.

Liu Mei nodded her head without saying anything else, as she sat down on the white meditative cushion and circulated the Moonlight Sigil, absorbing the moonlight inside her body.

Opening her eyes lightly, she glanced at Shun Long who was still inside the room with a smile, before she swallowed a top-grade rank 3 ’Blood combustion pill ’.

Seeing that everything was alright with Liu Mei ’s cultivation, Shun Long sat cross-legged on top of the black cushion, as he once again sent his spiritual strength inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

It seemed that his mind could still enter inside the space where little Black was currently sleeping, before his consciousness returned back to his body.

After taking a deep breath, Shun Long imagined being in that small space surrounded by fog, when his body suddenly disappeared from the room.

Looking at the patch of grass that he was now sitting on, as well as the white-fog in his surroundings, Shun Long mumbled to himself

’ ’It really is related to the ’Stone of Time! ’ ’ ’

With a single thought, he then imagined leaving this space, as his body returned back to his room, where Liu Mei was still absorbing the ’Blood combustion pill ’.

After making sure that he could come and go to that space surrounded by fog at will, Shun Long ’s nerves slightly relaxed, when the image of that gigantic palace once again appeared in his mind.

Shun Long didn ’t know what that palace was, or how it was connected to the ’Stone of Time ’, but even after trying for a while, he was unable to return back to it.

’ ’It seems like the ’Stone of Time ’ holds even more secrets inside. ’ ’

After thinking seriously for a while, Shun Long decided to enter inside that place surrounded by fog once again, and see if he could really use the enhanced flow of time to advance his cultivation.

Indeed, as soon as he entered this space once again, Shun Long verified that the flow of time was approximately 10 times faster here, than the outside world.

Closing his eyes, Shun Long sent his spiritual strength in his spiritual space, inside the ’Stone of Time ’, as he dragged out the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ from the herb garden, and brought it to this place.

The vine absorbed the spirit stones like crazy, as it produced more and more qi for Shun Long.

Absorbing the pure qi around him, Shun Long started creating another ball of qi in his right hand.

3 hours later, a pure white qi ball, that was almost identical to the one inside the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ had appeared in Shun Long ’s hand.

Grabbing the ball of qi with both hands, Shun Long pushed it upwards, towards the small hole above his head.
A few minutes later, a popping sound was heard, as 2 white balls of qi were now floating inside the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’.

Shun Long didn ’t rest after seeing that he had successfully created another ball of qi.
Instead, he continued absorbing the qi from the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ at an even faster rate than before.

10 days had soon passed like this, until Shun Long stopped his cultivation. 

He had already spent more than 40.000 spirit stones, but his cultivation had already advanced to the peak of rank 1 in Heaven grade.

The moment that Shun Long imagined leaving this space surrounded by fog, his body instantly returned back to his room.

Although 10 days had passed for Shun Long while he was cultivating, it was just one day for Liu Mei inside the room.

There were only a few hours left until the sun had set in the Silver sword city.

Seeing Shun Long appearing inside the room, a sweet smile suffused Liu Mei ’s face.

Shun Long ’s eyes widened slightly, as he saw that Liu Mei had already reached the early rank 2 in Heaven grade, in just one night.
It seemed like the results of the Saint low-grade Moonlight Sigil, combined with the top-grade rank 3 ’Blood combustion pill ’ were even better than what he had originally thought.

’ ’Mei ’er, good job! ’ ’

Liu Mei however was even more surprised than Shun Long, when she saw that he had already reached the peak of rank 1 in Heaven grade ’in just one day ’.

’ ’L-Long-ge! ’ ’

Shun Long smiled brightly at Liu Mei, before he lifted her up in his arms and took her straight to the bed, as they engaged in another round of ’arduous cultivation ’.

Half a month quickly passed like this for Liu Mei, but nearly half a year had already passed for Shun Long.  ’During the day ’ he would either cultivate inside the special place that was surrounded by fog, or he would try to get a deeper comprehension in the Dao of Time or the Dao of Space.
Of course, he would also spend some time refining pills for himself and Liu Mei as well.

Finally, a small purple vortex had appeared above Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s room, as Shun Long ’s body that was still inside the foggy place, had now started to glow with a powerful purple-colored light.

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