Seeing the 81 bright balls of qi above his head inside the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, Shun Long knew, that he was now ready to try and breakthrough to the Heaven grade.

After sending his spiritual strength inside the ’Stone of Time ’ however, he noticed a severe issue that he had neglected so far.

It was almost impossible to refine the ’Blood Vermilion fruits ’ into rank 3 ’Blood combustion pills ’ without a rank 1 silver grade cauldron. 

Shun Long sighed inwardly as he opened his eyes, only to see a gorgeous young woman sitting next to him, staring at him with a smile on her face.

Looking at the stunning young woman in front of him, Shun Long smiled as he asked

’ ’How about we go and purchase some things? Coincidentally, we also need a few new clothes. ’ ’

Lowering her head to look at her green inner disciple robes of the ’Floating cloud sect ’, Liu Mei nodded her head with that same mesmerizing smile on her face, as she and Shun Long exited their room.

The peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged black panther ’ who seemed to be sleeping in the courtyard opened his eyes, as he saw his new master and mistress leaving their room together.

The black panther had originally followed Shun Long, only because of the magic beast contract that had changed hands, from Cui Guoliang to him.

But after Shun Long had solved his problem, the panther was truly happy and willing to follow his new master, even if there wasn ’t a contract anymore.

Seeing the peak rank 5 magic beast that was looking at him eagerly, Shun Long patted its head, as he and Liu Mei sat on its back and left the inn.

After touring around the southern part of the city, Shun Long and Liu Mei soon arrived in front of a large building, where many people were entering and leaving at the same time.

’ ’Pale Moon merchant guild ’ ’

The 4 blue colored words on top of the building were particularly eye-catching, while 4 guards dressed in silver armor could be seen guarding its entrance.

Of course, the guards were only guarding the entrance in case something unexpected happened, and wouldn ’t block the people who wanted to enter inside.

Shun Long and Liu Mei weren ’t obstructed as they walked inside the building with the black panther following behind them.

The shocking thing that Shun Long noticed however, was that the cultivation levels of the 4 guards, were all at the early stages of the Heaven grade. 

These people could have become Elders in most sects of the Desolate east, like the ’floating cloud sect ’, and yet, they were just guards in a merchant guild on the Night star continent.

After entering inside the ’Pale Moon merchant guild ’, Shun Long noticed that it was a place very similar to the first and second floors of the ’Treasure Pavilion ’.

There were countless counters spread around the floor, that sold everything, from alchemy pills and formation master weapons, to even magic beasts inside their cages.

Shun Long and Liu Mei first walked to a counter close to the guild ’s entrance, and spent a bit more than 500 spirit stones on new clothes.

After all, it wasn ’t suitable for Liu Mei to wear the green robes of the ’floating cloud sect ’ anymore, while Shun Long ’s robes that he had carried with him from the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’, would easily get destroyed during a fight just by the qi aftershocks.

After they finished their purchase, Shun Long purchased a few rank 2 medicinal herbs from another counter, before he asked the clerk whether they sold even better alchemy ingredients, as well as alchemy cauldrons in their merchant guild.

The clerk nodded his head and called a servant girl, who guided Shun Long and Liu Mei even deeper inside the guild.

After entering through a large door, Shun Long and Liu Mei soon found themselves inside a vast room filled with the scent of medicinal herbs.

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up as he looked around him, seeing that there were plenty of rank 3 herbs for sale.

’ ’Rank 3 earth withered root, black centipede ’s powder, crystal ice lotus… ’ ’

All of a sudden, Shun Long ’s eyes were focused on a half-opened case made from black jade, where a yellow-colored medicinal herb was priced for 20.000 spirit stones.

’ ’Rank 4 Sunskirt grass ’ ’

The rank 4 ’sunskirt grass ’ could be considered a healing panacea after it was successfully refined into a pill from a silver grade alchemist.

Walking up to the counter, Shun Long looked at the white-robed clerk behind it, and under the astounded gazes of the people around him, he instantly took out 20.000 spirit stones as he purchased the rank 4 medicinal herb.

Seeing that Shun Long had taken out 20.000 spirit stones without any hesitation, greedy eyes stared at him hungrily from all directions, but inside the ’Pale Moon merchant guild ’, no one dared to make any trouble.

Shun Long didn ’t even bother with the greedy looks of the people around him, as he walked around the room, purchasing medicinal herb after herb.

An hour later, he had already spent more than 30.000 spirit stones, filling the herb garden inside the ’Stone of Time ’ with many new medicinal herbs.

Seeing that there were no more herbs that he wanted to buy, Shun Long took Liu Mei at the back of the room, where he had seen the alchemy cauldrons that were up for sale.

Shun Long immediately skipped through the bronze grade cauldrons, as he went for the silver grade ones, however, the prices for even the rank 1 silver grade cauldrons were much higher than he had imagined.

An average rank 1 silver grade cauldron costed anywhere from 3.000 to 7.000 spirit stones, while a pinnacle rank 1 silver grade cauldron was priced at 10.000 spirit stones.

Just as Shun Long turned his attention from the rank 1 silver grade cauldrons, to the rank 2 ones, hushed discussions had started taking place in the crowd around him, as everyone opened the way for a purple-robed middle-aged man, who approached Shun Long and Liu Mei with a smile on his face.

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