’ ’Welcome! Can I ask if you have already entered one of the Guilds? ’ ’

Huan Lo ’s mouth was wide open, as she didn ’t understand why the usually proud and aloof ’Grandpa Huo ’, was suddenly so polite towards the 2 strangers.
Of course, with her cultivation at the middle of rank 7 in earth grade, she couldn ’t understand the terror of the peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ that was following behind them.

Shun Long however, shook his head at ’Grandpa Huo ’s ’ question as he replied

’ ’We are still new to this city and don ’t know anything regarding the Guilds here yet. ’ ’

Huo Weiyu nodded his head when he heard this, and with that same smile on his face he said

’ ’Ah, that makes sense.
In that case, please allow me to explain.

The Silver sword city has many powerful merchant guilds residing inside it.
These guilds will often try to recruit strong mercenaries, by offering them spirit stones or other treasures, in exchange for their help during important missions.

However, a guild will only ask for the help of its private members, only when there are some sensitive or important missions, and will not interfere with their daily lives otherwise.

The rest of the time, the guild will post its missions in the Mercenaries ’ Association.
That is also the reason why the association hasn ’t interfered with the guilds, poaching the mercenaries.

After all, mercenaries can also accept helping the guild when needed, but they don ’t want to become slaves.
Being a mercenary can earn far more money by taking on various missions, rather than becoming a slave in one of the guilds. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he then thought to himself 

’ ’In other words, the mercenary association allows the guilds to ’form ’ their private teams, simply because its impossible for its position to be challenged.
Based on what I learned toda 

Based on what Huo Weiyu had said, the mercenary association seemed to be a win-win situation, for both the mercenaries, as well as the association itself.
The mercenaries get to take on various missions, while the association makes money by being the official middleman and listing the missions. ’ ’

Just as Shun Long ’s train of thought had come here, Huo Weiyu ’s words sounded in his ears once again

’ ’Allow me to introduce myself once again.
I am Huo Weiyu, from the ’Blue Orchid merchant guild ’. 

Our Blue Orchid merchant guild is quite a strong guild in the Silver sword city, and if you are willing to join us, the guild would be more than happy to accept you. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Huo Weiyu stole a furtive glance at the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, thinking of what his reward from the higher-ups would be, if he could bring someone with such a strong mount to join the guild.

Shun Long however, shook his head, and looking at Huo Weiyu he said

’ ’For now, we won ’t be joining any guilds.
After all, we haven ’t even become official mercenaries yet. ’ ’

Then, turning his head to look at Liu Mei, he said

’ ’Let ’s get registered first. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head, while Huo Weiyu clapped his hands as he said

’ ’Of course, of course! ’ ’ while inwardly, the old man grumbled, thinking that he had been too anxious to recruit them to the guild.

Looking at Shun Long and Liu Mei, he then said

’ ’In that case, please fill in these papers, so you can officially become members of our association. ’ ’

Joining the Mercenaries ’ Association was actually a very simple process, and right after filling the papers, Huo Weiyu took out 2 small white boxes from the counter, and handed them to Shun Long and Liu Mei respectively, as he said

’ ’Considering that this young master is still at the peak rank 9 of the earth grade, and the young lady is at the middle of rank 1 in Heaven grade, these are your official badges as mercenaries.
Of course, if you advance in your cultivation, you can simply apply for a new badge that same day. ’ ’

Since Shun Long wasn ’t hiding his cultivation, it wasn ’t hard for Huo Weiyu to understand that he was still at the 9th rank of the earth grade.

Shun Long and Liu Mei both opened their boxes, where Shun Long saw a small silver badge with the letter ’D ’ on it. 

Liu Mei too, opened her white box, but her badge had the letter ’C ’ instead.

Both Liu Mei and Shun Long, looked at the old man in front of them who chuckled as he continued

’ ’Ah, it looked like this old man forgot to talk about the ranks.
A mercenary ’s rank is directly related to their qi or body cultivation.
Cultivators at the late stages of the earth grade, are D-rank mercenaries. 

Cultivators at the early and middle stages of the Heaven grade are C-rank cultivators.
Above them is the B-rank, which is reserved for cultivators at the late stages of the Heaven grade, or the early stages in the Spirit realm. 

Above the B-rank, are the A-rank mercenaries, who had a cultivation at the middle or late stages of the Spirit realm. 

A rank cultivators are among the top of our Mercenaries ’ Association. ’ ’

After a brief pause, Huo Weiyu ’s eyes involuntarily fell upon the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, as he then continued

’ ’Above the A-rank, is the S-rank.
Only cultivators at the early and the middle of the Nascent soul stage, can become S-rank mercenaries, and above even that…
is the legendary SS-rank, which is reserved for late-stage Nascent soul experts.
I have only seen an SS-rank mercenary once in my life. ’ ’

Seeing that Huo Weiyu had stopped speaking, the pretty red haired girl who had only heard about the S-rank cultivators for the first time, couldn ’t help asking out of curiosity

’ ’Then, grandpa Huo, are the SS-rank cultivators the strongest? ’ ’

Huo Weiyu involuntarily nodded his head, but after thinking for a while, he took a deep breath as he said in a very uncertain voice

’ ’Actually…
I have also heard some rumors…
but these are just rumors…
that there are mercenaries even above the SS-rank.
They are called SSS-rank mercenaries…
and they are all said to be at the Dao King realm. ’ ’

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