’ ’Let ’s take a look at the techniques and martial skills of a Dao King. ’ ’

Sending his spiritual strength inside the green spatial ring, Shun Long saw the nearly 200 scrolls, scattered around the mountain of spirit stones.

His heartbeat once again started to rise, after seeing the mountain of one million spirit stones inside the spatial ring, as he imagined how much his strength would rise, after the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ had refined them all into pure qi.

Without any hesitation, he then transferred everything inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he turned his attention to the 200 scrolls.

After separating everything into 3 categories, Shun Long noticed that more than 137 of these scrolls were cultivation techniques, 50 of them were martial skills, while the rest were some kind of secret techniques.

After splitting the cultivation techniques according to their levels, Shun Long found out that more than 70 of them were at the Yellow high-grade.
The other 60 were ranging from the Mystic low-grade, to Mystic high-grade, while only one of them seemed to be at an even higher rank.

His eyes then fell upon this golden scroll, as he started reading its contents

’ ’Saint low-grade cultivation technique, Moonlight Sigil.
This cultivation technique can only be practiced at night, absorbing the moonlight to purify the qi inside the dantian.
A person cultivating in this technique, can reach the Dao King realm within 3000 years. ’ ’

Although he was stunned for a moment, Shun Long wasn ’t planning on changing his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ for another cultivation technique, and after putting aside the cultivation technique scrolls, he then turned his focus on the martial skills.

Of the 50 martial skill scrolls, 13 of them were at the Mystic grade, while 3 of them were even at the Mystic high-grade.

Shun Long ’s attention, was immediately captured by one of these 3 scrolls.

’ ’Mystic high-grade martial skill, Gale steps.
After practicing this martial skill, one can move like the wind, fast and unpredictable.
Cultivators who have comprehended the Dao of Wind, will be nearly untouchable when using the Gale steps. 

Shun Long remembered, that near the end of their fight, Cui Guoliang had turned almost invisible.

’ ’So this must be the martial skill he had used back then. ’ ’

After putting the Gale steps to the side, his eyes then looked at the other 2 martial skills.

’ ’Mystic high-grade Thunderbolt finger.
Condensing the qi in one finger, a cultivator can create a powerful thunderbolt that destroys everything in its path.
Experts who have comprehended the Dao of Thunder, are especially suitable to cultivate this martial skill. ’ ’

’ ’Mystic high-grade martial skill, Staff of obliteration.
With a single staff in hand, 32 moves can sunder the Heavens.
This martial skill cannot be practiced without a weapon at the silver grade or above.
Cultivators who train in both qi, and body refinement, are exceptionally suitable to train in this martial skill. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes immediately lit up, after reading the descriptions of the Thunderbolt finger and the Staff of obliteration, as he then mumbled to himself

’ ’The collection of a Dao King is really amazing… ’ ’

After placing the 3 Mystic high-grade martial skills to the side, Shun Long ’s eyes turned to look at the scrolls with the ’secret techniques ’.

However, most of them seemed to only include methods, on how to cultivate poison inside the body, or how to rear poison beasts. 

Just as Shun Long had started to get disappointed in these techniques, his eyes noticed a silver-colored scroll that he hadn ’t checked yet.

’ ’Yin-Yang conjoined technique.
A dual cultivation secret technique that shares the Yin and Yang.
This technique can only be used when a man and a woman share their Yin and Yang essence.

A man can fill the woman with his Yang essence, while at the same time he can absorb her Yin essence.
This technique allows both the male and the female, to join their Yin and Yang together and advance in their cultivation. ’ ’

Shun Long kept reading this ’secret technique ’, until he got a basic idea of how it worked. 

In the end, he could only imagine it as a man and a woman, each having one bowl.
Each bowl was filled with Yin and Yang respectively, and during the cultivation of this ’art ’, the Yin and Yang were joined together complementing each other, allowing both the man and the woman to advance in their cultivation together.

However, Shun Long also understood, that this ’Yin-Yang conjoined technique ’, wasn ’t a ’main type cultivation technique ’ like his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ or the ’Moonlight sigil ’, but rather a supportive one.
Excessive use of this technique in a short amount of time, could also bring negative results instead.

Standing up from the red cushion, Shun Long entered the golden door, and once again found himself inside the throne room. 

Cui Guoliang seemed to have been expecting him to come, as he smiled and asked lightheartedly

’ ’Kid, have you already decided on what weapon you want? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head in response, as he saw Cui Guoliang removing a spatial ring from his hand and throwing it at him.

Shun Long ’s hand caught the spatial ring, when he heard Cui Guoliang ’s voice saying

’ ’You can choose one of these weapons. ’ ’

Sending his spiritual strength inside the spatial ring, the scene that Shun Long saw, had completely dazzled him.

There were more than 600 weapons, and almost all of them were emitting powerful fluctuations.
Swords, sabers, shields, halberds, spears, daggers, bows, and even arrows, all of them had countless runes on them, clearly showing that they were rank 1 gold grade weapons.

Shun Long ’s spiritual strength searched through the spatial ring, when he found a staff that immediately caught his eye.

It was a wooden staff, 1.5m(5ft) long, neither too thick nor too thin, with countless runes engraved on it.
Unlike most other weapons inside the ring, this staff didn ’t emit any powerful fluctuations despite the countless runes on its surface.

Shun Long instantly recognized, that this staff was made from a very rare wood, called the ’Purple Blossom tree ’.
The wood from this tree was the best choice if one chose to create rank 1, or even rank 2 wooden, gold grade weapons.

He immediately chose the wooden staff, before he returned the spatial ring to Cui Guoliang.

The Dao King ’s eyes twitched as he stared at the staff in Shun Long ’s hands, and said 

’ ’Brat, I don ’t know if you are knowledgeable or just lucky, but I ’m starting to think that you would happily take away my entire palace if you could. ’ ’

Shun Long smiled at Cui Guoliang, and ignoring his burning gaze, he put away the staff, as he then said 

’ ’Senior, thank you for your gift. ’ ’

Cui Guoliang ’s eyes twitched once more, but in the end, he put on a generous front as he replied

’ ’Of course brat.
Do you think that this king lacks weapons made from ’Purple Blossom tree ’? If that ’s going to save my main body, I wouldn ’t even hesitate, giving you the rest of the weapons as well. ’ ’

Then, with a deep breath, the white-robed Dao King continued

’ ’Remember, you only have one week, until the teleportation formation is activated.
No matter whether you are cultivating or not, a week later, make sure to come here. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head indicating that he understood, as he entered the golden door and returned back to his room.

Sitting cross-legged on top of the red-cushion, he started another cultivation session.

A week passed by in the blink of an eye, and the day that Shun Long and the rest were about to leave the Vermilion realm, had finally arrived. 

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