’ ’So, kid, will you help me? ’ ’

Hearing Cui Guoliang ’s question, Shun Long thought seriously for a moment before deciding on his response

’ ’If I really choose to help Cui Guoliang, not only would the journey be extremely dangerous, but I would have to enter a place that I know nearly nothing about.

However, I can learn more regarding the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, when I ’m in the Night star continent.
If I find that things aren ’t as Cui Guoliang has said, I can always back off then.
After all, if I choose to refuse helping him since he has already told me everything about his life, it ’s unlikely that he will happily let me go. ’ ’

Looking at the white-robed young man who was sitting opposite to him, Shun Long finally nodded his head as he said

’ ’Alright, if I become a Dao King in the future, I will do my best to help senior get out from the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’. ’ ’

’ ’Great! it ’s good that you decided to help me kid.
But to be certain, I still need you to take a Dao oath that you will come and help me immediately after you become a Dao King.
Otherwise, what will I do if you decide to change your mind after leaving my palace? ’ ’

It seemed that Cui Guoliang was already prepared for every scenario, and wasn ’t going to let Shun Long go without swearing an oath.

Shun Long frowned as he already knew what a Dao oath was.
This was an oath that only someone who had comprehended a Dao would usually take, and if one went against the contents of the oath, they would never be able to progress in that Dao again.

This was practically Cui Guoliang looking to chain Shun Long ’s fate to himself.
Even if Shun Long found that things weren ’t as he was told, as long as he wanted to progress in his Dao again, he would have to go to the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ and help him.

Nodding his head, Shun Long stared at the golden-haired young man in front of him as he said

’ ’I swear, that once I become a Dao King, I will do my best to head to the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ and help you.
I shall never advance in the Dao of Light ever again, until I help senior get out from the villa. ’ ’

An imperceptible glint flashed through Cui Guoliang ’s eyes as he heard Shun Long ’s oath, but he still nodded his head and smiled as he said

’ ’Haha, well done brat! As promised, you can take all of my cultivation techniques, secret arts, and martial skills.
In a week from now, I will also activate the teleportation formation and send you along with the rest of them to the Night star continent. ’ ’

Looking at the Dao King in front of him, Shun Long had a sly smile on his face as he said

’ ’Senior, you also said that I can take anything else I need as well, right? ’ ’

Cui Guoliang ’s eyes twitched as he heard this, but nodding his head he replied

’ ’Of course, if you need anything else just tell me.
If it ’s not too hard, then of course I will do my best to help you. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s flashed his white teeth with a smile, as he continued

’ ’Don ’t worry senior, I am certain that this is something very simple for someone as powerful as you.
Since I am just a small disciple, of a very small sect in the Desolate east, I would need some cultivation resources, and of course, a few spirit stones.

a few million spirit stones will do I think. ’ ’

Cui Guoliang ’s eyes twitched as he understood what was happening in front of him.

’ ’This brat is clearly extorting me! ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t seem to pay any attention to the Dao King in front of him however, and after pondering for a few moments he continued

’ ’Senior, the Night star continent is probably going to be extremely dangerous as well, for someone like me.

Right! I think that senior should also give me a few dozen rank 5 magic beasts so I can protect myself.
After all, if I die before I become a Dao King, wouldn ’t senior ’s hard work for the past 15.000 years all be in vain? ’ ’

Cui Guoliang couldn ’t take it anymore as he shouted in disbelief

’ ’BRAT! Do you think that rank 5 magic beasts are cabbages that you can buy on the streets? Forget about taking a few dozen, I don ’t even have a dozen of them.
Why don ’t you go rob someone instead? ’ ’

Shun Long however, didn ’t seem to have gotten offended, as he continued

’ ’Senior, your words are wrong.
After all, if I die, how long will it take for you to find someone who can help you? I also think that senior should give me a few weapons of the gold grade to choose from.
After all, I lack a suitable weapon as well. ’ ’


Cui Guoliang couldn ’t take it anymore, as he spat a mouthful of blood on the floor before he exploded 

’ ’ENOUGH!! ’ ’

Cough cough

’ ’Brat, don ’t be too unreasonable! We can discuss things.

I ’m already giving you so many martial skill and cultivation techniques.

I can give you a few spirit stones, but a few million are out of the question.
At most I can give you a million.

I can also let you choose an early rank 5 magic beast, as well.

As for gold grade weapons, you can also choose one of them, but that ’s it.
Don ’t push your luck any further. ’ ’

Shun Long felt surprised when he saw, that Cui Guoliang could part with a million spirit stones so easily.
It seemed that Dao Kings were much richer than he had originally estimated.

Seeing that Shun Long wasn ’t asking him for more things, Cui Guoliang secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he waved his hand, and instantly collected all of the scrolls around him inside a green spatial ring.

After handing the ring to Shun Long, he said

’ ’Inside the ring, aside from the scrolls, there is also a map of the ’Dragon King ’s villa ’, that you will need, to find me once you enter inside, as well as a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’, and a million low-grade spirit stones. ’ ’

Sending his spiritual strength inside the ring, Shun Long indeed found a mountain of spirit stones lying inside.

At the same time, Cui Guoliang ’s hands formed many different seals, as a black door materialized in front of him.

Turning his head to look at Shun Long, the white-robed Dao King gritted his teeth, and after taking a deep breath, he said in an unwilling tone

’ ’Kid, if you want to get a magic beast, then come with me. ’ ’

Shun Long followed Cui Guoliang, as he entered inside the black door, and his surroundings once again changed.

After the familiar feeling of spatial teleportation, he found himself standing inside another large hall.

Looking around him, he saw an elderly man, with almost no hair left on his head, kneeling in front of Cui Guoliang as he called out

’ ’My king! ’ ’

Cui Guoliang nodded his head in response, and looking at the old man in front him he asked

’ ’Old Tao, which magic beasts at the early rank 5, are in good condition right now? ’ ’

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