’ ’I need you to go to the ’Dragon Lord villa ’ of the Night star continent! I will give you the Dragon Lord ’s medallion, as well as anything else you need.
what do you think kid? ’ ’ 

Shun Long had a look of confusion on his face, as he looked at the expectant Cui Guoliang who was staring at him and asked

’ ’Senior, can you tell me more about this ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’? ’ ’

Cui Guoliang was stunned for a second, before he nodded his head and said

’ ’Right! I almost forgot that you must be a native of the Desolate east! Let me explain everything first before you give me your answer.

It was approximately 15.000 years ago, when I sent my soul incantation from the Night star continent, all the way to the Desolate east, and created this secret realm, in hopes of finding a genius that had the potential to enter the Dao King realm. ’ ’

Cui Guoliang had a solemn look on his face, as he stared at Shun Long and continued

’ ’Entering the Dao King realm however, is more difficult than you can imagine.

30.000 years ago, I almost died during my breakthrough.
I can still feel the shivers as I remember the pain I went through, only to barely survive in the end.

So I decided, to set 3 main trials to test the young people of the Desolate east.
After all, if someone can ’t even defeat my soul incantation, then, how can I believe that they will have any chance to become a Dao King in the future?

However, even managing to defeat my soul incantation, doesn ’t necessarily mean that you will become a Dao King…
it just shows that you have more potential than the rest. 

After all, there are countless geniuses in the Night star continent who could pass this final trial that I have set, while in the Desolate east, you are actually the only one after so many years. ’ ’

Cui Guoliang sighed with disappointment, but at the same time with a hint of relief

’ ’In that case senior, wouldn ’t it make more sense for you, to create this secret realm in the Night star continent instead of the Desolate east? ’ ’

Cui Guoliang nodded his head at Shun Long ’s words as he said

’ ’Of course, do you think I would come to this backward place if I had a choice? The Night star continent is more than 40 times larger than your Desolate east after all, while the geniuses there, are even more than the stars in the sky. 

Finding people who have the same level of talent as you, and probably even higher wouldn ’t have been impossible within a thousand years.
And yet, more than 15.000 years have passed here, but alas… ’ ’

After taking a deep breath, the look in Cui Guoliang ’s eyes suddenly turned serious as he then said

’ ’There is a reason for everything, and it all started the day that I sent my soul incantation here.
Since I need your help, there is no point in hiding things from you.

15.000 years ago, the day that I sent my soul incantation in the Desolate east, both my original body along with my wife, entered inside the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.
Although it is called a villa, it is actually an extremely dangerous place, filled with both danger and fortune.

However, even Dao King realm experts can ’t resist the allure of the treasures inside.
Since I knew that we would be heading into danger, I decided to create this secret realm beforehand.

The reason of course, wasn ’t to help the poor people of Desolate east, but to help myself and my wife, in case we ended up trapped and unable to escape on our own.
And in the end, that seemed to be case. ’ ’

As Shun Long heard Cui Guoliang ’s explanation, the pieces of the puzzle had started to naturally fall into place. 

’ ’So, Cui Guoliang created this secret realm, to find someone who could help him and his wife, who are trapped inside the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.
Since he didn ’t he ask someone else, like the overseers who are at the middle stages of the Nascent soul, means that he needs someone with strength close to the Dao King realm, if not an actual Dao King.
However, this still doesn ’t answer why he has created this ’Vermilion realm ’ in the Desolate east instead of the Night star continent. ’ ’

Cui Guoliang seemed to have understood what Shun Long was thinking, and continued with the final part of his explanation 

’ ’As for why I didn ’t create this secret realm in the Night star continent but chose the Desolate east instead, it ’s because of one simple reason…
your Desolate east simply has no Dao Kings.

In the Night star continent, there is more than 90 percent chance, that any genius strong enough to pass the last trial, would be connected to a Dao King in one way or another.
Can you guess what would happen to me in that case? ’ ’

Shun Long immediately understood what Cui Guoliang was hinting at.

Indeed, if a Dao King with malicious intentions were to find out, that Cui Guoliang was trapped and probably without any means to resist, in the cultivation world that would mean almost certain death.

Cui Guoliang nodded his head, seeing that Shun Long had understood, and taking out a small bronze medallion from his spatial ring he continued

’ ’However, although I originally intended to keep everything regarding my secret realm hidden from the Night star continent, I had forgotten that certain powers had already created branches of their own sects in the Desolate east.

Thus, to cover the real reason behind my realm ’s existence, I intentionally spread the rumor in these top sects, that I am looking to take on as a personal disciple, anyone who manages to pass the final trial, while this small medallion, will also be given as a reward.

After all, even Dao Kings cannot enter the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ without a ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’.

Of course, there are many more medallions aside from the one that I have, but each one of them is closely guarded by other Dao Kings, or at the very least by peak Nascent Soul cultivators. ’ ’

This was the first time that Cui Guoliang had spoken so much to anyone, in the last 15.000 years.
Looking expectantly at the young man in front of him, he took a deep breath before he finally decided to ask the question, that he had been keeping at the tip of his tongue all this time

’ ’So, kid, will you help me? ’ ’

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