’ ’It looks like, having 2 different ’Monarch ’s Domains ’ active at the same time is really hard. ’ ’

Indeed, since Shun Long couldn ’t change the flow of time in the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ without having it lose its original effects, he had used the Dao of Time to create a second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, using the original as a guideline.

The second domain was actually much smaller than the first, as it barely encompassed his body, which was where that blue glow was coming from when the domain was active around him.

Thanks to the second domain that was created by the Dao of Time, Shun Long ’s speed was more than 5 times faster than normal.
However, the qi inside his qi balls was also being used at an alarming rate when both of his ’Monarch ’s Domains ’ were active at the same time. 

Thinking back to his fight with Cui Guoliang, Shun Long understood, that the difference between their qi cultivation, as well as their Dao comprehension, was too big.

After all, even if he had restrained himself to the peak of rank 3 in Heaven grade, Cui Guoliang was still a Dao King, while Shun Long was just a rank 7 earth grade cultivator.

With these thoughts in mind, Shun Long sent his spiritual strength inside the ’Stone of Time ’, and after feeding the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ with spirit stones, he looked at the black dragon who seemed to be eating the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’s ’ body, as he asked

’ ’Little Black, do you know anything about the dragon lord ’s medallion? ’ ’

Little Black thought seriously for a moment, but in the end he shook his head and replied

’ ’Master, if this was regarding the Dragon king ’s medallion of the Dragon dimension, then that would be a different story, but I have never heard anything regarding a dragon lord. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at little Black ’s words, and as the black dragon started gorging himself in the giant worm ’s body, Shun Long also started to absorb the energy of the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’.

Cui Guoliang ’s words had really managed to spark his interest, as Shun Long clearly understood, that the one thing he lacked the most right now, was martial skills or other similar techniques.

Time passed by quickly when Shun Long was in seclusion, and while the black dragon seemed to have fallen into slumber, Shun Long ’s cultivation was rising at an incredible rate.

Peak of rank 7 in earth grade, early rank 8…
middle rank 8…
peak of rank 8…

A month later, Shun Long ’s cultivation had stabilized at the early rank 9 in earth grade, while his body was actually brimming with energy.

Above his head, there were 75 balls of qi, some of which seemed much brighter than the rest.

While Shun Long was in seclusion, Liu Changpun and the rest of the contestants were constantly fighting with Cui Guoliang. 

Although Cui Guoliang had high hopes for Shun Long, in reality, during their fight a month ago, he hadn ’t even released a third of his true strength against him.

Although he hoped that a genius who had comprehended an extraordinary Dao would be able to pass his trial, he also understood that the young monk from the ’Golden Buddha temple ’, as well as the sixth prince from the Snowcloud country, weren ’t really inferior to Shun Long.

Especially the young monk, Mao Ye, whose comprehension in the Dao of the Buddha, seemed to be growing day by day after ’sparring ’ with Cui Guoliang.

Half a month more passed like this, as Shun Long ’s cultivation took another step forward, reaching the middle of rank 9 in earth grade.

However, at the same time, his spirit stones had been sorely depleted, as he had less than 30.000 of them left by now.

If he hadn ’t received the ’kind donation ’ of 70.000 spirit stones, from Su Honggui and his junior brothers, Shun Long would have long since ran out of them by now.

As for the ’Blood Vermilion fruits ’ that he had gotten from the first trial, he was planning to refine them into pills before he attempted his breakthrough to Heaven grade. 

Finally, a week before the ’Vermilion realm ’ was about to close, Shun Long opened his eyes as he stared at the ’sealed ’ golden door in front of him.

A few hours later, the character ’seal ’ disappeared from the door, as he then stood up and walked inside it.

In front of the throne, Cui Guoliang seemed to be fiddling with a brown small badge in his hands, but his eyes immediately lit up as he saw Shun Long entering the hall.

With an excited voice he said

’ ’Kid, it ’s about time you showed yourself! ’ ’

However, disbelief quickly colored his face, as he then asked with an incredulous look in his eyes 

’ ’Brat…
have already broken through to the middle of rank 9 in earth grade? ’ ’

Since Shun Long wasn ’t hiding his cultivation, it was child ’s play for Cui Guoliang to ascertain his level.

Without waiting for an answer, the golden-haired Dao King immediately waved his hands, as more than 50 water pythons appeared around him.

Looking at Shun Long who was staring at him speechlessly, he then said without any shame

’ ’Brat, don ’t look at me like that.
This King has already warned you, that, the next time we met, there would be no holding back.
Whoever strikes first is always the winner! ’ ’

The moment that he finished his words, the water pythons charged at Shun Long like a flock of hungry beasts.

Activating his golden eyes, as well as the 2 ’Monarch ’s Domains ’, a blue light appeared around Shun Long ’s body, as he walked around the attacking pythons looking like he was taking a stroll in his own garden.

This time, the pythons ’ speed had noticeably dropped as they entered the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, and in merely a few breaths of time, Shun Long had already left them far behind him. 

Cui Guoliang in turn, had already expected the scene in front of him, as he smiled, while his body turned into a shiny metal hue.

Looking at the golden-haired young man in front of him, Shun Long didn ’t hold back in the slightest, as he gathered all of his strength in his right hand and sent a full-powered blow at Cui Guoliang ’s chest.

Cui Guoliang didn ’t shy away from this challenge, as his own fist met with Shun Long ’s.


A powerful collision resounded throughout the hall and a burst of blood spurted in the air, as both Shun Long and Cui Guoliang were sent flying backwards.

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