Cui Guoliang immediately stood up from his throne, as he stared at the scene in front of him with wide-open eyes.

The 5 pythons hadn ’t even touched Shun Long ’s body.

He had actually moved so fast, that he had left behind an afterimage at the place he was standing on.

The golden-haired young man, looked at Shun Long with an incredulous look in his eyes, before his body started trembling with excitement as he asked

’ ’Kid, what was that move just now? Was that a martial skill?

it didn ’t feel like a martial skill! I actually felt the power of the Dao coming from you. 

you are just a brat at the peak of the second stage in body refinement, how could you possibly have started comprehending a high-level Dao?!

In addition, there are very few Daos that can actually give you such an enhancement in speed.

the Dao of Wind can also enhance your speed but not at this level.

It ’s also obvious that you have not comprehended the Dao of Thunder…

Don ’t tell me…! Kid…
you actually managed to get enlightened in the Dao of Light??

Judging by the faint light coming off from your body, this old man must be right huh? HAHAHA! ’ ’ 

Cui Guoliang laughed excitedly, as he could barely contain his elation.
He looked so certain about the conclusion that he had arrived in, that he didn ’t even need to hear Shun Long ’s answer.

Shun Long instead, looked at the excited Cui Guoliang in front of him, as he answered with a sly smile on his face

’ ’Senior, you overpraise me.
I have only just started my Dao comprehension after all. ’ ’

Of course, Shun Long would never admit that he had comprehended the Dao of Time instead of the Dao of Light, as he clearly understood how many follow-up questions that could bring him.

In a sense, he considered himself very lucky that Cui Guoliang had come to the wrong conclusion by himself, so all he had to do was play along with him.

Cui Guoliang shook his head as he stared at Shun Long with shining eyes and said

’ ’Brat, you don ’t know how rare the Dao of Light actually is.

Even in the Night star continent, only some incredible geniuses can comprehend this Dao.
For a brat of the Desolate east to have such good fortune, even this old man envies you. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Cui Guoliang waved his hand, as he created more than 20 water pythons in an instant.

Shun Long ’s eyes bulged when he saw this, but Cui Guoliang smiled as he said

’ ’Even if you have comprehended a rare Dao like the Dao of Light, your cultivation base is still insufficient to win against me. ’ ’

The 20 water pythons quickly surrounded Shun Long, as they attacked him one by one. 

Shun Long however, wasn ’t going to stick in the same passive position as he did the last time.

After taking one step forward, he immediately disappeared from where he stood, as he avoided all the water pythons and rushed, at the golden-haired young man in front of the throne.

Shun Long ’s speed was extremely fast, as he quickly covered half of the distance between himself and Cui Guoliang.

Cui Guoliang then raised his right hand, as he created a whip made of water.




The sounds of the water whip cracking through the air resounded in the throne room as Cui Guoliang attacked Shun Long again and again.

Shun Long ’s golden eyes however, flashed repeatedly, as he easily avoided the water whip ’s attacks.

A few breaths of time later, he had already closed the distance, and clenching his right fist, he sent a full-powered punch towards Cui Guoliang ’s chest.

A water python appeared from Cui Guoliang ’s body, as it met Shun Long ’s punch head-on.

Shun Long smirked as he saw the python, meeting his full-powered punch with its face as he continued forward without stopping

’ ’If it was me from a week ago, I would probably be unable to defeat this python.
But now, with my new ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, it ’s impossible to lose again. ’ ’


The result of the clash was completely different than the first time.

Amplified by his speed, Shun Long ’s fist immediately pierced through the water python ’s head, as it completely destroyed it before colliding with Cui Guoliang ’s body.

The golden-haired Dao King, stumbled back a few steps, before he stared at Shun Long in shock.

It only took him a moment to understand how Shun Long had managed to defeat the water python so easily.

Amplified by his ’Dao of Light ’, it was natural for Shun Long ’s punch to be this strong.

Although he was hit by Shun Long ’s punch, Cui Guoliang shrugged as he stared at the young man in front of him and said

’ ’Hahaha! I told you kid…
you are still too weak.
Do you think that you are the only one who cultivates in both qi, and body refinement? ’ ’

Shun Long noticed that the place that he had punched in Cui Guoliang ’s chest, had turned in a bright grey color.

Cui Guoliang smirked as he said

’ ’Of course, aside from the Dao of Water, I have also comprehended the Dao of Metal.
Unless you manage to breakthrough to the third stage in body refining, you won ’t be able to have a chance against me. ’ ’

It was obvious that Cui Guoliang was thinking, that Shun Long had started comprehending the Dao thanks to his peak second stage body refinement level.
After all, whether it was breaking through from the earth grade to the Heaven grade, or from the second stage of body refinement to the third, every cultivator needed to comprehend at least one Dao that they would use for their breakthrough. 

But since Shun Long was planning to use the Dao of Time, as his basis for his breakthrough in qi cultivation, he couldn ’t use it to breakthrough to the third stage of body refinement. 

After a brief moment of silence, the golden-haired young man stared thoughtfully at Shun Long as he then continued

’ ’If you manage to breakthrough to the third stage of body refinement and pass the final trial… I can tell you that, not only will you get the dragon lord ’s medallion, but all of my secret arts, martial skills and secret techniques, will be yours to browse.

Now go.

The next time we fight, it will be a real fight.
I will not hold back at all. ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t understand what the dragon lord ’s medallion was, but he still nodded his head as he cupped his hands and entered the golden door.

He clearly understood that since he hadn ’t managed to break Cui Guoliang ’s defenses with his full-powered punch, then it was impossible to win this time.
Unless of course, he used a lethal move…
but even then, thanks to Cui Guoliang ’s high perception, even that wasn ’t certain to defeat him.

After all, this was still a Dao King who had suppressed his cultivation. 

Looking at Shun Long who was leaving the hall, Cui Guoliang ’s eyes were fixed on his back, as he then mumbled inaudibly

’ ’I will be waiting for you kid…
don ’t let me down… ’ ’

Shun Long was completely oblivious to Cui Guoliang ’s mutterings, as he returned back to the jade-white room, and sat cross-legged on top of the red cushion as he thought to himself

’ ’It looks like, having 2 different ’Monarch ’s Domains ’ active at the same time, is really hard. ’ ’

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