This was of course the same heavenly aura that the golden book was discharging earlier before it sucked him inside the white page.

As Shun Long ’s consciousness absorbed more and more of this heavenly aura, his soul started to expand.

His spiritual strength was also improving rapidly, becoming stronger and stronger by the second.

This aura was immensely beneficial to a cultivator ’s soul and spiritual strength.

100 breaths of time had barely passed when Shun Long had already sucked in, all the aura around his consciousness.

Every second of it had felt like a heavenly massage on his soul, and he couldn ’t help but thirst for more, but that greedy feeling was instantly forgotten, and his mind met another wave of pain as soon as the blissful ’heavenly massage ’ had stopped.

Now that his soul had already expanded and could absorb more information, the golden book didn ’t hold back any longer.

His mind capacity had already reached a level that was more than 10 times larger than before and his mind was once again bombarded by scenes of plants.

After an unknown amount of time, the golden book stopped cramming Shun Long ’s mind with information and he finally found a chance to catch his breath..
or so he thought..

The golden book appeared in front of him, and a thing that horrified Shun Long happened..

His mind was once again full of images along with a barrage of information just like before but this time, it didn ’t involve any plants ….
but magical beasts.

Shun Long wasn ’t just sweating when the second transmission of information ended but he even felt that if he was in his body right now, he wouldn ’t even be able to take a breath before he sorted out all this information..

’ ’ARE YOU F.U.C.K.I.N.G TRYING TO KILL ME ? ’ ’ Shun Long wanted to roar at the golden book furiously, but when he saw that he was about to receive a third transmission, he nearly blacked out.

Thankfully the third one was actually the last and also the shortest.

The information it contained was about the human body, it ’s illnesses and more, but this didn ’t even take 0.1% of the information that he had first absorbed about the plants and medicines.

Actually even the magical beast information, could barely reach 1% of the medicines, this is how immense the amount of information that Shun Long had first absorbed was.

By the end of it though, Shun Long was so tired mentally that as soon as the golden book stopped transmitting information to his mind, he instantly blacked out.

When he woke up he was so shocked, that his eyes bulged out.

His body was shrivelled, his eye sockets were sunken in and his hands and feet were so bony that you would be hard-pressed to find flesh no matter where you looked at.
He was almost like a moving skeleton and if he wasn ’t in the peak of rank 6 in qi circulation, he would have probably already died if his energy wasn ’t passively sustaining his body.

He woke up and with a lot of effort he managed to walk all the way to his door, his clothes hanging off from his body like they were 3 or 4 sizes bigger than what he normally wore.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw a young maidservant sleeping outside his room, on the cold hard floor.

Shun Long felt some pity for her and walked towards her to wake her up, when the maid just happened to open her eyes.

’ ’AAAAAAAHHHH ’ ’ she screamed as she rolled a few meters on the ground before slowly standing up, her robe now full of dirt.

’ ’Y..You…Young ma..ster? ’ ’ she asked stutteringly as she noticed Shun Long ’s previously handsome but now shrivelled face, with his cheeks practically sunken in.

Shun Long frowned while watching the maid ’s antics seemingly unaware of his own horrible appearance as he ordered

’ ’Prepare for me a huge meal, I am starving ’ ’

He then walked with difficulty towards the dining hall.

It was already the middle of the night but the chefs were still awake and in less than 30 minutes they had already prepared a huge meal, which Shun Long ended up woolfing down in less than 10 minutes.

The chefs then had no choice but to keep preparing more as their young master wasn ’t even close to being full but they barely managed to get in the new plates of food before Shun Long had completely devoured the previous ones.

In the end it couldn ’t even be called a meal but an all-you-can-eat-buffet as 6 chefs were working to satisfy the appetite of their famished young lord.

Even Shun Fang and Shun An were startled by the commotion their son had caused, but as they saw his shrivelled body which was slowly regaining its original appearance as he ate more and more food, they decided to stay silent.

All questions could be answered after Shun Long had filled his stomach.

Shun Long hadn ’t even noticed that his parents had arrived in the hall and only stopped eating when he had eaten enough food for 100 people to fill their stomachs.

Then Shun Fang arrived and sat down by his side as he asked

’ ’What have you been doing in the past 25 days ? ’ ’

’ ’WHAT? ’ ’ Shun Long couldn ’t believe that he had spent a whole 25 days digesting the information from the golden book.

But when he thought about it, it made sense, especially with the amount of information that his head was filled with right now.

Right now Shun Long probably knew everything about every single medicinal ingredient that existed in this world.
Although he practically hadn ’t tried yet, his theoretical skills in alchemy should have reached a godlike level by now, considering that alchemy was based on combining 2 things, controlling the medicinal ingredients, and controlling the fire.

Well, in reality it was much more complicated than that, but Shun Long couldn ’t wait to try and see if he was right about this guess he had regarding alchemy.

He then answered ’ ’I met with some problems but it ’s fine now don ’t worry.
I even advanced a full minor level in my cultivation. ’ ’

Shun Long then revealed his cultivation as an early rank 6 in qi condensation.

He didn ’t know what the requirements to enter the ’floating cloud sect ’ were but he had assumed that he would need at least this much to pass the tests.

Shun Fang couldn ’t believe that his son had already advanced so much in just one month and he even thought that he too would be willing to suffer being famished for a month if would mean a full minor realm leap in his cultivation.

Shun Long was also glad that he could still make it in time for the ’floating cloud sect ’ test in the imperial capital.

If he had slept for too long and ended up missing the entrance test that takes place every 3 years, he would have definitely regretted it.

Then Shun Long turned his head to look at his father who was sitting beside him and asked curiously

’ ’Right, father what ’s the ’floating cloud sect ’s ’ test like? ’ ’

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