Shun Long ’s conjecture was right, as after arriving at the foot of the mountain he saw ’senior brother Bo ’ who was unmoving on the ground, the earth beneath him painted red with his blood, while Su Honghui was struggling to crawl away. 

When they saw Shun Long returning, Liu Mei ’s face was painted with joy, while Su Honghui felt fear from the bottom of his heart.

He didn ’t even ask anything about his junior brother who had abandoned him earlier, while deep inside him, Su Honghui even hoped that Shun Long had managed to kill that traitor who had dared to abandon him and run away alone. 

Looking at Shun Long who was walking towards him, Su Honghui didn ’t even know what he should say to beg for his life. 

Shun Long didn ’t plan to let Su Honghui live in the first place, as he effortlessly crushed his neck without another word, and took his spatial ring before he threw his body to the side.

After making sure that ’senior brother Bo ’ was also dead, Shun Long took his spatial ring as well, and after putting it inside the ’Stone of Time ’, he walked up to Liu Mei.

Liu Mei looked at the bloodied Shun Long who had just killed 3 disciples of the Poison Hall to save her, and gave him a dazzling smile that took his breath away for a moment.

Shun Long felt his surroundings dimming after seeing this peerlessly beautiful girl ’s smile, before his eyes suddenly fell on her injured arms that had started to turn a blackish green color.
It looked like the poison had already started to seep into Liu Mei ’s body, as Shun Long looked at her and said with a serious look 

’ ’The poison is quickly spreading throughout your body.
If you don ’t expel it soon, then once it enters your meridians, it will be a miracle if you are still alive. ’ ’

Liu Mei looked at her slender, jade-like arms, and saw that there were indeed 3 dark green spots that were slowly expanding in her body.

Using her long white sword, she tried to stand up, but her body simply didn ’t listen to her.
Shun Long ’s eyes widened as he remembered Su Honghui ’s words, and understood that there must have been some kind of paralyzing poison in ’junior brother Pei ’s ’ dagger.


At the same time, both Liu Mei and Shun Long were startled as magic beast roars sounded from the forest behind them.

Liu Mei lowered her head embarrassed, while a tinge of red had painted her face, as she said

’ ’Uhm, ju-junior brother…
can you…
help me? ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned when he heard Liu Mei ’s request, but after noticing that she couldn ’t move her own body, while magic beasts seemed to be quickly approaching them from behind, he nodded his head as he said

’ ’Alright, make sure to hang tight! ’ ’

Liu Mei seemed a bit confused after hearing Shun Long ’s words, until she saw him placing one hand on her back and the other one on her feet. 

Lifting her up in a ’princess hug ’, Shun Long completely ignored Liu Mei ’s tomato-red face as he ran towards the mountain in front of him.

Although he tried not to think about the peerlessly beautiful girl in his arms, after feeling the supple body in his hands, Shun Long couldn ’t stop his heartrate from speeding up, especially since Liu Mei was the first girl that he was in such a close contact with.

Similar thoughts were also flooding Liu Mei ’s head as she turned her head to look at this man who was carrying her in his arms.

A warm feeling filled her heart, when she felt Shun Long ’s loud heartbeat that betrayed his nervousness, despite his calm facade.

A few minutes later, Shun Long had already climbed halfway up the mountain, until he finally found a natural-made cave nearby.

After making sure that there was no magic beast inside the cave, he exhaled a sigh of relief before he gently placed Liu Mei on the ground.

A feeling of loss suddenly filled Liu Mei ’s heart after she was separated from Shun Long ’s warm embrace.

Shun Long also felt a similar feeling, but he quickly suppressed it as he looked at Liu Mei ’s wounds and said

’ ’Senior sister it looks like the poison is still expanding on your arm.
You should circulate your qi around it to stop it from seeping deeper inside your body.
I will look at their spatial rings and see if they have the antidotes on them. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head and smiled lightly, before she closed her eyes and circulated her qi around her wounds.

Shards of ice appeared on top of her skin, as the dark green spots seemed to have stopped expanding any further.

Then, opening her eyes to look at Shun Long who was now searching through the spatial rings in search of an antidote, her eyes formed 2 crescent moons as a smile that could dazzle anyone who could see her at this moment, had unknowingly appeared on her face. 

Searching through all 3 of the Poison Hall disciples ’ spatial rings, Shun Long found more than 70.000 spirit stones in total, along with various poisonous herbs, as well as 2 small boxes. 

The boxes were filled with black and green ointment respectively, but the scent they emitted was anything but pleasant.

Usually, poison masters would always carry the antidote for their poisons with them, in case they accidentally affected themselves while fighting so Shun Long didn ’t found this unexpected.

Opening his eyes, Shun Long was captivated by Liu Mei ’s bewitching smile. 

A moment later, he recomposed himself, and taking out the 2 black boxes with the antidotes he said

’ ’Senior sister, these ointments need to be applied externally on your injuries. ’ ’

Liu Mei looked at the black boxes in front of her and embarrassedly nodded her head once again.

She was surprised to find out that her heart was actually looking forward to Shun Long ’s hands touching hers once again.

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