Shun Long quickly understood what had happened, while the look in his eyes had turned a bone-chilling cold. 

Since Liu Mei had refused to ’ ’accompany Su Honghui for a drink ’ ’, the situation had probably ended with her injuring the disciples of the Poison Hall and fleeing, until it lead to the current scene that Shun Long was watching right now.

Seeing the frosty look on Liu Mei ’s face, Su Honghui snickered angrily as he pointed at the saber in his hands and said

’ ’Bitch! How many poisons do you think my blade has been laced with over? Do you think that you can stay alive without my help? ’ ’

’ ’Senior brother Su, there is no need to get anxious.
Did you forget about junior brother Pei ’s dagger? ’ ’

’Junior brother Pei ’ also looked at Su Honghui with a lewd smile on his face as he winked at him.

After seeing the looks on his junior brothers ’ faces, Su Honghui ’s eyes brightened, as he once again burst in a loud laughter.
Looking at Liu Mei, he no longer suppressed the l.u.s.t in his eyes as he said

’ ’It ’s okay even if you don ’t want to beg this young master.
With my junior brother ’s ’special poison ’, let ’s see for how long you will be able to even move your own body.
Seeing the look on your helpless face, will bring m- ’ ’


Before he could finish his words, Su Honghui clutched his chest, and fell on his knees, as blood had started spurting from his mouth non-stop.

’ ’Senior brother! ’ ’

’ ’Senior brother! ’ ’

The 2 other disciples of the Poison Hall, quickly rushed to Su Honghui ’s side as they couldn ’t understand what had suddenly happened to their ’senior brother ’.

Su Honghui who was now clutching his chest, had clearly felt that his heart had suddenly ruptured, as a wave of pain assaulted his body.

Trying to suppress the excruciating pain, Su Honghui quickly took out a few pills from his spatial ring and consumed without a second thought.
Knowing that these pills could only suppress the pain he was feeling but couldn ’t actually heal him, Su Honghui took a deep breath, as a sinister dark green color had appeared in his palm.

After a moment of hesitation, he placed his palm on the left side of his chest, and using his Dao of Poison, he attempted to temporarily mend the hole in his heart.

Shun Long retracted his bloodied finger from the space tear that he had just opened, and was actually surprised to see that Su Honghui hadn ’t died yet.

’ ’It looks like this guy is using poison to stop the blood loss from his heart. ’ ’

Although he hadn ’t managed to kill Su Honghui immediately, Shun Long was still satisfied with the result, since at least one of the 3 disciples from the Poison Hall was practically incapacitated. 

Liu Mei looked at the kneeling Su Honghui in shock, while a burning feeling had already started to spread through her body.
At the same time, the 3 cuts on her arms had started to slowly turn black, as a heavy poison was spreading through her body. 

’ ’Watch out! There is someone else here! ’ ’ 

After sealing the hole in his heart, Su Honghui spoke in a low voice to his 2 junior brothers, afraid that if he pushed himself to speak louder, his injury would worsen.

The sound of footsteps suddenly sounded from behind Su Honghui and the other 2 disciples of the Poison Hall, as they turned their heads to see Shun Long slowly walking towards them.

Su Honghui and his junior brothers retreated a few steps backwards after seeing Shun Long ’s unfamiliar face appear behind the trees, while Liu Mei ’s eyes couldn ’t conceal the shock she was feeling.

Shun Long ’s face wasn ’t unfamiliar to her after all, and from his yellow robes, the 2 disciples of the Poison Hall understood that this must be another disciple of the ’floating cloud sect ’.

’Junior brother Pei ’ wasn ’t sure if this was the person who had injured his senior brother, but taking a step forward he unleashed his early rank 1 Heaven grade aura as he asked threateningly

’ ’Brat who are you? Are you the one who sneakily attacked my senior brother? Do you even know who we are? ’ ’

’Junior brother Pei ’ was certain that even Liu Changpun would back off after seeing the members of the Poison Hall, let alone a normal disciple of the ’floating cloud sect ’.

Liu Mei looked at Shun Long ’s eyes, as the shock in her heart gradually intensified.

She had never expected for him to appear here, especially when she was at the weakest point of her life.

The look in her eyes however revealed her struggle, as she knew that Shun Long hadn ’t even joined the ’floating cloud sect ’ for a year, and it was clearly impossible for him to fight against the disciples of the Poison Hall. 

Finally, with a determined look in her eyes, she looked at him and said in a determined tone

’ ’Don ’t meddle in other people ’s business.
Quickly leave! ’ ’

The cold look on Shun Long ’s face had started to warm, as he looked at Liu Mei who was trying to give him a way out, when he asked with a smile on his face

’ ’Didn ’t you also choose to meddle in my business in the past?

Don ’t worry, since I have already attacked one of them, I can also take care of the other 2 as well. ’ ’

The look in Su Honghui ’s face had turned both cold, as well as somewhat fearful when Shun Long had confirmed that he was indeed the one who had attacked him.
After all, the mysterious method that he had used to attack his heart, had left Su Honghui completely terrified.

’Junior brother Pei ’ however, didn ’t seem afraid in the least, as he stared at Shun Long and said in a confident tone that left no room for discussion

’ ’Very good brat! Since you have dared to attack the disciples of our Poison Hall, then don ’t expect to escape alive today. ’ ’

After taking out a second dagger from his waist, ’junior brother Pei ’ turned to look at the other black-robed disciple next to him, and said

’ ’Senior brother Bo, let ’s take care of this brat together! ’ ’

Senior brother Bo nodded his head, as he and ’junior brother Pei ’ both flanked Shun Long from the sides.

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