’ ’Trial taker, number 323, I officially welcome you to the King ’s palace!

The great king has set a number of trials for the young people of the Desolate east to test themselves.
At the end of every trial, there will be a corresponding treasure that will match the trial ’s difficulty.

This is the first of the trials that the great King has set and the difficulty is also the lowest. 

Nod your head once if you wish to participate, or shake it twice and I will teleport you out of the King ’s palac-…
Oho? Interesting… ’ ’

Little Black ’s voice then sounded inside Shun Long ’s head, as the black dragon said in a somewhat panicked tone

’ ’Master, we are in trouble! That ’s an early rank 4 Nascent soul cultivator and he has already noticed my soul sense! ’ ’

At the same time that little Black ’s voice ended, a powerful soul sense from the depths of the darkness had already locked on Shun Long, as it scanned him from head to toe.

The voice seemed surprised that it couldn ’t locate little Black ’s soul any longer, but it still chuckled as it said

’ ’I am certain that I noticed a soul sense coming from your body just now, but no matter.
In front of my watchful eyes, no one can cheat inside the King ’s trials.
If you want to participate you will have to use your own strength, otherwise you will be disqualified and forcefully ejected from the King ’s realm.
Weapons below the silver grade are also allowed during the trials.

Now make your decision! ’ ’

Shun Long had felt cold sweat dripping from his forehead, when he had heard that this voice had already sensed little Black ’s soul sense earlier. 

After all, to Shun Long, Little Black wasn ’t just one of his secrets or a simple magic beast, but also an important companion.

Although this voice didn ’t seem to care about little Black right now, Shun Long had the feeling that if he shook his head and refused to enter the trial in an attempt to escape the palace, this voice would definitely try to force little Black out of the ’Stone of Time ’.

The moment that a weak dragon revealed himself, Shun Long was certain that a bloodbath would follow.

With these thoughts in mind, Shun Long almost subconsciously nodded his head.

The voice ’s tone seemed to have turned somewhat cheerful at that moment as it then said

’ ’Very well.
In that case, let me explain the rules.

In this trial, you will fight against a magic beast that has reached the middle of rank 2.

If you don ’t manage to defeat this magic beast within 24 hours, the fight will stop and you will be given 4 hours to rest.
After these 4 hours are over, you will once again have to fight until you either win, or this process repeats itself. 

Remember that you cannot quit in the middle of the trial.
If you don ’t win, you cannot leave the King ’s palace, and will have to keep fighting until you either die, or the King ’s realm closes.
’ ’

The moment that the voice in the dark faded, light once again illuminated Shun Long ’s surroundings, as he found himself inside a large cage. 

The cage was around 300 square meters (3000sq ft) wide, while a 2m(6.5ft) tall and 5m(16ft) long black bull with red horns, was standing on the other end of the cage.

Shun Long immediately recognized this magic beast as he mumbled smilingly

’ ’A middle rank 2 ’crimson-horned bull ’? ’ ’ 

The bull ’s eyes were staring at Shun Long the same way a hunter would look at his prey, before its hooves kicked the ground as it rushed towards Shun Long.

Watching the magic beast running towards him, Shun Long was still smiling, as he gathered his strength in his left arm, and met the ’crimson-horned bull ’s ’ charge head-on.

Without any suspense, the bull ’s charge was immediately halted, and the look in the its eyes changed into one of fear as it stared at Shun Long.

Raising his right arm, Shun Long punched the bull on the ribs, sending it flying sideways until it lost consciousness. 

The moment that the bull landed on the ground, 3 shining red fruits appeared out of nowhere in the air in front of Shun Long, before the same emotionless voice once again sounded in his ears

’ ’Congratulations, you have passed the first trial! Your reward will be 3 ’Blood Vermilion fruits ’.

If you wish to take on the second trial then nod your head once.
If you wish to leave the King ’s palace then shake your head twice. ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned for a bit as he observed the 3 shining red fruits in his hands, and recalled that the reward for the ’outer sect examination ’ was precisely this ’Blood Vermilion fruit ’.

’ ’It seems that this is where the 4 sects got their ’Blood Vermilion fruits ’ from. ’ ’

Smiling, he placed the 3 fruits in the ’Stone of Time ’ before he nodded his head, accepting the second trial.

A black door then materialized in front of him, seemingly out of thin air, as the emotionless voice once again sounded in his ears

’ ’Very well! You are the 281st person in this century ’s batch who is entering the second trial.

However, this trial will be completely different than the first.
This time, it won ’t just be your strength that will be tested, but your scheming ability as well as your perceptiveness. ’ ’

Shun Long was curious as to how the second trial was going to differ from the first, when the emotionless voice continued 

’ ’You will be sent to join the rest of the contestants that are currently undertaking the trial inside the King ’s garden.

Kill a rank 3 magic beast and take its beast core, and you will have successfully passed the second trial. ’ ’

The voice then paused for a moment as if it had just remembered something, before it continued explaining

’ ’You can also team up with other contestants, and you can even kill them if you want to, but only the person who gets his hands on the magic beast ’s core first, will be considered to have passed the trial.

Additionally, using any other form of external help, including talismans, weapons at the silver grade and above, or…
helpers that are not officially participating in the trial…
will immediately cause you to get disqualified.

If you are ready, step inside the black door. ’ ’

Shun Long felt realization dawning his mind when he heard everything regarding the second test, as he then mumbled to himself

’ ’This must probably be the main reason, why Liu Changpun wanted Wen Zihao and Kang Sun to become his followers. ’ ’

Then, with a serious look in his eyes, Shun Long circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ as well as his golden eyes, before he pushed the black door open and stepped inside.

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