This space tear was almost impossible to notice with the n.a.k.e.d eye, unless one stood right in front of it.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long thrust his finger inside it, and a small popping sound sounded from Xiao Juyan ’s body at the same time.

Although this sound was nearly inaudible, the disciples of the ’floating cloud sect ’ in front of Xiao Juyan head clearly noticed it, as they all turned their heads to look at him.

Looking at the unmoving Xiao Juyan, a stern expression appeared in the leading disciple ’s face.

The disciple who was leading the group was named Liu Huan and was Liu Jian ’s nephew, as well as Liu Changpun and Liu Mei ’s cousin.

Seeing that Xiao Juyan was intentionally stalling their group, Liu Huan looked at him in impatience and asked

’ ’Xiao Juyan, what do you think you are doing? Do you think that everyone here has time to wait for you? ’ ’

Seeing that Xiao Juyan was still unmoving after his berating, caused the expression on Liu Huan ’s face to change into one of anger.

At the same time, a warm liquid had stained Shun Long ’s finger when he had thrust it inside the space tear.

After all, this space tear, was leading directly to Xiao Juyan ’s heart.

After closing the space tear, Shun Long retracted his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, and saw Xiao Juyan taking a step forward before he fell on the ground. 

Incredulous looks had appeared on the faces of the members of the ’floating cloud sect ’, as they finally understood that something was wrong.

Xiao Juyan ’s mouth was vomiting blood non-stop, as soon as time around him had started to flow normally again.

The rest of the disciples of the ’floating cloud sect ’ simply couldn ’t understand what had happened to him, while his sudden collapse even attracted the attention of other people as well.

Shun Long completely ignored the commotion that Xiao Juyan ’s death would cause as he kept walking towards the palace gates.

When he was just 100m away from the palace Shun Long could sense that the pressure around him was strong enough to incapacitate a peak rank 6 earth grade cultivator.

In other words, only those disciples whose strength had exceeded the middle stages of the earth grade were allowed to step inside the palace.

However, with his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ that had already reached the peak of the second stage, this pressure felt nothing more than a slightly strong gale.

Arriving in front of the half-opened gigantic palace gates, Shun Long didn ’t hesitate as he walked inside.

The interior of the palace was decorated with gold, emerald jade, and other rare materials.

Walking deeper inside, Shun Long noticed that these scenes were becoming all the more common, as gold and rare jades could be found everywhere inside this palace. 

Even the knights ’ armors that were decorating the halls were made from a mysterious type of gold.

However, Shun Long also noticed that none of these ’decorations ’ could actually be moved from the palace.

The moment that his hand tried to touch one of the golden armors, a powerful repelling force erupted from the knight ’s armor that pushed him backwards.

At the same time, little Black ’s voice then sounded as it said

’ ’Master, it looks like these armors were most likely created by a gold grade formation master.
Otherwise, the repelling force wouldn ’t be so powerful that it could effortlessly push master away. ’ ’

A bright light appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes when he heard this, as this was the first time that he had seen an item created by a gold grade formation master.

In the ’floating cloud sect ’, even a rank 1 silver grade formation master was considered an incredible expert, let alone a gold grade formation master.

Looking at the golden armors around Shun Long, little Black sighed as he continued

’ ’Unfortunately, the restrictions around these armors are too strong, even for me right now. ’ ’

Since he could only see and not touch, Shun Long didn ’t waste any more time staring at the armors around him any longer, as he kept walking deeper inside the palace, until he eventually arrived in front of an enormous silver door.

The door was more than 50m(160ft) tall, while its handles seemed to have been made from some kind of red ruby.

Walking through this half-opened silver door, Shun Long found himself inside a huge hallway.

Looking around him Shun Long thought, that everything in this palace seemed to have been created with the mindset of ’the bigger it is, the better ’!

The hallway in front of him however, seemed to lack the usual luxurious decorations that were previously present everywhere in the palace.

Aside from 1000 black doors that were located on the sides of this hall, Shun Long didn ’t see anything else.

For a moment, he even wondered whether this hall was really created by the same person who had also created the rest of the palace.

As he looked around, his eyes immediately noticed the difference in some of these doors.
More than 300 of them had a character with the word ’SEAL ’ that seemed to be enveloping the doors with a layer of white light.

Shun Long ’s curiosity was piqued as he looked at these black doors, when little Black ’s voice once again sounded in his head

’ ’Master, I can sense people fighting behind some of these sealed doors.
It ’s very likely that some trial will start after master enters inside. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he heard this, while the excitement in his eyes was obvious.

If this was the palace of a Dao King, then what sort of trials and what kind of treasures will await inside?

After taking a deep breath to calm his excited heart, Shun Long circulated his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ and his golden eyes, before he walked towards one of the unsealed black doors.

The moment that he entered inside the black door, Shun Long ’s vision instantly turned dark, before an emotionless voice that seemed to have come from the depths of this darkness sounded in his ears

’ ’Trial taker number 323, I officially welcome you to the King ’s palace! ’ ’

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