’ ’Let ’s see if this will really work. ’ ’

Shun Long watched as little Black started fighting against the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’. 

The worm extended its huge tentacles as it tried to grab the black dragon in the air.

Little Black however, flew between the gaps of the tentacles as he skillfully avoided them.

Opening his mouth, he spat out a black fireball at the worm ’s back, but the giant worm immediately dove back into the lake as it avoided the attack.

The ball of black fire made a sizzling sound as it came in contact with the lake ’s water before it eventually dissipated. 

Seeing that it had successfully avoided the dragon ’s attack, the worm resurfaced again, as it continuously tried to grab the black dragon with its tentacles.

Shun Long ’s eyes were focused completely on the rank 5 ’Nine-eyes giant worm ’.

He noticed that his qi was being depleted much faster than usual, as he tried to see what the worm would do in the future. 

That was probably due to the huge difference in cultivation between himself and the ’Nine-eyes giant worm ’.

Seeing that the worm was about to attack the black dragon once more with its tentacles, Shun Long slashed the air in front of him with his hand as he opened a space tear. 

The space tear led directly to the giant worm ’s face, but this one seemed to be different than Shun Long ’s previous space tears. 

It looks like this space tear wasn ’t meant for Shun Long to jump inside it, but to drag the worm to him.

A space tear that was barely 40cm(15inch) long was trying to drag the worm towards him.

Shun Long sighed as he saw this result, before he closed the space tear and once again started to observe the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’ again.

The worm didn ’t even feel anything from Shun Long ’s ’attack ’, as it kept fighting back and forth with the black dragon. 

Every time the dragon spat out that black fireball, the worm would dive back into the lake, only to resurface a few breaths of time later and continue fighting.

5 minutes later, Shun Long once again clenched his right fist, as he opened another space tear, this time one that was even bigger than before.
However, the location of the space tear was different this time, as it led directly inside the worm ’s mouth.

This was a test to Shun Long ’s space control, as he tried to succeed again and again.

Even after fighting back and forth for more than an hour, neither little Black, nor the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’ seemed to have gotten any tired. 

Shun Long however, had already depleted more than 70 percent of his qi, just by keeping his golden eyes active for this past hour.

At this moment, his focus had reached its peak, and as he clenched his right hand tightly once again he punched through the air in front of him.

A space tear that was even bigger than the previous two appeared, as it connected Shun Long ’s location with the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’. 


A horrifying scream left the worm ’s mouth as a huge eyeball appeared in front of Shun Long ’s feet.

The worm thrashed around in pain, as green blood was constantly flowing from where its eyeball was previously located.

Little Black ’s eyes gleamed with a ruthless light, and without missing this opportunity, he spat out a huge black fireball straight towards the worm ’s face.

The ’Nine-eyes giant worm ’ seemed to have sensed the danger in the air, as it tried to suppress the pain it felt and dove back into the water. 

However, although the giant fireball had missed the worm ’s face, it had still landed right on its neck. 


The giant worm screamed once again as half of its head was now almost severed from its body.

Green blood was spurting through the air like a fountain, as the worm ’s cries slowly stopped.

Less than a minute later, its giant body was floating on the water ’s surface, while its blood slowly dyed the water an emerald color. 

Shun Long hadn ’t even seen how the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’ had died, as his eyes were staring at the huge eyeball on his feet.

Although his body was feeling fatigued after having opened nearly a dozen space tears earlier, while more than 80 percent of his qi had been depleted already, the excitement in his eyes couldn ’t be concealed.
At the moment that he had created the last space tear, Shun Long could feel that he had even managed to touch upon the Dao of Space for a brief moment.

The half-fiend village chief then fell down on his knees as he saw the corpse of the ’Nine-eyed giant worm ’ floating in the lake.
Looking at little Black in the air, the village chief shouted loudly

’ ’Etuae tuaevu yeat! ’ ’

Little Black barely glanced at the village chief before he grabbed the worm ’s corpse from the lake, and carried it through the air, and placed it next to Shun Long who was still deep in his thoughts.

Recovering from his stupor, Shun Long then turned his eyes to look at the corpse of the giant worm next to him.
After placing it inside the ’Stone of Time ’, he turned his attention to little Black as he said

’ ’Let ’s see how special this lake water really is! ’ ’

Although the water seemed absolutely ordinary at first glance, Shun Long could feel that there was some kind of mysterious energy inside it.

Placing his hand inside the lake, Shun Long was shocked when he felt the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ had started circulating by itself, as it greedily absorbed the lake water.
Shun Long ’s body was like a starved beast that had finally found food, as it greedily absorbed the lake water without restraint.

Shun Long could feel that his body was growing stronger at an incredibly rapid pace, and taking off his robes, he then dove inside the lake without any more hesitation.

Little Black saw the excitement in Shun Long ’s eyes, as he then followed him inside the lake.

The effects of the lake ’s water were far beyond what the 2 of them had imagined.

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