’ ’I agree! ’ ’

’ ’I refuse ’ ’

These 2 different answers had shocked everyone. 

Liu Changpun looked pleased as he looked at Wen Zihao, but his face turned stern as he stared at Kang Sun and asked

’ ’Are you certain about your answer? ’ ’

Kang Sun however didn ’t reply to him as he looked at Wen Zihao with wide eyes and asked instead

’ ’You! The person ranked 1st in the arena rankings, the one who was born with the fighting ape physique, are contented with becoming someone else ’s dog? ’ ’

Wen Zihao then looked at him expressionlessly as he answered

’ ’Between following the next sect master and entering the ’Vermilion realm ’, or having to watch as everyone else around me grows stronger, I obviously know which one to choose! ’ ’

Kang Sun looked at him mockingly as he said

’ ’So you are willing to become anyone ’s dog as long as you get stronger, is that it? I must have been blind to think of you as my rival for the past 3 years! ’ ’

Then, turning his head to look at Liu Changpun, Kang Sun said

’ ’I refuse.
I, Kang Sun, am a man who would rather become stronger by myself, than having to place my life under someone else ’s hands! ’ ’

Liu Changpun nodded his head as he said 

’ ’Very well! I admire that you choose to stick to your beliefs.

However, since you refuse to follow the sect ’s orders, I now officially revoke your right to enter the ’Vermilion realm ’! ’ ’

Kang Sun ’s eyes twitched when he heard this, but he still held his head high, showing that he didn ’t regret his choice in the least.

Shun Long looked at him admiringly as he nodded his head.

’ ’Idiot! No cultivator ever grew stronger by saving his pride! ’ ’

Elder Qiu ’s voice then sounded as he mocked Kang Sun.

Kang Sun however didn ’t respond to him, and Elder Qiu simply closed his eyes as he started cultivating.

10 days soon passed while Shun Long and the rest were flying on top of the red-winged condors, when a boundless barren land appeared in the distance. 

Liu Jian opened his eyes as he looked at the disciples behind him and said

’ ’We have arrived in the Lightning Wasteland.
Soon, we will meet with many other sects like us who are waiting for the ’Vermilion realm ’ to open. ’ ’

An inner disciple with short black hair, looked ahead in the distance and couldn ’t help asking

’ ’Sect master, why is it called the Lightning Wasteland since there is no lightning at all? ’ ’

Liu Jian looked at the inner disciple who had asked this question and smiled as he said

’ ’Wait for a few more days and you will understand. ’ ’

The rank 3 condors then continued flying forward, and a few hours later, they had arrived in front of a large campsite.

Looking at the campsite in front of them Liu Jian explained

’ ’Down there are the sects that are going to be entering the ’Vermilion realm ’ along with you.
Our sect will also set up camp as we wait for the opening of the secret realm so make sure to follow the Elders ’ instructions! ’ ’

As the condors flew closer to the campsite, Shun Long noticed the insignias of many different sects on each camp.
He estimated that there were at least 400 different sects that would be entering the ’Vermilion realm ’ along with the ’floating cloud sect ’. 

The rank 3 ’red-winged condors ’ then landed in an empty patch of land inside the campsite, as the Elders then gave a small tent with the insignia of the ’floating cloud sect ’ to each disciple.

After Shun Long set his own tent, he saw a smiling fatty walking towards him.

Fatty Fu had a huge grin on his face as he gave Shun Long a bear hug and said

’ ’Hahaha! Congratulations brother! When I heard that you had beaten Peizhi in the arena I couldn ’t stop laughing.
If my grandfather hadn ’t put me on house arrest, I would have come to find you much sooner. ’ ’ 

Shun Long looked at the smiling Fu Li and was astonished to find out that he had already broken through to the peak of rank 8 in earth grade.

Laughing, Shun Long patter Fu Li ’s shoulder as he said

’ ’Congratulations fatty! Reaching the peak of rank 8 is a cause for celebration! ’ ’

Fu Li smiled bitterly as he said

’ ’Brother, you have no idea how much I have suffered.
My grandfather didn ’t even allow me to leave the house once in the past few months.
We definitely have to drink today! ’ ’

Without waiting for Shun Long ’s answer, Fu Li then run inside Shun Long ’s tent.

Shun Long smiled as he saw Fu Li ’s antics before he too walked inside.

Fatty Fu then took out a small table and a big bottle filled with wine from his spatial ring, before he showed it to Shun Long and said

’ ’What do you think brother? Finally my stingy grandfather gave me a spatial ring! ’ ’

Shun Long laughed as he said

’ ’It would have been really amusing if everyone else here had a spatial ring except for you, the young master of the Fu family. ’ ’

Fu Li nodded his head seriously as he agreed with Shun Long. 

Then his eyes turned serious as he said

’ ’Brother, I didn ’t just come here today to drink wine with you.
There is also something important that you must know about the ’Vermilion realm ’. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at the serious fatty who then continued

’ ’My grandfather said, that in the center of the ’Vermilion realm ’, an extremely high-level senior has left his inheritance.
Liu Changpun has gathered a lot of manpower, including the Elders of the Liu and the Meng families, in order to get his hands on this inheritance. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes widened as he had finally confirmed that little Black ’s guess was correct. 

The ’Vermilion realm ’ was most likely a secret realm created by a Dao King level expert. 

Just as Fu Li ’s words ended, a huge clamor sounded from the crowd outside as a huge flying whale over 100m long could be seen in the sky.

The whale ’s shadow had completely covered the ’floating cloud sect ’s campsite as little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s head as he said in astonishment

’ ’Master, a Nascent Soul expert has arrived. ’ ’

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