’ ’Senior brother Wen! ’ ’

When Shun Long heard this name, his attention was piqued as he turned to look at the person who had just arrived. 

As the crowd opened the way, a huge man over 2m(6.5ft) tall with a very muscular body appeared.

This man seemed to be around 20 years old, with brown hair and a plain-looking face.
His eyes however were looking at the crowd around him, like a giant that was looking down on ants.

This was the outer disciple who was ranked 1st in the arena rankings, Wen Zihao.

Little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s head as he said

’ ’Master, this person definitely possesses a unique physique, and it even seems to be one that is suited for close combat. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he had already heard rumors about Wen Zihao possessing a unique physique, and knew, that people who were born with these unique physiques were much stronger than the average cultivators.

After Wen Zihao arrived, a few other people shortly followed suit, and soon, everyone from the top 100 rankings had appeared in front of the ’inner city gates ’.

An incense stick of time later, the enormous gates opened, and the sect master along with many Elders and inner disciples appeared from the ’inner city ’. 

Shun Long was surprised to see Liu Mei and a white-haired man walking behind Liu Jian.

Although this man ’s hair was white, it was obvious that it wasn ’t due to aging, as he barely looked a day above thirty.
His handsome face that greatly resembled Liu Jian ’s, instantly allowed Shun Long to guess his identity.

Indeed, this was the number one genius of the ’floating cloud sect ’, Liu Changpun.

The moment that people saw the sect master arriving, all the discussions died down and silence permeated the scene.

There was a serious atmosphere in the air, as Liu Jian ’s eyes scanned the disciples in front of him.
After confirming that everyone had already arrived, Liu Jian nodded his head as he said in a loud voice

’ ’I will not waste much time speaking since you all know the reason you are here.
It ’s because you are at the top 100 of all the outer disciples in the sect. 

Today, by standing here in front of me, you have earned a once in a lifetime opportunity for yourselves…
to enter the ’Vermilion realm ’. ’ ’

As Liu Jian finished speaking, he waved his hand, and 10 ’rank 3 red-winged condors ’ appeared from the sky as they all landed in front of him.

Liu Jian then turned his head to look at the inner disciples and Elders behind him as he said in a commanding voice 

’ ’Get on! ’ ’

The 200 inner disciples and Elders behind him immediately mounted the rank 3 ’red-winged condors ’ without a question.

The sect master then looked at the 100 outer disciples in front of him as he continued

’ ’Where there is fortune, danger also lies.
The ’Vermilion realm ’ isn ’t a place for vacation.
There are boundless fortuitous opportunities for you all, but death also lies in every corner.

If you are not afraid to lose your life, then you can also sit on the condors. ’ ’

As soon as Liu Jian ’s words ended, Wen Zihao was the first one to jump on a condor ’s back.

Shun Long also didn ’t need to think about it as he too climbed on one of the condors. 

In the end, there wasn ’t a single outer disciple that was scared off, by Liu Jian ’s words.

Seeing that none of the disciples had hesitated, Liu Jian nodded his head as he said

’ ’Good! Since no one of you is scared then let ’s go! ’ ’

After he gave the command, all of the ’red-winged condors ’ flew up in the sky in a straight line, as they quickly left the sect.

The crowd that was still in front of the ’inner city gates ’ was shocked by how brief the sect master ’s appearance was.

Liu Jian who was sitting on the forefront condor ’s head, looked at the restless disciples and Elders and said

’ ’There is no reason for you all to be anxious.
We still need 10 days until we arrive at the Lightning Wasteland.
The ’Vermilion realm ’ will also open in half a month from now, so there is still plenty of time. ’ ’

An outer disciple named You Huan who was ranked 98th in the arena rankings, looked at Liu Jian and asked stutteringly

’ ’S-Sect m-master! Will you also enter the ’Vermilion realm with us? ’ ’

It wasn ’t just You Huan who had this question in his mind but many other disciples as well.

Liu Jian looked at everyone around him and shook his head as he said

’ ’The ’Vermilion realm ’ is a very special secret realm.
Only cultivators at the peak of rank 3 in Heaven grade and below can enter inside.
If anyone above that level tries to enter, they will face punishment from the secret realm itself. ’ ’

An Elder at the peak of rank 3 in Heaven grade looked at You Huan then mockingly as he said

’ ’If everyone could enter inside without restrictions, considering that the sect only has 300 spots, do you really think that it would be your turn to enter now? ’ ’

You Huan lowered his head in shame after getting berated by this Elder, while Liu Jian ’s voice sounded once again

’ ’Although what Elder Qiu said may sound harsh, it is the truth. 

The treasures inside the ’Vermilion realm ’ are coveted even by experts above the Spirit realm, let alone earth or Heaven grade cultivators like you all.
After all, there have been many experts who have managed to break through their limits and ascend to a higher realm, all thanks to a fortuitous opportunity found inside the ’Vermilion realm ’! ’ ’

Just as Liu Jian was explaining how precious the treasure inside the ’Vermilion realm ’ really were, little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s head as he said

’ ’Master, this ’Vermilion realm ’ may actually be an even bigger opportunity than I originally estimated.
If the laws of a secret realm attack cultivators above a certain level, then that can only mean 2 things. 

Either the laws of the secret realm cannot contain an existence higher than that level of cultivation, or… 

…this is most likely a man-made secret realm created by a Dao King! ’ ’

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