’ ’Let ’s go and see my parents before we return back to the sect. ’ ’

After entering the main hall, Shun Long saw Shun Fang and Shun An sitting next to each other as they were chatting and laughing.

When they heard the doors of the main hall opening, they both turned to look at the person who had arrived. 

Seeing Shun Long entering the hall, Shun An and Shun Fang stood up as they approached him happily.
Shun An then hugged him as she said

’ ’Long ’er! Thanks to your miraculous pills, your mother has already reached the peak of rank 1 in earth grade! ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he heard this, and looked at Shun Fang who was showing off by floating in the air in front of him

’ ’What do you think son? Amazing right? Your old man is now a Heaven grade expert! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he gave a thumbs-up to Shun Fang and said

’ ’Good job, old man! ’ ’

Shun Fang ’s eyes widened as he heard Shun Long addressing him as ’old man ’ while Shun An started chuckling.

Shun Long looked at his parents and with a smile on his face he said

’ ’Dad, mom, I have to return back to the ’floating cloud sect ’. ’ ’

Both Shun Fang and Shun An stopped laughing as they heard this but Shun Long continued

’ ’It may take longer than a year or two until I return home.
After all, I don ’t plan on just staying in the ’floating cloud sect ’ for the entire time. ’ ’

Shun Fang and Shun An both fell silent when they heard this.
They both understood that since Shun Long had said something like that, then it was very likely that it would take years until he returned home.

Shun An then took a step forward and hugged Shun Long as she said

’ ’Long ’er, just be safe… ’ ’

Shun Fang then also stepper forward, and patting Shun Long ’s shoulder he said

’ ’…And don ’t forget, that you have a home to return to if things get tough. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as a warm feeling spread through his heart. 

After hugging his parents, Shun Long exited the main hall and saw little Black still waiting for him outside.

After riding on top of the dragon ’s back, Shun Long said

’ ’Let ’s return back ’ ’

Little Black then spread his black wings, as he flew upwards.

Shun Fang and Shun An watched Shun Long riding on little Black ’s back, as they flew higher and higher, and eventually disappeared in the sky.

An hour later, high above the clouds, Shun Long and little Black had arrived in front of the barrier that divided the 2 worlds.

Without any suspense, little Black ’s talons instantly tore the barrier open before they entered inside. 

Shun Long then sighed as he once again felt the difference of the qi, in the air of the ’cultivation world ’ and the ’mortal world ’. 

After little Black returned inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long walked for a few hours until he arrived outside of the ’floating cloud sect ’. 

Since Shun Long saw that night had almost fallen by now, he decided to wait for a few more hours before entering the sect.

Finally, 2 hours later, Shun Long donned on his black robes, and arriving at the city walls of the ’floating cloud city ’.
Opening a space tear, he walked into it and returned back inside the sect. 

The moment that Shun Long came out of the space tear, he heard a voice shouting at him from the distance

’ ’HEY! WHO ARE YOU? ’ ’

Turning his head around, he saw 2 outer disciples that were patrolling around near the city walls, now running towards him with 2 spears in their hands. 

Shun Long circulated his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ before activating the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’. 

The two rank 1 earth grade guards were instantly frozen, while Shun Long then walked in the direction of the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’. 

After he had walked far enough, the guards could finally move again.

However, in their own perception, they had never stopped running, so they were stunned to see the black-robed man disappear like he never existed.

As the 2 guards were busy trying to verify whether there truly was someone out there or not, Shun Long had already changed back to his outer disciple robes as he entered inside the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’.

After having a meal on the 3rd floor, he then walked up to the 6th floor and entered his room.

Instead of cultivating, this time Shun Long decided to spent the night learning how to control the power of his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ better. 

Shun Long had already understood that if he could utilize the power of the space tears properly during his fights, then his fighting prowess would rise even more.

Night soon passed and as the sun started to rise, Shun Long ’s sect jade then lit up.

After taking a look at it, Shun Long saw that this wasn ’t an arena challenge, but a message that said

’ ’5 hours from now, all outer disciples that are still in the top 100 of the arena rankings, are to gather in front of the ’inner city gates ’. ’ ’

Shun Long continued to practice his control over the space tears for the next 3 hours before deciding to stop.

Leaving his room he then walked out of the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’ as he headed towards the ’inner city gates.

30 minutes later, when he arrived in front of the gates, Shun Long saw a huge crowd that had already gathered here.

There were already more than 2000 disciples here, and the number was still growing. 

The crowd had formed a half-circle around the ’inner city gates ’, while the disciples in the top 100 that had already arrived at the scene, were waiting in front of the gates.

Just as Shun Long was walking through the crowd, a girl ’s voice sounded as she screamed loudly before she pointed at a handsome blue-haired young man that had just arrived there

’ ’LOOK! It ’s Jin Chuanli! ’ ’

When the crowd heard her, everyone turned towards the man that the girl pointed. 

Shun Long had also remembered this name, as this person was ranked 4th in the arena rankings.

The man seemed to have noticed Shun Long among the crowd as he nodded his head at him.

Shun Long was surprised when he saw that this, was the same blue-haired man that he had met in the arena the day he fought with Lei Pong.

The person ranked 4th in the arena Jin Chuanli. 

Both Jin Chuanli and Shun Long found their own places to sit as they waited for the ’inner city gates ’ to open.

More and more disciples in the top 100 had started gathering in front of the ’inner city gates ’, when suddenly, the crowd exploded in an uproar


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