’ ’Long ’er, how long will you stay home? ’ ’

Smilingly Shun Long answered

’ ’If nothing unexpected happens, then for a bit more than 2 months! ’ ’

Both Shun Fang and Shun An also beamed happily when they heard this, as they turned to look at each other.

Shun Long then decided to ask Shun Fang for another rank 3 bronze grade cauldron.

Although Shun Fang didn ’t understand the reason, he still ordered the guards to bring an alchemy cauldron to Shun Long ’s room. 

Shun Fang was actually shocked when he had heard Shun Long say, that he was planning to create pills that could help him enter the Heaven grade. 

Since Shun Fang was already a peak rank 9 earth grade expert, to refine pills that would be able to assist him in his breakthrough, Shun Long would need to be at least a rank 3 bronze grade alchemist, if not a silver grade one.

After Shun Fang and Shun An left his courtyard, Shun Long entered his old room, ready to start his pill refining.

Seeing that his room was exactly the same as it was before he had left for the sect, Shun Long felt a warm feeling in his heart as he sat cross-legged on top of his bed.

3 days quickly passed as Shun Long had continuously used his qi to grow his medicinal herbs inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

In those 3 days, the entire ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ had 2 major news that were spread throughout every household of the kingdom. 

The first, was the death of the Xiao marquess, Xiao Zhengsheng. 

It was rumored that a young man on a black dragon, had come from the ’floating cloud sect ’ to take revenge against the marquess.
The young man first attacked the Xiao marquess ’ estate, before he charged inside the imperial palace.
In the end, even the king had decided to abandon the marquess, and the black dragon took his life.

The second, was the imperial edict of the king.

The king, Dong Weifeng the 5th, had decided to confer the title of Duke to the rank 3 bronze grade formation master, Shun Fang.
Aside from the noble title, the formation master would also gain complete control over the ’Blue Forest city ’, as well as the entire western side of the imperial capital.

These 2 shocking news had already traveled to every household of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ in the past 3 days. 

2 more days passed since then, and Shun Long had already filled 3 wooden barrels with his wine.
He had also refined 4 pill furnaces of the ’green nectar fruits ’ that he had purchased in the ’Treasure Pavilion ’s ’ auction.

After a week, Shun Long finally left his room, and was greeted by an energetic little Black.

Shun Long walked to the main hall of the Shun estate, only to find his father looking through a big stack of papers.

Shun Fang didn ’t even notice Shun Long entering the main hall as he seemed to be completely engrossed in what he was reading.

Shun Long then took out a wooden barrel of wine from the ’Stone of Time ’ and removed its top.

The moment that the aroma of the wine spread through the main hall, Shun Fang immediately put down the papers as he looked towards his son with shock, before his eyes got glued on the wooden barrel next to him.

Sealing the barrel with its top again, Shun Long took out Xiao Juyan ’s spatial ring from his pocket and said

’ ’Father, I ’m sure that you have probably heard about this item already.
This is a spatial ring. ’ ’

Shun Fang of course knew about spatial rings, but he had never seen one before.

Shun Long smiled as he handed the spatial ring over to the dumbfounded Shun Fang and said

’ ’I won this ring during a bet in the sect and since I already have another one, this is useless to me. ’ ’

Shun Fang was feeling emotional as he saw Shun Long handing the spatial ring to him.
To a bronze rank 3 formation master, there was no better gift than this.
Studying the principles of a spatial ring could allow Shun Fang to step into the realm of silver grade formation masters.

Turning his head to look at Shun Long, Shun Fang started laughing as he patted his son ’s shoulders and said

’ ’Hahaha! I knew that I didn ’t raise you for nothing for so many years.
Well, if you insist, then your old man won ’t be polite! ’ ’

Shun Fang immediately grabbed the spatial ring from Shun Long ’s hand and stared at it with sparkling eyes, like a kid that had just found a rare treasure.

Shun Long was speechless. 

This was the first time that he had seen his father ’s shameless side and he couldn ’t help but be stunned for a good while.

Smiling wryly, Shun Long then looked at Shun Fang as he said

’ ’Father, inside the spatial ring, aside from the wooden barrel of wine, there are also 2 bottles of pills for you and mother.

You should first have mother drink a small cup of the wine, before she then consumes the low-grade rank 2 ’minor advancement pills ’, that are inside the blue bottle.

These pills are created from the rank 2 ’green nectar fruits ’, and even though they are just low-grade pills, they can easily help a peak rank 3 earth grade cultivator reach the early rank 4.

Originally, I wanted to give mother a few top-grade pills as well, but since she is only at the peak of rank 9 in qi condensation, her body wouldn ’t be able to handle the pills ’ effects. ’ ’

Shun Fang nodded his head as he heard Shun Long ’s words.

Indeed a pill that was too potent could actually bring disaster instead, if the person who consumed it was unable to refine its energy.

’ ’By my estimations, with these pills, mother will reach the peak of rank 1 in earth grade without a problem. ’ ’

The effects of these low-grade rank 2 pills, had left Shun Fang completely stunned. 

Shun Long then, pointed at the spatial ring in Shun Fang ’s hands as he continued

’ ’The rest of the wine in there is for you father.
Aside from the wine, there is a bottle that is filled with top-grade rank 2 ’minor advancement pills ’.
Although the pills by themselves won ’t be enough to help you reach the Heaven grade, when paired with the wine, they will boost father ’s chances of success by more than 80 percent. ’ ’

After hearing everything what Shun Long had prepared for them, Shun Fang couldn ’t help but feel touched again. 

Looking at the emotional Shun Fang, Shun Long continued

’ ’Father, I am planning to go in seclusion for the next 2 months.
When these 2 months are over, I will have to return back to the ’floating cloud sect ’.

If you and mother want to…
I can bring you with me in the ’cultivation world ’! ’ ’ 

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