’ ’…And yet, even though you had never met me, you still decided to assist Lin Shang in his assassination attempt against me.
Now tell me, do you have any last words? ’ ’

Ignoring everyone else ’s shock, Xiao Zhengsheng ’s eyes widened as he asked in a surprised tone

’ ’Lin Shang?…You..
you are Shun Fang ’s son? ’ ’

Nodding his head Shun Long then said

’ ’At least you didn ’t deny it. ’ ’

Clicking his tongue, the Xiao marquess replied

’ ’Tsk.
Did that idiot Lin Shang tell you everything? Even then, since you are a disciple of the ’floating cloud sect ’, you should understand the consequences of threatening me.

My son Juyan is someone who is ranked in the top 100 in the ’floating cloud sect ’, don ’t tell me that you are not afraid of his revenge!?

Ah, perhaps it ’s because you have just entered the sect, that you don ’t understand how terrifying the people ranked in the top 100 really are! ’ ’

Looking at the arrogant and unafraid look in Xiao Zhengsheng ’s eyes, Shun Long laughed as he said

’ ’The top 100? Your son is no longer part of the ’top 100 ’. ’ ’

Xiao Zhengsheng ’s arrogant look suddenly turned angry as he looked at Shun Long on little Black ’s back and said

’ ’Brat, stop spouting obvious lies like that! Do you think I ’d believe you? ’ ’

Shaking his head Shun Long said

’ ’It doesn ’t matter whether you believe me or not.
I didn ’t come here to chat with you anyway! As for that so-called revenge of your son…
you don ’t have to worry about it. ’ ’

The moment that Shun Long finished speaking, little Black ’s aura erupted like a volcano as it suppressed everyone inside the palace hall.

No one inside the hall, from the palace guards to the peak rank 9 earth grade experts, and even the king himself, could stand straight in the face of this suppressive aura.

Xiao Zhengsheng instantly lost his courage as he felt the blood in his body getting frozen in fear.
Originally, Xiao Zhengsheng had felt that no matter what kind of variant magic beast Shun Long was riding on, he would at most have to hide behind the palace formations to protect himself. 

But now, after sending little Black ’s immense aura, he finally felt terror as he understood that his life was really in danger.

Looking at Shun Long he then said in a pleading voice

’ ’No WAIT! I only allowed my personal guards to spread some rumors.
I had nothing to do with your assassination attempt! It was all Lin Shang and his whore daughter who planned it! You can ’t kill me for this. ’ ’

Even Dong Weifeng wanted to slap the Xiao marquess after hearing these idiotic words, before he turned his eyes to look at Shun Long, and with a smile completely unbefitting of a king he said

’ ’Young master Shun Long! I have met with your father many times in the past! Of course, if you want to settle your personal issues with Xiao Zhengsheng, then I will definitely not interfere. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at Dong Weifeng, before turning his attention to look at Xiao Zhengsheng as he said

’ ’Without your marquess estate ’s intervention, how could the Lin family ever get the chance to attack me? You and your youngest son really are father and son after all. ’ ’

Without wasting any more words, Shun Long patted little Black ’s back, who ripped through the palace ’s defensive formations in an instant, as his talons pierced through the body of the terrified Xiao Zhengsheng. 


Xiao Zhengsheng screamed in pain, as a huge hole could now be seen on his chest.
Turning his head around with a lot of difficulty, he stared at Shun Long and little Black with eyes full of hatred, before his body finally collapsed on the ground.

Everyone in the palace hall felt a sudden chill as they looked at the lifeless corpse of the Xiao marquess.

Shun Long didn ’t waste any more time in the imperial city however, as he and little Black left the palace to return back to the ’Blue Forest city ’.

The palace guards watched the young man on the black dragon ’s back disappearing in the distance, before everyone ’s eyes turned towards the king.

Dong Weifeng seemed to have fallen into deep thought, until one of the black-clothed men woke him up as he asked

’ ’Your majesty! Are you alright? ’ ’

Dong Weifeng started laughing all of a sudden, as he nodded his head and said

’ ’Alright! I ’m more than alright! Quickly, spread my word throughout the kingdom.

The rank 3 bronze grade formation master Shun Fang, is to be conferred the title of Duke! His fiefdom will encompass not only the ’Blue Forest city ’ and the ’Blue Forest ’ itself, but he will also be given the entire western side of the imperial city for his governing. ’ ’

The black-clothed man was shocked for a few seconds before he nodded his head and disappeared into the shadows.

Being conferred the title of Duke, as well as being given control of one-fourth of the imperial city showed how much importance the king had placed in this matter.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later after Dong Weifeng issued his royal command, Shun Long had returned back to the ’Blue Forest city ’. 

This time, the guards on the city walls didn ’t panic or sound the alarm, but instead bowed and greeted respectfully, as they watched the young man and the black dragon flying inside the city.

Shun Fang and Shun An were waiting at the main hall of the Shun estate.
As soon as they heard that Shun Long had returned, they anxiously rushed out of the hall.

Shun Long smiled after seeing the worry of his parents faces disappearing, and looking at Shun Fang he said 

’ ’Father, I plan to enter seclusion for a few days and create some pills for you and mother, so you can both breakthrough into the next grade.
It will probably take me around 10 days to finish the refinement. ’ ’

Both Shun An and Shun Fang were astonished when they heard Shun Long ’s words. 

Shun An then, looked at Shun Long as she asked joyfully

’ ’Long ’er, how long will you stay home? ’ ’

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