’ ’You will surely have some questions that you want to ask me, especially about my experiences in the ’floating cloud sect ’ or little Black right? In that case, let me start from the beginning. ’ ’

As Shun Long finished his words, both Shun Fang and Shun An had turned their eyes on him, watching him as he had started narrating everything that he had experienced after entering the sect.

Of course, what Shun Long had decided to say his parents, was only a fragment of his real experiences.

Aside from explaining to them that he is studying alchemy under some Elder, as well as how the sect works, most of his experiences, especially those that included the ’Stone of Time ’, were completely omitted.

The life that he had narrated was that of a normal outer disciple, but this didn ’t satisfy his parents as they still had unanswered questions.

Looking at his son and then at the 3m(10ft) tall black dragon behind him, Shun Fang asked

’ ’Then…
what about this blac…
I mean, what about little Black? ’ ’

Shun Long had already expected his question as he said 

’ ’During the ’outer sect exam ’, I met little Black in a place called the Demonic Mountain region.
After entering a cave to spend the night, I found him hurt inside, with the corpse of a rank 3 magic beast next to him.
Since I have been studying alchemy inside the sect, I could help him heal most of his injuries using some medicinal herbs I had gathered that day, and he has been following me ever since.

Because the sect doesn ’t allow the disciples to have their own magic beasts inside the city, little Black has been living in a large forest a few tens of miles away from the ’floating cloud city ’. ’ ’

Seeing that his parents seemed to have believed this story, Shun Long turned to look at Shun Fang as he continued

’ ’Father, there is also something important that I need to share with you about the assassination attempt outside the ’Blue Forest ’. ’ ’

Both Shun Fang and Shun An had serious looks in their eyes when they heard this.

The moment that Shun Long finished narrating what he had found out from Xiao Juyan, Shun Fang ’s aura exploded as he said

’ ’I will eradicate both the Lin family as well as Xiao Zhengsheng! To think that they were both behind that assassination attack. ’ ’

Shun An held her husband ’s hand but her eyes had turned resolute as well.
No matter the status of the Lin family or the Xiao marquess, they both had to pay since they were involved in this.

Shun Long looked at his parents who had a determined look in their eyes and said

’ ’You don ’t have to worry about this matter.
I will personally go and take care of this today. ’ ’

Looking at Shun Long, Shun Fang nodded his head as he said

’ ’That ’s good as well.
However, you have to be careful of Xiao Zhengsheng.
Not only is he also at the peak of rank 9 in earth grade, but his marquess estate has many powerful formations from many bronze rank 3 formation masters as well. ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he nodded his head, and climbing on little Black ’s back he said

’ ’Don ’t worry father.
Even if they had experts at the Heaven grade, they still wouldn ’t be able to escape today. ’ ’

Shun Fang and Shun An were shocked by their son ’s words, as they then started to guess how strong this black dragon had to be for their son to have so much confidence in him.

Little Black flapped his majestic black wings, and quickly disappeared from the ’Blue Forest city ’. 

Both Shun Fang and Shun An were shocked by the black dragon ’s speed, and Shun Fang then mumbled

’ ’I ’m afraid that this dragon is at least at the middle grade of rank 3.
he has even reached the peak grade! ’ ’

Shun An was astonished by these words, but a feeling of safety also bloomed in her heart as she watched the direction that the black dragon and her son had disappeared to.

A few minutes later, Shun Long had already arrived above a small city that was around 100 miles away from the imperial city. 

This city has been under the jurisdiction of the Lin family for many years, and people had even started calling it the Lin city.

Although the city seemed to be relatively poor and most of the houses were in bad condition, the mansion at the heart of the city was the exact opposite.

From the outside, one would see a luxurious mansion that didn ’t seem to be much lacking even when it was compared with the Shun estate. 

’ ’Master, that must definitely be the Lin mansion.
I can sense a few middle stage earth grade cultivators hidden inside. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at little Black and with a vicious smile on his face he said

’ ’It ’s good that they are all here ’ ’

Little Black then flew above the Lin mansion as he first destroyed the mansion ’s gates, alerting everyone inside it.

’ ’Enemy attack! ’ ’

’ ’Activate the defensive formations! ’ ’

The experts of the Lin family immediately shouted as they rushed outside to see the enemy while a small layer of white light covered the mansion.

However, the moment that they saw the black dragon in the sky and felt his horrifying aura, their eyes were instantly filled with terror. 

Little Black snorted after seeing the white light that covered the Lin mansion, and with a flap of his wings, he created a violent gust of wind that instantly destroyed the light barrier.

Lin Shang then appeared also appeared, and looking at Shun Long on little Black ’s back he asked after noticing his sect robes

’ ’This young master! May I ask the reason that you attacked my Lin family? ’ ’

After a moment of hesitation he continued

’ ’Perhaps this is a misunderstanding and young master was just passing through? ’ ’

Although Lin Shang had failed to recognize Shun Long, he could now see the mocking smile on his face and knew that things weren ’t looking good for his Lin family.
Finally, gritting his teeth he said

’ ’Actually, my Lin family has a very good relationship with the Xiao marquess.
Since this young master is a member of the ’floating cloud sect ’, then I am certain that you must have heard about young master Xiao Juyan.

My daughter Lin Wu is also a disciple of the ’floating cloud sect ’, and- ’ ’

Shun Long then cut him off as he waved his hand and said in an apathetic voice

’ ’Your daughter is…
already dead. ’ ’

The Elders around Lin Shang were furious and didn ’t hold themselves back any longer as they shouted

’ ’Insolence! ’ ’

’ ’You brat! How dare you? Our young lady just left a few months ago, how could she just die?

Lin Shang ’s eyes had turned red when he heard this and he shouted with no hints of politeness any longer

’ ’Impossible! Wu ’er is a disciple of the floating cloud sect, she can ’t die! Who are you kid? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he said

’ ’Not only is your daughter dead, but all of you will follow her as well today.
The moment that your assassination attempt failed, your Lin family was doomed to disappear. ’ ’

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