’ ’L-Long ’er! ’ ’

Both Shun Fang and Shun An, were looking at Shun Long ’s face with shock in their eyes.
They couldn ’t understand how he had changed so much in just a few months time.

Shun Long smiled as he got off little Black ’s back, while both Shun Fang and Shun An felt their eyes misting over, as they rushed to hug their son.

’ ’My lord! ’ ’ 

’ ’Madam! ’ ’

The guards shouted when they saw Shun Fang and Shun An approaching closer to the black dragon. 

After hugging his parents, Shun Long could see the visible confusion in their eyes and said

’ ’Mother, father, let ’s speak in my courtyard. ’ ’

Shun Fang and Shun An nodded their heads and dismissed the guards around them before they followed Shun Long as he returned back to his own courtyard. 

Aside from the few maids that came to clean this place every 2 days, no one else would come here during the past few months of Shun Long ’s absence.

Seeing his parents that were still wary of little Black, Shun Long patted the dragon ’s head as he said

’ ’This is little Black.
He is an important companion of mine.
There is no- ’ ’

’ ’My lord! ’ ’

Before Shun Long could even finish his words, a guard ’s shout was heard outside of Shun Long ’s courtyard as he said anxiously

’ ’My lord! The city lord is here! ’ ’

Shun Fang frowned as he heard the guard but after a brief moment of hesitation he said

’ ’I will take care of it.
Shun An, you can speak with Long ’er for a while. ’ ’

Shun An had no time to reply when Shun Long said confidently

’ ’Since the city lord is here, he is obviously here for the commotion that little Black and I caused on our way.
In that case father, let ’s go meet him together. ’ ’

Shun Fang laughed and patting Shun Long ’s shoulder he said

’ ’Haha! As expected from my son.
Let ’s go together then! ’ ’

Outside of the Shun estate, the city lord who was sitting on a white horse, was wearing his silver helmet with the insignia of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ on it.

The city lord of the ’Blue Forest city ’ was named Zhen Wang, and he was a count of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.
As an early rank 9 earth grade expert, his cultivation was only below Shun Fang ’s in the ’Blue Forest city ’. 

Behind him, a small army of 1000 experts was gathered as they all waited for Shun Fang ’s appearance.

The fact that a dragon had entered the ’Blue Forest city ’ and landed inside the Shun estate, had reached the city lord ’s ears in no time.

After hesitating for a bit, Zhen Wang then called for his 10 squad captains who were all at the early stages of the earth grade, and with each of them leading 100 late-stage Qi condensation experts, they marched towards the Shun estate.

A few minutes later, the gates of the estate opened and Shun Long along with Shun Fang then appeared.

Zhen Wang first turned his eyes to look at Shun Fang, before his eyes then stared at Shun Long.
Looking at this young man who seemed to be around 16 years old and was walking side by side with the rank 3 bronze grade formation master Shun Fang, Zhen Wang suddenly felt an inexplicable apprehension in his heart.

However, after seeing the yellow robes that this young man was wearing, the apprehension that he was feeling had suddenly changed to fear as he looked at Shun Long and asked

’ ’This young lord, a-are you perhaps a member of the floating cloud sect? ’ ’

It wasn ’t just the pedestrians that were watching this scene who were stunned by these words, but even Zhen Wang ’s own soldiers took a step back as they heard this.

After all, although the status of a city lord was ill.u.s.trious in the mortal world, even the status of the crown prince of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ was below that of an official outer disciple of the sect. 

In the eyes of the people of the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’, the ’Floating Cloud sect ’ was a true behemoth, with countless experts who had already reached the legendary Heaven grade. 

Looking at the pale city lord in front of them, Shun Fang chuckled while Shun Long nodded his head as he said

’ ’You are right ’ ’ before he took out his red sect jade.

Zhen Wang then put on an extremely flattering smile on his face, as he said

’ ’Haha, so we were right! ’ ’

Then looking at a squad captain behind him he said 

’ ’Xue Xiaodan, you were right.
Thanks to your watchful eye we can all pay our respects to this expert from the ’floating cloud sect ’ today. ’ ’

Xue Xiaodan was the shortest squad captain behind Zhen Wang, who smiled brightly as he answered

’ ’No reason to thank me my lord, this is my duty! ’ ’

Zhen Wang smiled again but this time it almost seemed as if he wanted to cry.

Looking at Shun Long, he then bowed as he cupped his fists and said

’ ’Young lord, may I ask what your connection with the Shun family is? If the young lord is planning to stay in the ’Blue Forest city ’, then I would like to invite you to my city lord estate as an honored guest.
I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of beautiful women as well as delicious wine for you young lord. ’ ’

Shun Long understood that this city lord was trying to establish a connection with him and replied

’ ’That won ’t be necessary.
I plan on staying in the Shun estate for as long as I stay here.
You can continue with your matters as if I ’m not here. ’ ’

Zhen Wang smiled as he understood that Shun Long was planning to stay in the Shun estate for a while and said

’ ’Of course! Of course! Just paying our respects to a disciple of the sect is already a good reason for our visit here today. ’ ’

Then, looking at Shun Fang, Zhen Wang continued

’ ’Haha, brother Shun, I didn ’t know that an expert had come to visit you.
I hope that brother Shun won ’t reject me if I visit you to have a drink in the following days then. ’ ’

Without waiting for an answer, Zhen Wang joyfully turned to look at the small army behind him and ordered in a commanding voice

’ ’Let ’s go back to the city lord estate! ’ ’

After the city lord ’s army left the Shun estate ’s entrance, Shun Fang and Shun Long returned back to his courtyard.

’ ’Long ’er ’ ’

Shun An spoke, seemingly as if she had wanted to ask something, but she eventually held herself back.

Looking at his parents that still weren ’t completely at ease, Shun Long nodded his head as he said

’ ’You will surely have some questions that you want to ask me, especially about my experiences in the ’floating cloud sect ’ or little Black right? In that case, let me start from the beginning. ’ ’

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