’ ’Our next item was originally meant to be the finale for today ’s auction and it is something that is rarely found even in the annual auctions of our pavilion. ’ ’

Lan Jinjing smiled when she saw that she had captured the crowd ’s attention as she then pointed at the yellow scroll and continued

’ ’This item is something that an outer disciple of our sect found during a sect mission, and I am certain that many of the Elders from the big families here today will want to get their hands on.It is a middle yellow-grade martial skill. ’ ’

The moment that Lan Jinjing finished speaking, the crowd exploded with excitement.

’ ’A middle yellow-grade martial skill? Now I understand why the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ had miss Lan be the auctioneer for today.
Even low yellow-grade martial skills are rare, let alone a middle yellow-grade. ’ ’

’ ’But then, why is this not the final item for this auction? Even miss Lan said that this was originally scheduled to be for the auction ’s finale.
Could it be that the final item is something even better? ’ ’

’ ’Could it be a high yellow-grade martial skill then? ’ ’

’ ’Don ’t be an idiot! Even the big families of the sect don ’t have a high yellow-grade martial skill.
Probably only the Liu family will have one. ’ ’

It wasn ’t just the people in the outer seats that had turned excited, but so were the Elders in the private rooms, as they were already on their feet.

Even Shun Long was now interested in this, as he had seen a martial skill only once, back in the Demonic Mountain region when Guan Hong had injured the rank 2 ’earth bear ’.

’ ’The name of this martial skill is the ’Coiling python fist ’ and its starting price is at 100.000 sect points.
Every increment must also be at least 1000 sect points higher than the last bid. ’ ’

The starting price of this ’Coiling python fist ’ was like a bucket of cold water splashing on everyone ’s faces.

Even Shun Long didn ’t have so many sect points left in his sect jade.

However, the Elders in the private rooms weren ’t daunted in the slightest by the high price of the martial skill.
After all, one of the things that the big families didn ’t lack was precisely sect points.

’ ’101.000 ’ ’

’ ’103.000 ’ ’

’ ’105.000 ’ ’

At the same time that the Elders of the big families were fighting over the ’Coiling python fist ’, inside private room number 4, fatty Fu was respectfully looking at an old man who was sitting on the couch inside the room.

This old man who was dressed in black robes and was holding a cane in his right hand was the old patriarch of the Fu family, as well as fatty Fu ’s grandfather, Fu Lingtian.

Fu Lingtian had a serious expression on his face as he looked his grandson before he asked

’ ’Are you sure that Meng Shao, that old fox, is here today? ’ ’ 

Fu Li looked at his grandfather and nodded his head seriously as he responded

’ ’I ’m sure grandpa.
When the old patriarch of the Meng family arrived, the disciples stationed at the entrance immediately informed me about it. ’ ’

When Fu Lingtian heard this, he stood up and slammed his cane on the wooden floor of the private room as he cursed

’ ’Damn it! Since that old man is also here, there is no question that he must be here for the wine as well. ’ ’

At the same time in private room number 6, a similar conversation was also taking place between Meng Shengyi and his own grandfather, when Lan Jinjing ’s voice once again sounded in everyone ’s ears as she said

’ ’Congratulations to the guest in private room number 11 for obtaining the ’Coiling python fist ’. ’ ’

Then, the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ sent someone to deliver the middle yellow-grade martial skill, as well as receive their payment for it, before a silver robed Elder who was carefully carrying a wooden barrel then appeared atop the main stage.

The entire auction hall was so silent that even a person ’s breathing could be heard, as everyone watched Ma Tengfei place the wooden barrel in the middle of the main stage.
People like Fu Lingtian and Meng Shao, had already stood up as they were eagerly waiting to see the contents inside the barrel.

Lan Jinjing smiled lightly as she said

’ ’Honorable guests of our ’Treasure Pavilion ’, it is finally time for the finale of today ’s auction. ’ ’ 

As her voice trailed off, Ma Tengfei ’s hands slowly removed the barrel ’s top, and an intoxicating fragrance started to spread throughout the outer seats of the auction hall. 

The crowd erupted in an uproar as the disciples in the outer seats had already started to get drunk just from the wine ’s scent.

’ ’What is this wine? How is it so fragrant? ’ ’

’ ’I have never smelled anything like this before. ’ ’

’ ’This…
just the scent of this wine is 100 times…
no 1000 times greater than the best wine of our sect, the ’Mystifying Fragrance wine ’! ’ ’ 

’ ’Ah that may be true, however the taste of this wine may not be as good as its scent. ’ ’

Lan Jinjing then sealed the barrel ’s top back as she started explaining

’ ’This is today ’s auction final item, the ’mysterious wine ’.
This wine was created by a mysterious senior alchemist, who merged many precious herbs before fermenting the wine for 100 years.
Both the taste of the wine, as well as its effects have all been verified by the senior alchemist of our ’Treasure Pavilion ’. ’ ’

She then pointed towards Ma Tengfei, who nodded his head as he said

’ ’This is definitely the best wine that our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ has ever seen.
I can personally assure you that, not only is the wine ’s taste incomparable with any other wine that I have ever tasted, but even my cultivation base slightly improved after tasting this wine. ’ ’

’ ’What? ’ ’

This time, it wasn ’t just the people in the outer seats that were shocked, but even the Elders inside the private rooms were dumbfounded.

Although the message from the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ had said that the ’mysterious wine ’ could improve one ’s cultivation, everyone had assumed that the effects would be non-existent to Heaven grade experts.
And yet a rank 6 Heaven grade expert had just said that this wine had improved his cultivation base. 

What did this mean?

For those people like Meng Shao and Fu Lingtian who had been stuck in the same realm for many years, even the slightest increase in their cultivation could prove to be their breakthrough factor.

A huge uproar then erupted once again in the auction hall, as even the people from the private rooms now couldn ’t sit still as they all waited for the bidding to begin. 

Lan Jinjing knew that the crowd couldn ’t stay quiet any longer so she finally spoke

’ ’The senior who is selling this wine, has told our pavilion that he isn ’t interested in sect points.
He has declared that the wine must be purchased using spirit stones.
Our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ decided, for the starting bid to be at 1000 spirit stones, while every increment must be at least 50 spirit stones higher than the last bid. ’ ’

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