Shun Long ’s feet just touched the main hall and as the big 3m(9ft) doors opened, all eyes inside suddenly turned in his direction.

As soon as Shun Long entered the hall apart from his parents sitting at the main seats, he also noticed 3 elders of the Lin family and a middle-aged man all dressed in black clothes with blue stripes on their chests and sleeves sitting inside, along with a young and relatively pretty girl who was with them, with her back straight as she was seated on her chair, but unfortunately because of the ’straight posture ’ she had adopted, people would instantly notice her flat chest.

Everything looked normal at first glance, but Shun Long ’s past life experience had allowed him to pick on even the most indiscernible of hints, and from their body language how they had seated themselves a fair distance away from Shun Fang and Shun An while being the only guests here, Shun Long understood that this matter had more to it than what meets the eye.
After all the reason that Shun Long had survived alone for so long in his past life, was mostly because of his ability to judge people ’s intentions based on their slightest movements or gestures.

Shun Fang and Shun An looked at Shun Long with a gentle gaze, but deep inside, Shun Fang ’s eyes held a trace of horror.

’ ’Could it be that there is actually a problem and that ’s why Long ’er didn ’t leave his room for all these days? ’ ’ he asked himself, afraid of finding out the answer as that may send him directly, from the heaven he has been experiencing these days, to the deepest depths of hell.

It was only natural that Shun Fang hypothesized that there was a problem with Shun Long ’s cultivation and that he hadn ’t yet entered even the 1st rank of qi circulation, otherwise how could his body possibly not emit any aura, if he had already reached it?!

Even if Shun Long had intended to conceal his aura, Shun Fang assumed that as a peak rank 9 earth level cultivator he would have seen through it, and since he didn ’t feel anything now that Shun Long had entered the main hall, he naturally felt that his son must have met a problem.

Deep inside him, all these days he and Shun An were patiently waiting, hoping for their son to enter at least the peak of rank 1 in qi circulation, if not the early rank 2, but what he saw now was different to what he expected and that ’s why he had assumed that some problem must have occurred in Shun Long ’s cultivation session.

Shun Long had noticed the trace of shock that flashed inside his father ’s eyes but acted as if he didn ’t even notice anything and smiled at him as he asked

’ ’Father did you ask for me? ’ ’

’ ’Nephew Shun has indeed grown even more handsome since the last time we met, congratulations hahaha, in the future you will definitely have droves of beauties waiting for you ’ ’

The main hall instantly turned silent and even a pin drop could be now heard.

Shun Fang ’s face frowned and the look in his eyes darkened as he looked at the middle aged man from the Lin family who had just spoken, and with a voice that betrayed his anger he questioned him

’ ’Lin Shang what the f.u.c.k do you mean by that? ’ ’

Shun Fang had instantly noticed the meaning in Lin Shang ’s words.
Shun Long would finding some beauties but not someone that belonged in the Lin family.

Had these idiots come to ask him to annul the engagement?

Of course the pretty girl sitting beside Lin Shang was Shun Long ’s fiancee in name, and also Lin Shang ’s daughter, Lin Wu.

Lin Wu was already 15 years old, just one year younger than Shun Long, and as the daughter of the Lin patriarch she had already reached the rank 5 peak of qi circulation.

Lin Shang was slightly ashamed, but as he thought of his gem of a daughter being stuck in a patch of crippled crap that couldn ’t cultivate, along with some other matters that had recently popped up, he steeled his resolve and said as he stood up from his seat

’ ’Brother Fang please listen to me, I know that Wu ’er has been engaged to Shun Long for many years and that Shun Long definitely expected to marry her but some matters have occurred so I could only shamelessly come and ask you to please call off the engagement ’ ’ Lin Shang said and then continued in one breath

’ ’Actually Wu ’er has decided to take the entrance test of the ’floating cloud sect ’ that will take place 1 month from now in the palace of the imperial capital.
The ’floating cloud sect ’ will send their elders to personally come and accept outer court disciples.
Everyone knows that your son is crip..*cough* *cough* unable to cultivate due to his meridians, so it would be for the benefit of both of our children to call of the engagement don ’t you agree? After all they will be people of 2 different worlds, now that Wu ’er will enter the ’floating cloud sect ’ and while your son won ’t be able to cultivate, my daughter will definitely end up leaving the ’Sky Fortune kingdom ’ this time. ’ ’

’ ’F.U.C.K OFF to the side and don ’t call me brother Fang! ’ Shun Fang said furiously, his eyes having turned red from his fury, with veins bulging around his temples.
His hair was flying behind him in the air as he unleashed his pressure and revealed his aura of a peak rank 9 earth level cultivator, suffocating everyone inside the hall as he laughed and said

’ ’HAHAHA, you shamelessly come and beg me to call of the engagement? HAHAHAHA, you are right, you are truly shameless and your face is so thick that my hand would probably redden from slapping you.
Did you think that my house is a place that your tiny Lin family can act as they please at?

– How many times did you come over the years, and by using your status as in-laws of my family did you SHAMELESSLY BEG ME to help create formations in your home so your family ’s territory doesn ’t get annexed by high earth rank level experts?

-WHO was the person who begged me on his knees 6 years ago to have his daughter betrothed to my son?

And now you want to ’shamelessly ’ beg me to cancel their engagement instead of divorcing you so your daughter ’s reputation doesn ’t get tarnished? HAHAHAHA! ’ ’

Shun Fang laughed furiously and mockingly as he looked at the head and the 3 elders of the Lin family, whose faces had all turned deep red and their fists were all tightly clenched underneath the table, unknown if it was shame or fury that they were feeling.

Shun Long then took a step forward towards the Lin family and Shun Fang instantly retracted his pressure allowing them to breathe, as Shun Long looked at the young girl and asked

’ ’What do you think? ’ ’

An elder from the Lin family with a long beard then raged as he stood up and shouted

’ ’Audacious.
This is not a place for children to.. ’ ’

But before he could even finish his sentence, Shun Fang ’s aura burst out again and the elder that was only at the middle stages of the earth level was instantly swept off his feet from the pressure, and started coughing blood nonstop, as he dyed his clothes and beard red and his body flew in the air, crashing right at the center of the wall opposite to him, and the sound of bones cracking was heard as he crashed and then collapsed to the ground twitching.

’ ’This is not a place for you to speak so shut your mouth ’ ’ Shun Fang said arrogantly as he looked down from his seat, his gaze stabbing directly at the members of the Lin family.

Shun Long then looked at his ’fiancee ’ as he was expecting her to answer his previous question and although this flat chested girl didn ’t dare to look at Shun Fang, she was still bold enough to raise her eyes and meet Shun Long ’s.

Shun Long understood everything from her gaze that was screaming arrogance and pride, as well as ’ ’I am superior to you and hence I look down on you ’ ’.

Unknown where he had found the courage or the strength to speak from, Lin Shang opened his mouth that was already leaking blood from the corner of his lips, thanks to the unrelenting pressure that Shun Fang had put them under until he said ’ ’Shun Long you should cons.. ’ ’


Lin Shang couldn ’t even finish his sentence before he ended up spurting a mouthful of blood, that coincidentally landed on his daughter ’s and dyed half her face a deep red colour.

Shun Long didn ’t even glance at him or his daughter, after he had noticed that contemptive gaze earlier in Lin Wu ’s eyes.
He just turned around and shook his head as he walked towards the exit of the main hall and said in a heavily relieved tone as he patted his robes ’ ’Thank god, for I almost ended up associating with a bunch of trashes this time.
Father, destroy this engagement..
destroy it ’completely ’.
’ ’

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