The moment that the duo heard Shun Long ’s words, they immediately fell silent. 

Shun Long could see the terror in their eyes, but soon, the look in Xiao Shitou changed from fear into one of defiance.

Shun Long didn ’t bother as he said

’ ’I will remove your gags so you can say any last words that you may have.
However, if you try to scream or shout for help then you will lose your chance to speak. ’ ’

After removing Lin Wu ’s gag, Shun Long activated his golden eyes when she said

’ ’Sh-Shun L-Long…
please don ’t kill me! I can even…
ASS-! ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head as he gagged Lin Wu ’s mouth again, and looking at her with his shining golden eyes he said mockingly 

’ ’I told you not to try and scream. ’ ’ 

Little Black looked at Lin Wu from the ’Stone of Time ’ as he thought

’ ’How can she scream even is she wants to since master is able to glimpse into the future?

Shaking his head, Shun Long then removed Xiao Shitou ’s gag as he asked placidly

’ ’Any last words? ’ ’

In response however, Xiao Shitou laughed as he said

’ ’Hahaha, Shun Long, I don ’t believe that you dare to kill us inside the ’floating cloud sect ’.
Even if no one saw you entering our room, people have definitely seen you enter the ’Redstone inn ’.
Since my brother has revealed everything about your assassination in the arena, people will definitely suspect you as the killer.
Don ’t tell me that you still dare to touch us after all that. ’ ’

Even Lin Wu seemed to have breathed out in relief after hearing this, but her eyes still held a trace of fear as she looked at Shun Long.

Shun Long clapped his hands after hearing Xiao Shitou ’s reasoning and nodded his head as he said

’ ’Indeed, you are right! People will definitely suspect me as the killer.
However, so what if they suspect me? As long as there is no proof that I have entered the inn, then no one will be able to do anything about it. ’ ’

Xiao Shitou ’s eyes looked at him as if he was crazy and seemed to have just realized that Shun Long was serious about killing him as he said in a trembling voice

’ ’W-Wait! You know that it wasn ’t me that attacked you! My family just spread the rumors.
It was Lin Wu.
You can just kill her! I swear I will not say anything! Please! Please don ’t kill me! ’ ’

Shun Long looked at Xiao Shitou without any compassion as he said

’ ’If it wasn ’t for you spreading the rumors, then how would her family even be able to attack me? ’ ’

Xiao Shitou was about to shout for help, when he found his mouth stuffed again with a piece of cloth.

Shun Long didn ’t show the slightest bit of pity looking at the 2 of them, and using both of his hands, he opened 2 tiny spatial tears in the air in front of him. 

Both Lin Wu ’s and Xiao Shitou ’s eyes popped as they looked at the space tears, but when Shun Long ’s hands went inside them, terror wasn ’t sufficient to describe the feeling that this couple felt, as they swiftly realized where the space tears lead to.

Shun Long ’s hands entered the space tears and grabbed both of Lin Wu ’s and Xiao Shitou ’s hearts. 

Shun Long ’s hands were suddenly filled with blood as he clenched them, crushing the hearts inside them.

Both Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu took their last breaths as their bodies lifelessly collapsed on the ground, with their eyes still open.

Shun Long wiped his dripping hands as he looked at the 2 dead bodies in front of him, and putting his black robes back on, he opened another space tear as he left the ’Redstone inn ’.

After advancing to the middle of the second stage in the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, Shun Long had felt his affinity with space grow even more, as he could now effortlessly open up space tears within 100meters from where he was.
However, since he was still inside the ’floating cloud sect ’, he couldn ’t recklessly test where his limits currently stood.

After walking back to an alley to remove his black robes, Shun Long soon returned back to the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’.

After entering his room and washing himself to remove any possible lingering smell of blood from his body, Shun Long sat on his bed as he sent his spiritual strength inside Xiao Juyan ’s spatial ring. 

Shun Long was pleasantly surprised to find more than 1700 spirit stones inside it.
Aside from the spirit stones, there were a few rank 2 medicinal herbs, as well as some bottles with rank 2 pills inside them. 

’ ’Aside from a few of the rank 2 ’dispelling poison pills ’ that have reached the middle-grade, the rest of the pills here are just low-grade.
Especially the quality of these ’earth-qi restoration pills ’.
If anyone consumed them, the pill toxins inside them would do more harm than good in the long run. ’ ’

Shun Long then completely ignored the pills inside the spatial ring, and since he didn ’t find anything else of value, he placed the spirit stones along with the rank 2 medicinal herbs, all inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

Looking at the more than 1800 spirit stones inside, Shun Long could barely resist the urge to start cultivating now, as he closed his eyes and used his qi to speed up the flow of time inside the herb garden, hastening the growth of the medicinal herbs.

2 days later, he had enough ’purple fragrant grass ’, as well as the rank 2 medicinal herbs that he needed, to fill 2 wooden barrels of wine. After refining the medicinal herbs in the alchemy room for more than 6 hours, Shun Long had finally filled 2 barrels of wine. 

After burying the 2 barrels, Shun Long once again used his qi to speed up the flow of time inside the herb garden, when finally, the day of the auction had arrived. 

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