Not even 30 minutes later, Shun Long had arrived in front of the ’inner city ’ gates.

More than 500 people were already gathered in front of the gates, including Ren Gui, Fu Peizhi, and even that blue-haired young man that Shun Long had met in the arena when he fought with Lei Pong.

Since Shun Long ’s face was unknown to most people here, no one paid him any attention as he waited for the sect master to arrive.

More and more people gradually gathered, and 20 minutes later, the ’inner city ’ gates opened as an azure-robed middle aged man in his forties, followed by 2 black-robed Elders appeared before the disciples.

The disciples that were chatting between themselves immediately quietened down, as they saw the sect master, Liu Jian arriving.

Liu Jian ’s aura was completely retracted, and he looked like a normal 40-year-old man. He took a look at the disciples gathered in front of him and nodded his head as he said

’ ’Good! It seems that most of you have already arrived.
Let me explain the reason I called for you here today.

I ’m sure that some of you have already heard about a secret realm that will open in a few months time. ’ ’

Liu Jian saw that most of the disciples wore confused looks on their faces, and only some people like Ren Gui, Fu Peizhi, and the blue-haired man, as well as Shun Long and a few others, didn ’t show any confusion as they had already heard about it.

Liu Jian saw that most disciples didn ’t seem to know anything and explained in a loud voice

’ ’In 3 months from now, a secret realm known as the ’Vermilion realm ’ will open in our Desolate East.
This is a realm that opens only once every 100 years, and the opportunities inside are endless.

Our ’floating cloud sect ’ has been sending disciples and Elders there for the past 2000 years, and many of them have found heaven-defying fortune inside.

However, due to the restrictions of the realm, only cultivators up to the peak of rank 3 in Heaven grade can enter inside.
Of course, our ’floating cloud sect ’ isn ’t the only sect that will be entering the ’Vermilion realm ’.
There will be many other sects alongside us and all of them will send their own disciples and Elders, which is the reason why every sect has a specific quota of people that it can send inside.

The ’inner city ’ will send in a total of 200 Elders and disciples, while from the ’outer city ’, only the top 100 people in the arena rankings will be eligible to join.

You have 75 days to see whether you can enter the top 100 rankings in the arena, or secure your rank if you are already there.
After the 75 days are over, we will be leaving the sect to enter the ’Vermilion realm ’.
That is all! ’ ’

After explaining everything, Liu Jian didn ’t wait for any questions as he turned around and walked back to the ’inner city ’.

The moment that the ’inner city ’ gates closed, the disciples gathered in front of the ’inner city ’ gates, immediately rushed towards the arena, almost as if they were competing on who would arrive there first. 

Only Shun Long and a few others seemed to have no intention to go to the arena, when Fu Peizhi ’s mocking voice sounded all of a sudden

’ ’HA! These idiots think that if they arrive in the arena faster, then they will be able to enter the secret realm? ’ ’

Fu Peizhi laughed as he watched the huge group of outer disciples, all running as they hoped to get a rank in the top 100, before he turned to leave the area. 

Shun Long also didn ’t stay around any longer, but seemed to have headed back towards the arena.

Around 20 miles away from the arena, was a very large inn, with many private rooms. 

This was the largest inn in the ’outer city ’, the ’Redstone inn ’.

Shun Long saw a huge number of disciples entering and leaving the inn ’s entrance, showing how popular this place was.

’ ’Little Black, can you still sense them? ’ ’

Little Black sent his spiritual strength to scan over the inn as he said

’ ’Master, they are still in a room on the second floor. ’ ’

’ ’Great! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, as he waited patiently for night to fall.

A few hours later, the sun had already set and most of the disciples had already returned back to their rooms, however, due to the sheer number of disciples in the ’floating cloud sect ’, the streets were never really empty. 

Shun Long swapped back to his black robes, as he too walked on the street along with the other disciples.
Although his attire was suspicious deep in the night, there were many people who used to wear black robes and cloaks inside the sect if they wanted to hide their identity for various reasons.
(Author ’s note: remember that these robes are completely different from the sect robes that sect Elders wear.)

Shun Long walked parallel to the inn, and after checking that there were no other disciples around him, he slashed the void open creating a space tear, and entering inside it, he arrived at the room ’s location that little Black had pinpointed.


Lin Wu ’s voice was the first thing that Shun Long heard as he entered the room.
Turning his eyes towards the origin of the voice, Shun Long saw Xiao Shitou ’s back and forth movements as he connected his body with Lin Wu ’s completely n.a.k.e.d body.

Shun Long was disgusted after having to see Xiao Shitou ’s bare ass, and immediately activated the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ freezing everything inside the room. 

Sadly for Xiao Shitou, he wouldn ’t be able to finish his night, as Shun Long sent a kick to his body, sending him flying as he crashed to the wall of the room. 

After tying both the n.a.k.e.d Lin Wu, as well as Xiao Shitou with a rope and gagging their mouths with 2 pieces of cloth, Shun Long deactivated the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

Xiao Shitou and Lin Wu were utterly confused to see a man in black robes, appear all of a sudden in front of them.
Removing his black robes, this man then allowed them to see his true appearance.

The n.a.k.e.d couple was terrified to see Shun Long appear out of nowhere inside their room, when they were enjoying themselves just a moment ago. 

Lin Wu tried to cover her n.a.k.e.d body with her hands, but the rope didn ’t really allow her much movement. 

’ ’Mmff ’ ’

’ ’Mffm ’ ’

Muffled sounds came from both of their mouths, but Shun Long just looked at them apathetically as he asked

’ ’Do you have any last words? ’ ’

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