’ ’Little Black, do it. ’ ’

Suddenly, Xiao Juyan could feel a terrifying pressure bearing down on him, one that brought him unimaginable pain.

This was a kind of pain that he had never felt before, a pain that had almost instantly brought him to the brink of collapse.
Xiao Juyan was feeling as if someone was trying to tear his soul apart.

Everyone in the crowd was horrified as they watched him, an expert that was ranked 93rd in the arena rankings, scream and roll on the ground while clutching his head all of a sudden. 

Even Ren Gui and Fu Peizhi felt a chill at this sight as they backed a few steps back.

Aside from Xiao Juyan, no one else could sense anything wrong.
After all, this pressure wasn ’t aura or some kind of qi that people could sense, but little Black ’s soul power.

Unless someone ’s soul was at least at the same level as little Black ’s, and that person could also use their soul sense to scan the arena, it was impossible for anyone to sense little Black ’s soul sense.

What Xiao Juyan was going through right now, was a kind of torture where his soul was constantly being brought to the breaking point, and just before his mind would collapse, Little Black would then give him a few seconds to rest, only to then start again from the beginning.

Not even a minute had passed until Xiao Juyan had started shouting

’ ’No, please STOP! I will tell you everything.

’ ’Elder brother! ’ ’ Xiao Shitou ’s panicked voice also sounded from the audience seats at the same time, but Xiao Juyan couldn ’t pay any attention to him as he begged for the torture to stop.

Everyone in the arena understood that Shun Long must have done something to Xiao Juyan, but there was no way to prove anything.

’ ’Master, I feel that he is ready to tell us everything ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as Little Black stopped his torture and Xiao Juyan could finally started to relax, until he heard Shun Long ’s serious voice 

’ ’Don ’t try to lie to me, or if I start to feel that you aren ’t telling me everything about the assassination… ’ ’

Xiao Juyan shivered as he heard this and repeatedly nodded his head as he said

’ ’Don ’t worry, I will definitely tell you everything.
It all started with the Lin family- ’ ’

’ ’Elder brother!! ’ ’ 

Xiao Shitou shouted when he saw that his brother was ready to recount everything.

Xiao Juyan however, didn ’t pay any attention to Xiao Shitou as he continued

’ ’A few months ago, Shitou met Lin Wu in the imperial city.
That same day he returned home and said to our father that it was love at first glance and that he intends to marry her.
Father however, investigated things and found that Lin Wu who was the daughter of the Lin family ’s patriarch, was betrothed to the son of Shun Fang, the rank 3 bronze grade formation master of the ’Blue Forest city ’. 

The Lin family patriarch came to our Marquess estate a few days later, ’to discuss ’ matters with our father. ’ ’

At this point, Lin Wu ’s face had already turned white as she heard Xiao Juyan explaining everything, and understood that there was no way to keep things hidden any longer.
Xiao Shitou however held her hand as he said 

’ ’Wu ’er don ’t worry.
Even if he knows the truth, he can ’t do anything to you as long as we are inside the ’floating cloud sect ’. ’ ’

Lin Wu shook her head as she said

’ ’But, what about my family? ’ ’

’ ’Don ’t worry.
Shun Long will need at least a few years to return back to the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’.
By then I will have definitely reached the earth grade as well and will have settled everything! ’ ’ Xiao Shitou said as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

Lin Wu finally felt reassured after hearing Xiao Shitou ’s words, and nodded her head as she hugged him. 

Xiao Juyan then continued with the rest of the story, afraid that if he stopped, Shun Long would restart that inhumane torture again.

’ ’The Lin family patriarch said that it would be cruel to marry his precious daughter to a cripple like you, instead of marrying her to the Xiao marquess ’ son.
However, father wasn ’t stupid and he easily saw through Lin Shang ’s intentions.

Father denied, as he told him that our family wouldn ’t stain our hands with blood to help the Lin family escape the engagement that they had promised Shun Fang.

However, after Shitou ’s pleas to help, father finally agreed to send someone to ’Blue Forest city ’, and spread rumors that a treasure that could potentially help you unblock your meridians, had appeared in the vicinity of the Blue Forest.

The timing was perfect as Shun Fang was in the imperial capital at that time and in your desperation, you would definitely choose to go alone.

As for the assassination? That was all done by the Lin family ’s Elders and my Xiao family had nothing to do with it. ’ ’

After Xiao Juyan finished narrating the secrets behind Shun Long ’s assassination attempt, he looked at Shun Long with relief.
Although he had revealed something shameful, schemes in the ’cultivation world ’ were all too common, while his family hadn ’t done all that much in this matter.

Everyone in the audience turned their heads to look at Lin Wu and Xiao Shitou in disgust.

Lin Wu lowered her head while Xiao Shitou pulled her hand as they both quickly left the arena.

Shun Long watched the 2 of them as they hurriedly left the arena and laughed coldly inside, before turning his head to look at Xiao Juyan.

’ ’Master, based on the fluctuations of his soul, everything he said was true. ’ ’

After hearing little Black ’s words, Shun Long nodded his head as he hit Xiao Juyan ’s neck with a chop, instantly rendering him unconscious.

At that moment, Shun Long ’s ’sect identifying jade ’ lit up, and a number appeared on it.


At the same time, Xiao Juyan ’s name had magically disappeared from the wall of the top 100 ranks, leaving behind only an empty slot for Shun Long to fill his own name there.

Without feeling the slightest sense of pity for Xiao Juyan, Shun Long walked up to the arena representative as he collected the 2 spatial rings before turning to leave.

Of course, Shun Long wasn ’t planning to have any good opinion of Xiao Juyan just because he had confessed the truth.
Let alone that the reason he had confessed was actually thanks to little Black ’s excruciating soul torture, Shun Long also wasn ’t going to forget that the Xiao family had assisted the Lin ’s in their assassination plan.

However, before Shun Long could really leave the arena, a voice was suddenly heard from the crowd as it said

’ ’Shun Long! ’ ’

Turning his head, Shun Long saw a burly young man seemingly around 20 years old.
This man had long black hair and a burly build and was staring right at him.
AlthoughShun Long didn ’t know who this man was, he recognized the person standing next to him, Fu Peizhi.

’ ’Hey, who is that? ’ ’

’ ’Don ’t speak and don ’t even breathe! If this monster turns his attention to you, you are doomed! ’ ’

The rowdy arena instantly fell silent as people recognized this long-haired man.

This was the person with the worst reputation in the entire ’outer city ’, the person ranked 7th in the arena rankings, Ren Gui.

Ren Gui jumped all the way from the audience seats as he landed inside the arena with a bang.

He then grabbed the unconscious Xiao Juyan, before throwing him towards the crowd like he was just a sack of meat, before turning his head to look at Shun Long, looking like he was staring at some sort of delicious prey, as he pointed at him and said commandingly

’ ’Come here! ’ ’ 

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