’ ’Senior!! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at Yin Xing, gesturing for him to sit, but Yin Xing remained standing as he said

’ ’Senior! I ’m happy that I can meet you again.
Are you here to sell something or do you wish to purchase something this time? Please tell me if I can be of any assistance to you. ’ ’

Yin Xing was very excited to meet Shun Long again.
Since Shun Long had gifted him the recipe for the improved rank 1 ’Qi barrier-breaking pill ’, Yin Xing ’s understanding about alchemy had completely changed.
He wasn ’t that far off from reaching the standards of a rank 1 silver grade alchemist as well and even his status in the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ had increased.
Of course, his cultivation also had to catch up if he wanted to become a silver grade alchemist.

Shun Long nodded his head as he said in a deep voice

’ ’Indeed, I am here today because I wish to auction something through the ’Treasure Pavilion ’. ’ ’

As he finished his words, Shun Long took out the last wooden barrel from the ’Stone of Time ’ and as he opened the barrel top he said

’ ’This is a wine that I have specially fermented for more than 100 years using many precious herbs.
Not only is its taste exceptional, but it can even improve the cultivation of the person who consumes it. ’ ’

Yin Xing could barely understand Shun Long ’s words at this point, as his mind had already been swept by the intoxicating scent of the wine. 

However, as he heard Shun Long ’s last sentence, he couldn ’t hide his shock as he asked

’ ’Se-Se-Senior! Are you serious? The wine can help improve someone ’s cultivation? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he nodded his head and said

’ ’Of course, the rise in cultivation will be different depending on the cultivation of the person who drinks it.
The effects after all, will be much bigger to an earth grade cultivator, while a Spirit realm expert will barely feel any increment in his cultivation base. ’ ’

Yin Xing looked at Shun Long in disbelief before he turned his head to look at the barrel of wine.

Shun Long then took a small cup from the table in front of him, and after scooping up some wine from the barrel, he placed the cup in front of the table as he smiled beneath his robes and said

’ ’Try it and you will understand. ’ ’

Yin Xing carefully took the small cup from the table before he proceeded to drink the wine inside it.
After tasting the wine, his expression alternated from joy, and excitement to incredulity and disbelief.

Shun Long then sealed the barrel again with its top as he asked

’ ’What do you think? ’ ’

Yin Xing came back to his senses as he heard Shun Long ’s words and said in disbelief

’ ’Senior, this is the best wine I have ever tasted in my life! I don ’t think that I can ever forget this taste.
If you really plan on auctioning it, then in 4 days that the monthly auction will take place, the wine will definitely be the most valuable item. ’ ’

’ ’I indeed plan to auction it, however I don ’t need sect points.
I only want spirit stones. ’ ’

Yin Xing was stunned, but after thinking about it for a bit, he thought that these words made sense.
Not only was this wine ’s taste heavenly, but it was made from rare medicinal herbs that could improve one ’s cultivation.
Yin Xing himself had never heard of a wine that could improve someone ’s cultivation but he had personally experienced it today.

Nodding his head he then said

’ ’Don ’t worry senior! I will take care of this.
I will also make sure that our pavilion will let the word spread of senior ’s wine so that even more people will bid for it.
I estimate that the Elders from the powerful families of the sect will definitely fight to get their hands on it. ’ ’

Shun Long accepted Yin Xing ’s offer as he said

’ ’In that case, I will return in 4 days to participate in the auction. ’ ’

Yin Xing bowed as he accompanied Shun Long until the pavilion ’s entrance, before he hurried to inform the higher-ups about this.

Shun Long then found an alley to change back to his normal robes, before heading directly to the arena.

After walking for the time it takes to eat a meal (30-45 minutes), he had already arrived in front of the arena. 

Surprisingly, there were some disciples outside, who recognized Shun Long ’s face after having seen his fights last time, and word quickly started spreading that Shun Long had returned to the arena.

Walking in front of the registration counter, Shun Long found the same woman waiting there.
The woman was much more polite and respectful to Shun Long after hearing that this person had defeated Lei Pong, but her jaw almost dropped when she heard the reason that he had arrived today

’ ’I ’m here to challenge Xiao Juyan. ’ ’

The crowd that had gathered around Shun Long and was waiting to find out who he was going to challenge, instantly exploded in fervor.

The woman couldn ’t help but ask again as if she wanted to verify it

’ ’D-Do you mean, the one ranked 93rd in the arena rankings? That Xiao Juyan? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he took out his ’sect identifying jade ’. 

The woman accepted it with disbelief before issuing the challenge.

Inside a private room near the ’inner city ’, Xiao Juyan ’s jade lit up, shocking him as he read the words on it.

’Arena challenge 101 ’.

He had already heard about the Shun Long who had defeated Lei Pong, as well as about him not accepting Fu Peizhi ’s challenge.
And now this person was challenging him?

Xiao Juyan then stopped cultivating, as he left his room and walked towards the arena.

Word quickly spread through the ’outer city ’ that Shun Long had challenged the person ranked 93rd in the top 100 rankings, and even Fu Peizhi and Ren Gui had soon heard of it.

Fu Peizhi was silently heading towards the arena as soon as he was informed about it, but Ren Gui had a frosty smile on his face as he said

’ ’So you are finally willing to appear? I will make sure to teach you a good lesson then! ’ ’

Less than an hour later, Xiao Juyan arrived in front of the arena entrance, with a huge crowd trailing behind him.

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