Even if he wasn’t afraid, he didn’t want to be filmed and recorded at all hours of the day.

Especially after seeing those malicious out-of-context clips that morning.

Li Chengyuan was not very efficient at working the bellows yesterday, but today he had fully mastered the skill and quickly raised the fire.

The smoke drifted up the chimney and there was no strong smell in the kitchen, only the faint scent of food and burning firewood.

Xia Xingchi put the noodles into the pot and began to study how to make goose egg custard.

Because that damn Xia Yu had disrupted the situation yesterday, Xia Xingchi didn’t pick up too many eggs.
In addition to cooking the remaining eggs, he decided to also secretly cook a goose egg custard for his big cat alone.

“You’re in the way.” While stirring the egg mixture, Xia Xingchi kicked Li Chenyuan’s legs that couldn’t be stretched out due to sitting on the wooden bench.
“Sir, I suggest you go sit in the water tank, don’t take up space here.”

This crude kitchen was small in the first place, and a certain person had no intention of leaving after starting the fire.

He still sat to the side with a blank expression on his face and watched Xia Xingchi, carrying on his hobby of staring silently like a feline.

Li Chengyuan moved slightly to the side upon hearing this, but Xia Xingchi was still so crowded that almost fell into his arms, so he had no choice but to kick him again.

The two of them moved and kicked in such a quiet and childish manner, repeating this many times in a row, and only stopped temporarily when Li Xiu poked his head in curiously to see what they were cooking.

“It really smells delicious, ah!” Li Xiu said with admiration.
He thought for a moment and said sincerely, “In fact, we lazy bastards don’t really eat breakfast.
Xingchi, don’t wear yourself out tomorrow, just sleep in.”

He had thought that the “cooking” Xia Xingchi mentioned might mean finding some pickled vegetable steamed buns, and didn’t expect something so rich.

Xia Xingchi blinked, and was all smiles as he said: “No way, ah, if you’re raising a big golden cat, it has to have warm food every day.”

After saying so, he raised his leg and kicked Li Chengyuan lightly.

He had seen the changes in everyone’s expressions yesterday.
Xia Xingchi was likely too angry to control his voice during their quarrel and was overheard.

The pot was already cracked, so he simply smashed it to pieces.
There was no need to hide their relationship in front of these few people.

Li Xiu was stunned for a few seconds.
Seeing him kick Li Chengyuan, he was subconsciously terrified at first, and then instantly realized which big cat was being talked about.

But……hadn’t they avoided making an official announcement in front of the camera so far? Why did he directly say it?

Li Xiu turned his head suspiciously and glanced at the new camera.
This time it was not unplugged and was still working normally, dedicated to live broadcasting the kitchen scene to tens of millions of viewers.

Looking at the empty original camera position again, Li Xiu realized in shock that Xia Xingchi seemed to have mistakenly thought that the camera was removed?!

Yesterday, the boss had unplugged it as soon as he entered the door.
The program team didn’t dare to offend him or refuse, but they couldn’t lie to the audience that “the device was out of battery” again and again.

So they had to hang the camera in a very high position, where even Li Chengyuan couldn’t reach.

After this adjustment, the program team also specially sent out a notice to the group, but at that time, Xia Xingchi’s attention was all on the hot searches and all kinds of bloody storms.

After that, he secretly shed tears and applied ice with his eyes closed, so he had no time to pay attention to group notifications.

“Xingchi……uh, look……”

Li Xiu wondered if they were doing anything in the kitchen just now, and could only raise his eyebrows as a friendly reminder.

Li Chengyuan suddenly turned his head and looked over with cold eyes.

The fierce aura immediately startled Li Xiu, as if he had been caught in person by the principal when cheating for an exam, and he quickly closed the door and ran away.

Xia Xingchi was puzzled, and seemed to not have understood his abstract expression, so he turned around and asked Li Chengyuan: “What did he mean? Did Li Xiu have something to say, ah?”

After a long period of silence in the comment area, it completely recovered and exploded at this moment:

[Save me, weren’t the two of them acting like polite strangers yesterday and calling Mr.
Li? How are they on a first name basis today? Did I miss something?]

[Hahahaha I’m dying.
Kicking and moving, this tyrant is so cute in private!]

[I suspect they know each other privately and just pretended not to know each other for the show]

[I dare say this is not suspected private acquaintances, but suspected love]

[From the beginning, I guessed that breakfast was made for Li Chengyuan’s sake.
It is said that he’s not in good health and may have a stomach problem, so he must eat breakfast]

[Is the “big golden cat” Mr.
Li? He said he was raising him?! And the person involved just sat beside him with a blank expression, without any intention of refuting?]

[I don’t believe it! The same can be done between friends, ah.
Without intimate actions, the phrase “big cat” certainly doesn’t mean that!]

[Isn’t this male mistress being provocative? He’s already rushed to the top of the hot search list, and he’s escalating as if nothing happened? Sluts aren’t allowed, go away!]

[Reporting the person upstairs! By the way, looking at Li Xiu’s expression, Xingchi doesn’t seem to know there’s a camera ~ ]

[Judging by Mr.
Li’s appearance, he should know.
Could it be that Xingchi didn’t want to make an official announcement, so he did it on purpose?]

[Bullshit, what kind of official announcement nonsense, can’t you see the hot search? Xia Yu is the official partner, thank you]

Xia Xingchi was obviously unaware of the horrific crash, and was still cooking seriously.

The goose egg custard was steamed very quickly.
At first glance, it didn’t seem much different from eggs, and he wasn’t sure how it would taste.

He handed it to Li Chengyuan behind him: “There’s only enough left to make one custard.
Eat it quickly, don’t let the Sherlock Holmeses on the internet see me cooking for you.”

A group of netizens: ?

Li Chengyuan pursed his lips and remained silent.
If Xia Xingchi turned his head at this time, he would definitely see the expression of someone trying to hold in a laugh.

It was a pity that he was concentrating on cooking.
After a while, he tilted his head and asked: “How is it, ah, is it tasty? Does it just taste like eggs?”

Li Chengyuan: “You try it.”

Xia Xingchi had never eaten goose egg custard at his age, so he was indeed very curious.
When he turned around, Li Chengyuan had already filled a spoonful and handed it over.

When Li Chengyuan drank his hot cocoa at the fashion soiree last time, he found that he had a double standard for this person’s cleanliness, and wasn’t particular about sharing a spoon with him now.

Xia Xingchi was trying his best to control this huge iron pot so as not to burn the dishes, so he took a quick bite without thinking about it.

[Mama! Why did they share a spoon? Isn’t this an indirect kiss?!]

[He wanted to make a small fuss over President Li and didn’t want us to know! No way! (caught red-handed.jpg)]

[Oh my god, after waking up to watch the live broadcast, the world has gone crazy? It’s really Xia Xingchi? It’s really that low-tier stupid trash?]

[Knock it, knock it! It’s definitely not the first time they’ve done this, they have to be a couple! Xingchi actually turned out to be a rich little boyfriend at large?]

[It’s just a spoon, look how excited you are.
I also shared a cup of milk tea with my best friend.
Isn’t that normal?]

Li is a clean freak! Did you notice that everyone used serving chopsticks to pick up the dishes last night? It’s clearly because he was there]

[That’s not an intimate move either.
Don’t try to save his dignity or mess with our Xia Yu’s fiance, OK? Anyway, no matter how envious you are, your idol is not worthy]

Xia Xingchi savored it carefully for a while, and finally had an answer: “It’s not too bad?”

After thinking about it, he howled: “So eat it fast, ah! Please go out quickly after eating, I’m almost sitting on your lap while I cook! I’m crowded to death!”

Li Chengyuan looked at him calmly and expressionlessly and said: “Sit.”

His stubborn appearance was quite annoying.
Holding the spatula in one hand, Xia Xingchi tilted his head and said earnestly: 

“Sir, do you think I dare not? I specialize in dealing with all kinds of stubbornness, and I’ll make you pay a price for your words!”

With that said, he really took a step forward and sat directly on Li Chengyuan’s lap.

Not only did he sit on it, but he even got away with tilting his head and grasping the other’s chin: “How about it……hm? Wait.”

Before he finished speaking, Xia Xingchi suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Although it seemed to others that Li Chengyuan wasn’t wearing much of an expression at the moment, Xia Xingchi was already familiar with him and knew that he was holding back a smile.

The question was, what could the big villain be smiling at?

Xia Xingchi hurriedly got off of him and tried to put as much distance between them as possible, both vigilant and puzzled: “What are you going to do?”

Combined with Li Chengyuan’s extraordinarily ambiguous actions just now, it was as if a bolt of inspiration flashed through his mind.

Xia Xingchi suddenly had an outrageous intuition, and hastily raised his head to look around —

On the corner of the wall above, a camera with a flashing red light faced the two of them.
It could be called a rather silent and resentful working machine, showing everyone all the actions just now in real time.

Xia Xingchi was instantly dumbfounded.

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