“What is this attitude of yours? Since you’ve changed your surname to Xia, this is your responsibility!”

The woman who spoke was gorgeously dressed, and the diamond-studded necklace on her chest was particularly dazzling under the bright lights of the dinner party.

Xia Xingchi yawned lazily while eating cake in the corner, letting her stand-up comedy act go in one ear and out the other.

It was an honor for anyone to attend Mr.
Li’s engagement banquet.

Only Xia Xingchi was unhappy.
Not only was he pressed into engagement and forced to do things beyond his ability, but he was watched like a performing monkey by everyone around.
There were countless eyes watching him openly and covertly.

Just three nights ago, he had created a method of demise that would make the local weird news — 

After finishing his third job on a rainy night and passing under a tree, he was unfortunately struck and killed by a bolt of lightning.

Getting struck was excruciatingly painful.
Fortunately, the whole process was fairly quick, and he lost consciousness in an instant.

If he could leave some last words, it would probably be a news headline: Shocking! It’s true that you can’t walk under a tree in a thunderstorm?

“You know the Xia family’s situation.
This marriage must happen in order to weather the storm,” The woman continued.
“Without this opportunity, you can continue to live in squalor.
You’re lucky to have such a good turn, yet you’re still pretending to be the victim?”

This situation was this: Xia Xingchi unpreparedly transmigrated into a novel with distorted values and took the place of the young master, who was a cannon fodder extra.

The person in front of him was the original owner’s stepmother, Liu Yi.
By the time he returned to the wealthy family, his biological mother had already passed away.

For Liu Yi, he was not her actual son anyway, so among the real and fake young masters, she obviously favored the fake young master she had raised for many years —

That is, the villain protagonist shou in the book, the popular idol singer Xia Yu, who was talking and laughing gracefully not far away.

It had been a year since the original owner had been taken home.
After finally turning from a poor wretch to a vaguely-known flop of an actor, there was less than a month before he became cannon fodder. 

The fuse that lit the fate of the cannon fodder was the original owner’s riot and escape from his marriage during the engagement ceremony.

Suddenly, a handful of fish food was sprinkled in the water and everyone moved in succession toward a point in the distance.
Clearly, someone had arrived.

Liu Yi once again dropped another cold sentence, “Behave well in a moment, and don’t try to run away!” Then she turned around and followed the crowd.

Xia Xingchi thought that the only person who should have such influence was his fiance, Li Chengyuan.

As the richest, most powerful and handsome person in the book, it was a pity that Li Chengyuan was not the protagonist, but the most ruthless and insane villain in the story, who eventually died young.

Xia Xingchi turned around and picked up some red wine from a waiter’s tray, internally estimating the price of the wine and how much the engagement banquet cost.

Just as he was pondering this, he spied an uninvited guest walking towards him.

Xia Yu, as the white lotus protagonist, had a very innocent face that was at the moment very sincere: “Ge, I have accidentally robbed you of so much over the years……this time I am willing to bear the burden for you! You go, ba, and I will get engaged to Li Chengyuan in your stead! I owe you, and will compensate you with my lifelong happiness, even if just to make up for a little loss.”

The tone was sonorous and forceful, full of self-sacrificing dedication, and it seemed that he was about to be moved to tears.

“Ah —” So touching, what a touching brotherhood.

The corners of Xia Xingchi’s mouth twitched.
I can only make way for you if I run away from the marriage, right?

Before this, Xia Yu had already used the same “tea art”[1] to conquer the Xia family parents, and Xia Pingjian even burst into tears, telling his precious son not to leave, and patting his chest as he promised that Xia Yu would still be a son of the Xia family no matter what.

In comparison, the original owner, the legitimate young master, was just mocked even more — when he was found, he was still selling vegetables at the market, and the fish stall next door gave him an unpleasant fishy smell.
The first time he stood in the middle of the luxurious and expensive living room of the Xia family, he felt embarrassed and out of place.

Looking at this unfamiliar “son,” the balance in Xia Pingjian’s heart immediately tilted.

The indifferent attitude of the biological father, the cold stares and contempt of the servants……and what most contributed to the original owner’s collapse was being forced to marry.

Xia Yu had been secretly prodding and inciting for a long time, driving the original owner almost insane.
This caused him to wrongly target his fiance, Li Chengyuan, and to hate him as if he was his father’s killer.

In the following plot, “Xia Xingchi” changed his cowardly nature and directly lost control, pointing at the big villain Li Chengyuan’s nose and cursing.
Then he poured red wine all over his face and ran away from the marriage – as expected, he was thrilled to receive a cannon fodder gift bag.

Xia Yu was well-prepared.
Not only did he play the hero, but he also arranged for someone to play the villain.

A few socialites came over:

“Yo, isn’t this the Xia family’s first, young, master?”

“What are you talking about, this is the “young lady” of the Xia family, and she’s going to get married soon.”

“Arranged marriages are still done in this day and age, a man should resist! Tsk, the lowly look of this dog meat being served at the banquet[2] really disgusts laozi to death!”

Xia Xingchi started to frown.
He had always been bad-tempered and difficult, and it was impossible for him to indulge their shortcomings like the original owner had.

Xia Xingchi started to frown.
He had always been bad-tempered and difficult, and it was impossible for him to indulge their shortcomings like the original owner had.

Seeing that he had really reacted, Xia Yu became increasingly excited.

Yes, just like this.

After these few days of careful brainwashing, as long as there was a quarrel, Xia Xingchi would inevitably speak freely and step on Mr.
Li’s minefield.

Then everything would be in order, and he himself would replace him……

However, out of the blue, things suddenly occurred outside his expectations.

He was caught off guard when red wine splashed all over him, and practically saw the moment when the wine volleyed into the air!

A whole glass of wine was devoted to his well-groomed hair and face, leaving him in a state of shock.

Xia Xingchi saw the small amount of liquid remaining in the glass, and flicked the cup calmly and quickly, trying not to waste a single drop.

Taking advantage of the delayed reactions of these few people, he steadily took the waiter’s tray and his other hand was like a sprinkler, throwing cups into everyone’s faces one by one!

The people who were originally well-dressed immediately had faces full of embarrassment.
The scene was frozen for a moment as everyone tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

After all, Xia Xingchi had always been a yes-man.
Kicking and hitting him was usually like a game, and he had always swallowed his anger without daring to resi

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