Opening my eye to a vast light feeling a strong breeze around my whole body , the feeling was relaxing and I could say that was better than dying, the vast light itself to be a beautiful morning sky ,a sky unlike anyone have seen before.

I looked around and I saw rocks ,sand and then could see very well I was in a beach but the thing strange but I could tell that it was not just one thing that was strange here.

The people here have a unique dressing style just like ANNALISE but I could say it was not as good as hers, the sea was clear green and I said that could be normal but then I noticed a circle like tattoo going round the wrist of every person there on the beach, even some hand had two and more than two then I raised up my hand and saw the same thing around my ring tattoo around my wrist, I became uncomfortable because I didn know what was happening again.

I then head ANNALISE saying ” from now own we make your paths together and yes everything is strange because you are not in your world ” ”what do you mean by not in my world ” I interrupted ”

”yes you aren , you are in the world within your world and… ” ”world within my world ,what do you mean ”I interrupted again.

”What I mean by world inside world is that this world or let me say dimension is at the same position as your earth just vibrating at a different frequency ,speed and density ” she said

”But this is not what I wanted I want to go to my earth, was that not the deal ” Anon spoke in frustration

”That is where your mistake is, I told you I will bring you back but I didn say where and you didn ask ”

”how do you expect me to know there are other worlds talk less of dimensions ”

”hahahahahahahaha ” she laughed with so much pleasure which annoyed me.

”you are insane and pathetic I should have just stayed dead ” I said that with so much pain in me knowing fully well I have left something behind in my world and has no chance of getting back.

”WATCH YOUR DAY TONE HUMAN!!!(that came out scary but I wasn baffled)or I will… ” ”you will what kill me it isn like I haven been dead before, I don care anymore ” I shouted it out to her and then people started staring at me like I was talking to a ghost or something but I didn care because I was sick and tired of the bullshit the said.

”You PATHETIC little human I wouldn kill you because youve got potentials that I can say and I will use that to conquer my siblings and all dimensions ” she said that like she owned the world or let me say dimensions.

”If you are not killing me I will do that myself because it is not me and you in this world, you didn give me what I wanted so I am doing the same to you. ”

Soft giggles came out before she said ” you can commit suicide here ,if you try drowning you just keep drowning forever with suffocation but will never die if you jump of a Clift you will only feel the pain but will never die and I promise you that is worse that death itself. ”

”Bullshit , those are just lies,you must want me to believe that so you can keep my so-called potentials for yourself ” said that as I was running into the sea.

”With so much anger you tend to forget who you are talking to ,I AM ANNALISE DEATH ITSELF(I could tell the was a proud statement), if I don grant you the death you desire how will you die,I have therefore ordained you IMMORTAL. ”

I slowed down and realized what she said was true and with more anger said ” I still wouldn serve you ” I said

”yes you will because after I have dominion over DREAM,DESIRE and my other siblings I wi… ”She spoke with pride ”what made you think I will want to make a deceiver like you have dominion over everything ”I intruded her speech

”we are no different ”she said

”considering how your past life was ” she continued

”what do you mean by that ”

Ignoring what I just said she said ” As I was saying, once I get dominion I will take you back to your earth ” ”and how am I supposed to know you wouldn deceive me again ” I spake out boldly

”well we can sign another contract to certify it ” she declared.

I gave it a huge thought and then I said ”the contract will be made on my conditions that after any quest I complete I will be rewarded with this worlds currency for me to survive until the day you will be taken back to my world ”

”don worry about that I will give you a bag of unlimited gold to help you out ” she said calmly.

”it is finalized I will sign the contract ”

Then there appeared another contract and I read everything on it to avoid being deceived again and it was well, good and I had no objectives then I signed.

There after a small palm sack bag appeared and she told me it was the unlimited gold and I tested that for myself by pouring out some gold and well it was unlimited because the bag seemed to not even loose any but golds were on the ground and then it was done.

With all of these conversations I noticed the people no longer care if I was insane or not just as if it was a normal thing around here.

”And now for your first quest, you would have to make a group of any amount you desire but at least five, you inclusive , containing spirit-wielder, either an enchantress or a warlock, a swordsman, an archer and then you the leader

”What do you mean by spirit-wielder, enchantress and all those other?.. ”

”Oh pardon me, let me explain, a spirit-wielder is one chosen by one of the 5 types of spirit water, fire, air, earth, lightning and for spirits there are billions of them and they choose a 20 random person to wield their powers every year at the enchanted realm ,the enchanted realm is a realm endowed with so much magic ,magical items and also creatures, there is only one way in and few get there and after that the spirits will bless only 20 of them with their abilities and they become their protector, a person can only wield 1 ability or none. ” she explained well

”As for magic users, swordsmen and archers you can find them in the common realm which is where you are now. They all get their abilities once they are 17 of age. A tattoo will appear on their back indicating if they are a magic user, swordsman or archer, and then they will attend the MISFIT CLASH ACADEMY. ”

”Before I forget, as for you MAHESK, and before you ask, a MAHESK is an exceptional person chosen by a DIVINE SIBLING to fulfill their desires. ”

She said a lot of things but I was getting tired already ,it was already ,we spend a whole day talking . ”Okay I understand now but when do I get my powers. ”

”Oh I forgot!! You get them now ”

”Sylvia where are you!! ”she sounded

Then I heard a very sweet voice and then after a beautiful girl with blue skin and elf like ears appeared saying ”Im here you don have shout, I am a DIVINE SIBLING just like ANNALISE and I am DESTINY and my ability can alter your future giving ME the ability to grant abilities ”

”Less talking now choose, super-strength, intangibility, lie-detection, mind-reading, magic ”

”You can only choose two abilities, I am sure should know that already ”

I gave it a thought and decided what I will choose and spoke out ”I WILL CHOOSE… ”

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