Lost Memories: Vanitas

The Minotaur Lord

Dominique and Eleanor ran through the huge forest with large strides. As they ran, they turned their eyes left and right, scanning the surroundings and being careful of any surprise attacks. Although the speed with which they were whooshing through the forest was high, they didn make any sounds whatsoever. As if they weren running on the ground but gliding slightly above the surface. To anyone looking from a distance, it would have probably looked like the latter.

They passed through the thick bushes and tall trees that blocked all the light from making its way down the forest floor. Although it was daytime, night had descended on the forest. It was just that dark.

Suddenly, Dominique came to halt. A microsecond later, Eleanor stopped in her tracks as well. The two didn say anything and just locked their eyes and nodded their heads.

Eleanor closed her eyes and mumbled something soundlessly. A scythe manifested in her hands out of thin air. The scythe was nearly two meters long. An intricate design ran along the length of the pole which had a curving design as opposed to the straight, unbent poles. The curved blade attached to the end of the curved pole was double-edged. The scythe was black in color but shined with a blue sheen just like the color of the hair girl holding it. She spun the scythe as if it were a childs toy and rammed the bottom end of the pole at the ground beside her.

Dominique on the other hand stuck out her right hand in the air. From the palm of her hand, emerged a red sword. It was a long sword with a curved blade. The sword had a circle for a quillon. The ricasso, the blunt part of the blade just slightly away from the hilt, bent sharply in a V shape and then continued its original curved path. Although that was different compared to normal swords, there was something else about the sword that was more striking – its color. The whole sword was red. From the hilt to every curve and every edge of the blade – it was all red as if the whole sword was bathed in red blood. It was unnerving yet at the same time, it was utterly captivating. The image of a red-eyed girl carrying a blood-bathed sword as she stood on the battlefield was quite a sight for the sore eyes.

The two girls stood still with their backs to each other, ready for the upcoming battle.

They heard the sound of the bush around them moving. They inhaled sharply and lowered their body to take action at any moment.

From the bush on all four sides, came four minotaurs. They were one of the underlings of the greater demons. They had the body that resembled humans with the head of a bull sprouting two horns in their head. They were around the same height as humans with thick, muscular, and broad bodies. They had two times the physical ability of humans and were quick on their feet.

The four quickly charged at them lowering their head and pointing their horns at them.

The two leaped off the ground and attacked the monsters running at them from the front. Since they had moved at the last possible second, the two minotaurs that were heading their way from the sides ended up charging at each other. Their horns pierced the other and they let out a scream of pain along with blood from their shoulders.

Eleanor ran straight towards the minotaur and when its horn was almost about to make contact, she swiftly and nimbly rotated her body to the side. It had thought that it had her but looked surprised when it felt no contact. While it was still surprised, Eleanor swung her scythe down and the sharp inner blade detached its head from the torso. As the head fell down on the ground, its body converted to black ash particles and disappeared.

The two who had collided had managed to recover a little and glared at Eleanor. They both dashed at her this time running like a human instead of charging like a bull. She held her scythe at her side and once again leaped up the ground.

One of the minotaurs swung its pole-like arms at her from the right. She ducked low to evade it and spinning around delivered a kick to the other one. Taking the hit, it staggered a little but there was no visible damage. The region below his chest and its arms and legs especially were tough. As if they were made of steel. Normal weapons wouldn be able to put a dent on it so there was no way a kick will be able to do it much damage.

Still, she managed to buy a small bit of time for her to swing her scythe horizontally at the minotaur that had lost its balance a little after missing Eleanor. It realized that the scythe was coming at it and there was no time for it to dodge. Instead, it crossed its arms and took the scythe head-on. Although normal weapons weren a match for the sturdy bodies of minotaurs, the scythe Eleanor was swinging around was no normal weapon. It was a demonic weapon granted to her by her contracted demon. There was a deep gouge in its arms and blood poured out. She looked at the minotaur behind thinking which one she should finish first.

Dominique on the other hand kicked off the ground and using the minotaurs horn as a step she jumped behind it. Before it had the chance to turn around, she aimed her sword at its chest and like a rapier, thrust the end of the blade into his chest, piercing its heart. Without even crying, it crumbled into ash and disappeared.

When she looked ahead, Eleanor was fighting two of the minotaurs. She hit one in his arms, knocking him back. Then she turned behind to look at the other minotaur.

Their eyes met.

Eleanor faced ahead and charged at the minotaur now slumped at the base of the tree. She held the scythe with two hands and swung it horizontally as fast as she could, aiming toward the now defenseless minotaur. Its head severed, it died and the scythe gouged the tree out.

The minotaur behind Eleanor had chased after her. It was thinking that since she wasn turning behind, it was its chance to take her out. It let out a sound, probably meant to be a laugh, and raised both of his hands together. He was about to bring it down at Eleanor like a hammer but before he could, his body was cut clean in half. As it disappeared, Dominique was seen holding her sword down at the place where the minotaur had met its demise.

”I don sense the presence of any other monsters nearby, ” Dominique said, still clutching her sword tight and scanning the forest. There was no telling when a monster may ambush them. But even after five minutes passed, there were no signs of monsters or any other humans around.

”Looks like the fight is over. For now. ” Eleanor said that and her scythe vanished from her hands leaving behind blue fragments of light for a moment. Dominique did the same.

No sooner had they done that, than they sensed an evil presence running toward them. They manifested their weapons immediately and took a stance.

”This is bad news, ” Eleanor said. Dominique was well aware of what Eleanor was talking about.

A dark miasma had started filling the air in their vicinity and they could feel a dreadful demon heading toward them at breakneck speed.

Before they could even see what the monster looked like, they were knocked to the sides by a heavy blow as if a hammer twice their size had hit them fiercely.

”Argh! ”

”Gaah! ”

They both let out voices of pain and tried to get up immediately.

Whatever it was, there was a high chance that they would be killed if they didn get up soon.

But before they could, they saw another silhouette move in their line of sight following after what had knocked them back.

They were surprised beyond words.

First, it was the speed. Whatever monster it was that had hit them, had been faster for their eyes to follow. And the one following after it had been faster than that.

Secondly, and most importantly, it wasn another monster. It was a human.

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